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This is such a cute colorful game, it already brighten up my day! Congrats!

The gameplay is cool and I really like the artstyle and animation!

Thank you so much for playing it and for the feedback!

I find this a very relaxing game. The music works very well with it. I kinda wish the planets had a bit more variety, but overall I like the graphics and gameplay a lot!

This is a super cool idea and it's done so nicely! The music is great and the artstyle and animations are super cute!

I like the concept a lot, shooting balls around and watching as they break hearts is very satisfying.

I like the music and the idea of circle sight getting smaller.  I wish jumping would work a bit better. I think the character looks very nice and the animations are very cool!

I like the idea and interpretation of the theme. I like how the main character looks and moves as a ragdoll. Overall the visuals are very nice and I love the music and sound effects especially of death :)

The music is super cool and gameplay is very fun! I love the graphics and animations, it all look so smooth and professional!

The idea is very good and I really enjoyed both happy music and cool low-poly artstyle!

This is a cool idea and I really like sound effects and simplistic art

I really like the visuals and sounds, great job! I like how game over text flows smoothly after dying.

Thank you for the comment! I think in general the area is probably too small, maybe it would be better to make it bigger. 

I really like the audio, very relaxing. Graphics are simplistic and cool. I'm not sure about the floaty controls, I guess I would personally prefer more strict controls. On the other hand floaty controls really suit the idea of the game

Thanks, now it's working! It would be nice to have some music and sounds, at least for jumping and dying. I usually lose two planets quickly and then play only with one planet and it got a bit too easy for me. It would be great to have difficulty risen after some time, for example more enemies appear. The graphics look nice, cool models and I like possibility of moving the camera. 

Thank you for the comment! Good idea with sounds effect when ghost approaches, didn't think of that

Controls are quite hard to learn. Sounds and music are amazing! Visuals are beautiful, you just want to stop and look around you, it's so great! 

Music was a bit too short and when it was fading away it was a bit disturbing. I like the graphics and environment, it had a really cool feel and made atmosphere of the game very interesting. Really cool game!

It's a very cool concept and it's executed really good, with cool animations and graphics. It's good you wrote tip about S, it would be hard to do it without the tip

I like the idea, it's very cool! Some instructions would be good

You just want to click more and more :P Good job of making a game in such short time. I would like to see more colors, black/red flashing was a bit too much at some point

This is super cool! From sounds to gameplay to graphics, everything is polished and well executed!

I love the soundtrack. I like the graphics and animations a lot, especially how the heartbeat works with you getting closer to your loved one. Awesome game!

It would be great to have some sort of tutorial. I figured I should catch planet's gravity and then move onto next planets, but it's really hard to do so. Overall I like the idea a lot.

This is a nice idea. It was a bit hard to rotate, probably would be easier using mouse. I like the sounds and music, music helped to create a bigger tension

I like the graphics of this game and the music and sounds were very soothing. The levels were very cool, making you learn how to play. From level 8 it started being really hard. I like little win/lose screen after each level or death, cool idea and it suited the game.

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, I wanted it to be hard to move the rocket, to kinda feel that you need to be cautious with so many planets around. Death counter would be a nice idea :)

I like the idea of jumping all the time and having additional bigger jump. It was quite hard to make precise jumps at some point. The music is nice and I like simplistic feel of the game.

Thank you for the feedback! After posting the game I saw that when you hit a branch the perspecitve shifts a bit so it is getting harder. Good idea with changing the camera a bit, probably would make it better to play.

Thank you! Yeah, it makes it harder, I wanted it to be harder but maybe I did too much :)


Thank you!

I would like to check the game but when I download it I can see a lot of .jar files and I'm not sure what should I do to start the game :(

Cool mechanics! I like how precise you have to be to hit the planet you choose or its orbit and as a result hit the planet. Very nice sounds and graphics!

This is a very cool game! The music, sounds of shooting and destroying enemies are all very satisfactory! It feels so nice to play this game and shoot things! Graphics are really cool too and I love the particles!

This is a nice, relaxing game. The graphics and music really suits the idea. It's good you added description on how to interact with environment :)

This is a great game! Works really smooth, graphics are amazing, sounds are great! It's pretty addictive even when you're not a good strategy player like myself :)

I like this game a lot, simple yet beautiful visuals, great sounds! I feel like the black stuff goes too fast, personally I would prefer if it was slower and would not get so close to you

My hand aches after playing it :D So much hapenning! The planets are really cute and I like how different levels look. The sounds are really amazing!

I really like little trail behind the ship and meteors and how the planet was moving around all the time. I think the music and sounds are really awesome in this game, they really make you smile (even when you just failed the poor planet)