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I have a laptop so I like to use the touchpad that makes it much easier and less noisy :)

Thanks for your feedback!

What would you like to see changed?

Well, and it's basically that... The difference between this and an idle is that this has a end (if you click fast round 5 minutes)

Also, If you are playing in a laptop, I recommend using the "mouse" within the keyboard, use it a lot for clickers cause I can use two fingers to tap it quickly :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! :)

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I reaally liked the art and concept. I don't play many games but as far as I know there aren't many "tower deffense" where control the attack  (at leat the first i played XD) and I really enjoyed that. Not sure how you could expand the game tbh... Maybe upgrading the enemies? Maybe  the enemies are able to take over towers and make them attack other towers they don't control? Anyway, I really enjoyed playing it! :)

loved the art!

That idea is great!

Great art!

wasnt expecting to see a game like this xd

Great game, but the intro is too long

Got stuck, but great graphics!

Great game!

very original! only sorry for Billy :')

This game makes me tilted xd nice job!

The graphics are so good! Well done

Thank you!! :)

I was on holiday last week, starting now to rate. Thank you for playing! :)

Glad you enjoyed! :)

Stay away from peanuts that are not brown it's my advice ;)

Hope you enjoy :)

Keep calm here's my game xd

Edit: Please eat

Hope you enjoy!

Hope you enjoy! :)

Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you! :)

ahahah glad you enjoyed!

Reply, thanks for your feedback! Will play yours rn :)

Thank you! :)

Those are cool ideas I'll sure add later. The buy army takes exactly 60 seconds every time, I thought it worked nice but I'll take a beeter look

Thx! Alreadyy joined, nick is MocaDeCebola.

Thank you for the suggestions!

I'm currently recreating the project from scratch, the art is redone and now it has a real top down feel, wasn't thinking about changing the screens, but now you mention it, it's really annoying... 

I'll see what I can do, so hope you come check the game later! :)

Thx! :)

I'll be making updates next month and a "0" level as tutorial is already in the list, was just a problem of time for the jam...

Hope you check it out then! :)

Thanks for the feedback! In fact I noticed the tutorial problem but I was just on the deadline of the jam so I left it to other stage to development... I also have more ideas such has being able to buy equipment between rounds and stuff so if you liked it hope you come to check out the next update! :)

Also my first jam! Is there a place for a unity programmer?