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Thanks! Sure, I chose the murderer to be blackmailing someone else there were also some hints with the weapon and costume at the Halloween party. You can get pretty much all the explainations with the good dialogue options. 

I think the whole thing would have made more sense if I had the time to polish a bit more the dialogues and added an introduction scene with the actual murder.

Sadly as it was a gamejam I couldn't add those elements. I'm curious though as to what your reasoning was :)

Thank you, I will maybe make it into a full game some time in the future :)

A really well crafted game! I loved the fact that the music changed for each "zone" of the map. The game is pretty lengthy, even if at first glance it doesn't appears to be, which is impressive.

Overall, great work there, well done!

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game.

I checked your game, and indeed we went sort of in the same direction for the "main idea". But we both have very different games which is cool ^^

Your game is cool, but I found it to be a bit hard to grasp. I had to play it twice to understand exactly what I was doing. However the graphics and the "music" and sound effects are what make this game shines in my opinion.

I think, it would need some more explanations as to what to do, as the first introductory screen feels a bit overwhelming. Each element probably needs to be introduced one by one.

Anyway, great work :)

Thanks a lot, glad to hear you took the time to play it again in order to figure out who the killer was ^^

Neat idea! As many already told, the game's mechanics could get some improvement for example invulnerability frames so you don't get teard down by three teachers XD

A bit of music, and some sound effects would also make your game a whole lot more compelling to your players. Overall great work :)

Thank you a lot for such detailed feedback, I really appreciate the time you took to write it down!

You were pretty close to guess who the killer was, it's mainly a matter of choices you make that will help you to find who the killer was.

Polishing is indeed something that needs a lot of time, as for the music I'm not good at composing so I tried to make only a very quick one you can hear at the begining and before shooting, but that's all I managed to make. ^^'

Your game is really cool looking! I loved the graphics and the music which work well toggether to create a eerie atmosphere. I can see there was some serious time spent on making this game. I loved the voice actor. The fact is sounds so ghostly almost as if it was an omnipresent being adds to the overall feel of the game.

I liked that the player controls were so smooth, I would have loved if the fire pillars were a bit slower before going back up, I died so many times there. But this is the only thing I could complain about which is mainly about polishing :)

Overall very solid entry, congratulations ^^ 

Thank you! I played and rated your game too ^^

First of, congratulation for the new father! Then, cool game idea, hope you find some time to keep developping it ^^

Thank you for trying my game! You must have missed something indeed, maybe it's related to some choice you made at some point ;)

Really cool entry! I really loved how the game's music always responded differently to every option you chose to touch! I spent a good amount of time just toying around in the menu before actually pressing play a first time, haha.

I could see this as a full game, maybe not only on a main menu screen, but a puzzle game like this one feels very original and appealing to me, cheers :) 

Thank you! I know, I'm not a good story writter by any mean, so I tend to not go too over the top with those x)

I did wanted to recreate Papers Please aesthetic on the characters, so I'm glad people got that ^^

Cool take on the theme, though the controls makes it very hard, especially after working the whole day, I was getting so confused by the controls XD

Anyway, I liked the graphics and the music (which is a bit repetitive but not too much) great entry :)

Thanks for your feedback! I may expand on the game indeed, I do have some ideas to try with it if I manage to free enough time ^^

Neat game! The controls are a bit unusual so it's a bit hard at first to get used to but it gets through eventually. The graphics are simple but looks really nice, the music gets a bit repetitive though after a while.

Hey guys, my game is only 2 votes from 20, so I'd love if you could help me reach that number!

I'll rate your game back if you rate my game :D

My game is a short investigation game, where you try to find a murderer. Check it out here:

Hi ! Finally had the time to try out your game. It's a cool concept. I really like old school adventure games. Didn't look at the solution to get to the end tough, haha ^^

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, actually I already checked out your game, and I left you a comment last week, it's on your first page of comments ahah ^^

Thank you for your feedback, it's much appreciated! I'll keep in mind the idea to prevent the player from shooting right away if I ever make a bigger game out of this jam game. Anyway I'm glad to hear you liked it, thanks again :)

Thank you for your feedback! I didn't want them to lie at every sentences, or else I think it would have made it a bit easy. What I hoped to achieve was to make the player trying to figure out what were lies and what was the truth ^^

Hey! I've 12 votes for now, please try and rate my game when you can! I'll play everyone's game in this topics too. We have to help each others guys ;)

Thank you for the feedback, means a lot to me :)

Hi, nice entry! Liked the art style and the music. The enemies are a bit tough to beat especially in the level were the narrator wants to destroy you. Also it'sa bit hard to not take damage on the secon level if the enemies are bellow you. Overall good work!

Thank you a lot for your feedback :)

Yes, you can make the gun disapear if you're too fast, however it's only a visual glitch: the gun is still here and if you click on it agin and click out, it'll appear back.

For the game's title, it is a quote that inspired me to do the game, I originally planned on adding a camera footage of the murder as an introduction but I didn't have the time to finish it.

Nice game, not a fan of the music but the visual were cool, especially the lighting. Great work overall!

Cool and quick game, well done, some tips: enemies would need some sort of knock back when you attack them as it would leave the player able to  breathe instead of going backward while mashing the mouse button to cause damages which seems to be the solution to beat the game. Overall nice work! 

Hey, had the same problem as Haioner, and I fixed it by doing what you told him to :)

Cool game, sprites are stylized which makes them look cute. The music is also quite relaxing even if a bit repetitive. I found it was hard to find the second gate at first as we have nothing to help with orientation

Wow, the game managed to keep me hooked to it until the end, the music and art style give the game somewhat of an eerie ambiant which feels both weird and make you want to explore. It's just a shame the build isn't playable right away as I think it hinders your game...

Nice work, a bit hard when enemies comes from the bottom of the screen as we can't rotate the camera. Also the player's attack feels a bit slow to start when you click the mouse button. However it has some cool combo mechanics

Hey nice idea, would be a good mobile game, great job

Cool idea, and great voice acting, a bit slow for me, I would like to be able to click right away especially when I came in the room before in order to push all the doors 

Okay, I can't not give it 5 stars all the way! Probably the best game I saw in the jam! Loved the art, loved the music, loved the voice over, loved the experience! I achieved the truth ending btw ;) 

Hey, I liked the idea, a bit hard for me, I ran in circle in the main room as I'm so bad at escape rooms. Anyway, I think with a wider FOV on the camera it would feel better, I felt like I could only see right in front of me x)

Really cool game, loved the screen effect it was a very nice touch. I would have loved if it had more sounds, the shooting and player's movement were feeling good. Maybe the enemies are a bit tough, but I guess it's intended :)

Hey, if you want you can try my game out here :
I'll be checking your game tomorrow as it's quite late at the moment ':D

Cool graphics, too bad there is no sound it could have been super cute in my opinion! I liked the fact that you had to go from platform to platform in order to get the dialogues. Cool entry :)