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I hope you did not go deaf XD I had feedback that earlier I made sounds too silent so I made them different this time XD

Yeah, there is, I saw YourBrother streaming it on Twitch and he found a way. However I admit it's very unfinished and unpolished, I didn't have enough time to complete it

Poor you! Yeah, sorry, the game is quite unfinished, I had something a bit different in my mind for it but didn't have the time to do it

This is a very cool game, the music is great and the graphics and animations are super cute :)

I really like this, it feels like good old gameboy. I like that you have 3 characters to choose

I liked the idea and the music was very nice. Really cool graphics :)

I heard a lot of good about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I never watched it and now I really want to watch it :) I like the idea of throwing stuff away, I kinda wish there were more stuff to throw :)

I like the idea and the animations and graphics are really great! 

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the feedback!

This is a very fun game! I like the music and graphics a lot! My finger hurts :P

This is really great, I wish there were more levels! Chilling and relaxing game, with great music and amazing graphics

This is really cool idea and it suits the theme! I like how the model of guntank looks 

That's a really cool game, I like the music and sounds. The artstyle is quite dark and it gives cool atmosphere. I like a lot how the enemies and the tiles look, great pixelart :)

We're all so lucky you wasted a day on it :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Cute game, I do like artstyle of the creatures, their animations and sounds!

I like the idea and the sounds, the game plays very smoothly. The graphics and animations are very cool!

Missing dll :(

This is cool idea and music is very nice. I like the pixelart a lot, the animations are great! 

I'm glad parallel with BM:B is good :) Thanks for the feedback

I forgot to mention that it's unfinished in the description, I added this later. It's good to know that it also happened to other people :) 

The game is very cool and the artstyle is great, feels a lot like Adventure Time! 

Great work, the game looks and feels amazing! All the music and art is amazing! I love the falling sequence

I like the graphics and animations and I think it's was a very cool idea to put all the fog and petals flying, helped building atmosphere

The game is great and funny. I like the graphics, animations and music! The mini games were very fun

This is a very interesting game, I like all the puns and jokes and the graphics look really good!

The game looks great and I love animation of the guy figthing! The music is very nice!

That's a very cool and fun game! I like the visuals a lot

I love the artwork and animations, the game really looks gorgeous! The game idea is cool and the sound is great!

I love the style, it looks great! The game is quite hard or maybe just my reflexes are bad XD

That's true, it's actually unfinished, didn't have enough time to do what I planned. Thank you for the feedback!

I only played up to first boss so far but I love the atmosphere of the game. I like the color pallette and the music and sounds. I like how your voice adds to the atmosphere as well. The game feels very claustrophobic with the moving shadows and it does make you feel uncomfortable and I think it suits the theme of fear of love. 

I've been watching your videos for couple of months now and I can't imagine how you feel with so many years put into this project and seeing it finally released. Congratulations on the release, Tim!

The game goes really well with the theme. It may look innocent but it's really difficult!

This is an interesting game, I like the animations, color pallette, sounds

I liked the idea of the game, it was a good use of the theme. I like how the player gets bigger because of all the bad dietery decisions! 

Thanks for the feedback! It's a good idea to make an object on the screen to give feedback on when the orb is hit. Actually I can see that there's not enough feedback to the player in my games, I should work on it.

Thank you for the feedback! No, it wasn't intentional, I was adding multiple orbs when I couldn't reach X while testing it (turns out I'm a bad player of my own games)

This is a very fun game! It looks great and the sound is nice too! At first I tried to wait for the flies to come closer in order not to make a mess XD 

This is a very clever game. I like the visuals and sounds a lot. Cool idea with deflecting planets and I really like how black holes make it a lot harder