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Thank you :) 

For some reason I got error on sending the email so I just put the files on google drive >

Email sent :) 

Hi! Sure, can you add me to credits? Let me know your email, I will try to find the sprites

The menu is great and I like the set of an old tv. Cool artstyle!

Fun platformer, with nice controls and cool save system!

The game looks great, awesome graphics! Cool mechanics, works really well! Maybe it would be good to be able to zoom out the camera a bit when you shoot arrow

Menu system is great and I like how you guided the player on what to do, great job!

Great artstyle, original fight mechanics! The game feels very polished

Cool game, with great pixelart, beautiful moving background and awesome colors! I really like just looking at this game and I like the rewind mechanics. What could be improved is: removing invisible walls, correct collission (I think you receive damage barely touching the spikes )

Cool idea with cute artstyle and retro feel! I think it would be great to be able to shoot also veritcally not only horizontally. 

I really like the mood set by cute artstyle and great music! I love enemies designs

Cool idea and original gameplay. Artwork and sounds are so amazing, I love the colors used and the atmosphere of the game! 

I love the artwork, impressive! Great mood, quite scary!

I really liked the visuals, very cute artstyle and great animations! Controls are a bit hard to get used to, I feel like using Z, X, C (or some other 3 keys which are next to each other) instead of Q, E, shift would feel better

Cool idea, very literal yet original. It works really great with simple graphics!

I really like the visuals, very cute artstyle. The audio and overall mood is great. I saw slimes sometimes got blocked by obstacles but after some time they went back to chase you, which was scary XD

I love the graphics and sounds, they are beautiful and create great mood! I feel that maybe mouse click would be better for attack instead of Enter/Z

I really liked the artwork and sounds! Camera shake was a good idea and helpful indication. I feel it would be good to have more things to do, like powerups or collectibles

I really like bullets slowing down mechanics and it looks cool! I feel at the beginning there is too much story, at some point I just wanted to start playing XD

This is so fun! I love the style and mood in the game, such a nice atmosphere. Characters look great, the aliens are so cute!

This is very cool! I love the graphics and animation, so smooth! It's hard for me to adjust to shift as scrolling, I feel the need to hit space and it does nothing hehe XD

This is great! The graphics are so cute and I love that there are different areas in the game :)

This is amazing! I love the pixelart and animation (OMG the pig)! Would be nice to be able to slash while moving and to have first 1-2 rooms very easy e.g. 1 enemy only instead of randomly finding 5 enemies at first room and dying instantly xD

There is a textbox almost at the end of Edit Project site, it's called: Ludum Dare submission URL 

Thank you!

Cool idea! I like the graphics a lot, nice background and the forms! I think couple times I randomly changed character even though I had no power and didn't click to change characters

Very nice graphics! Together with cool music make really nice atmosphere! It would be good to see which type of weapon you're on and which would be next.

Cool animations, cute character! I feel that the camera should be a bit far away

This is very good! I like music, graphics and cute forms to change into! Would be nice to see more levels

The controls are pretty hard to get used to, but the idea is cool and the game looks really well!

Cool idea with changing shapes in order to get through the race! The sounds are really cool and creative!

Cool idea, great colors and animations! Would be nice to have some more sounds e.g. when you change shapes

This is super fun and super hard! I love the graphics, glow, simplistic color pallette. Would be cool if all the bows and stuff that kill you would have different color to pop up a bit more

Thank you!


Thank you for the comment! True, the puzzles are not too challenging, I focused more on creating the forms and art instead of level design. I was thinking about going back to level design after finishing art but didn't have enough time for it :)

Thank you for the feedback! At first I wanted to make some kind of sign on first screen to show the player to go to the left but in the end I didn't do it, now I see I should have done that XD


Cool idea and I love the music, graphics, animations, all really polished!