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Great retro look and sounds, the concept is interesting, but, i just found the captain spaceship and nothing else was really significant... I am not sure what the player is suppose to do... also, it's a very slow paced game, so it kill the momentum... I wish I had the control of the rotation, so I didn't have to wait for new are to appear in the screen

Smart idea and use of cheats. It's just a bit too much work. I am glad you made your video ^^
If you find a way to implement the cheat code ingame, it would be a great revival of the cheatcode we used in the 90s (like typing GODMODE). But I guess you are looking for more complex/fun mechanics.

It miss some sounds, but the graphics are great !

It's nice to see those old school type dungeon game again. The ambient is good and it respect the thematic of the jam. I think the level design as it's flaw, going back and forth to get the level, is not a very much interesting mechanics for the player.. I got to the Lava level, but at this point, I was a bit bored, and stop.

Maybe less level (as those are pretty empty), but more puzzles to solve would have been better to stimulate the player?

Great graphic tho, and congrats to build this game in such little time !

Life's tough

Yes Card Deck Game! It need some balancing I guess, as having so much Lie card is really punitive and you don't have enough heal.
Good job on making this game in only a week.
I think you should definitely push this game forward. As is really addictive.

Good atmosphere, good art and music

The control are a bit to abrupt and non precise for me.

But overall cool little game

Interessing concept !

I like the concept of mixing music and reveal.

The falling delay to restart the game is too long. Plus you can still move forward.

I like the graphic and music

It was pretty enjoyable to play

Funny little game, good concept !

Great polish game. I love the art, the music, the animation.

I really like the concept of having a little minion that reveal things.

I didn't like having a game over when I encounter the red frog. Because I didn't understand why. And also I had to restart the game from scratch. I wish the game was less punishing, and gave me an opportunitie to fix what I did wrong and continue my adventure. It totally broke my momentum and I didn't had the motivation to restart.

The audio i really great, but the door need a sound effect when opening. :p

Nice and simple puzzle.

Level design is smart.

Definitely a commercial potential game.

I am a bit desapointed that shooting the priest with a potatoe brings a game over. x)
Funny game, having to go back and forth to get potatoes is a bit repetitive and boring, plus the timer, doesnt let the player to explore the possibility of actions we can do in this area.
I got stuck because I trow away a lot of potatoes, and it seems impossible to get them back.
I like the redneck thematic of your game, I just feel there was a bit more interesting to do here. Like shooting the priest with the potatoes.
I like the pixel art and the sounds. Nice voice x)

I like the idea, it's quite funny.
I just am not just if I understood the goal of the game well.. just selecting random ads?

I just know I died I some point.
The art is great, I like this retro computer UI !

haha ! nice.
I mean it fit with the theme :p
The whole think is a bit short however, but I guess its the point

I like your pixel art tho

Very good concept. I found some of the rules difficult to understand tho. What does mean "The room is trapped"?...
Good graphics, nice sound, fit perfectly with the theme.

Great use of the boolean concept, I had a lot of fun playing this game. My only critics is that the collider box are a bit too wide.
But overall, great game !

I do feel there is a good potential for a RPG cutting grass xD
I am not an expert at this

funny little game ^^

Beautiful art, it reminds me the artstyle of Klei production, there is a good sens of humor in the dialogues.

I like the fact you can create your character, but the name input since very restrictive, I couldn't validate anything, until my name was very short, why is that?

I played with a game controller, for some reason I had a hard time with the jump, it react a bit late, maybe 0.1 sc after I press the jump axis. I am not very used to have a latence, so I don't know if i'ts because I played into the webbrowser, or if it was made on purpose.. Also, when you release the jump button, it doesn't reach the full jump, you have to keep it pressed. I took me a moment to get used to.

I encounter some bugs in the moving platform room (from the tutorial), my character was stuck in the air, floating on the left direction, I couldnt do anything. And another, the sprite character just disapear from the screen.

Otherwise, the level of polishing is pretty good. Mention + for the sound.

Hilarious little game, the sound is a bit loud when you die ;)

I think you have great graphics, the plane is confortable to control. I miss the sound, expecially for a shooter, but you probably did'nt have enough time.
I could'nt find a link to the theme tho... I just realised that I never die, is it the lie? or am I just very skilled xD

Thanks for making a video, I didn't expected this :)

The controls will be revisited for the next udpate.

Thank you for playing and for your feeback !

oh, I couldn't move the magnifying glass in the inventory... so I just open and close the inventory, and eventually, the glass was a the right spot lol 

I am looking forward your next update !

I love your reference to the good old Lucas Arts games. I missed those game too! I had a great time playing your games as you put tons of easter eggs in it :)
I was expecting to click and play with the mouse, not with the arrow key when I started. I got confuse ;)

The pixel art and sounds are great.

It seems there are some bug with the event system... like I had to go outside a room and come back before finally get the piece of pictures the polaroid shown.
How does the magnyfying glass in the inventory works? It looks a bit random, I opened and close the inventory and it just move from polaroid to polaroid pieces... I didn't undestand how it worked...

However, I managed to get to the end, and I found it a bit abrupt lol, I expected a piece of hilarious dialogue here. I think there is a missed opportunity ^^

Thanks for making this game, it was great ! I hope you make more, and revive the genre!

Funny and depressing at the same time xD
The slow control, probably made on purpose, are a bit annoying, I wish, there was more gameplay mechanics than walking in your game... Because at the end of the day, it's a game, it should stimalute somewhat, the player.

good graphic and music ^^

I like the graphic of your game, it has his own identity.

The controls feels too floaty to my taste unfortunately, also, when colliding with the side of other box colliders, you get sticky to it.

It doesn't seems there is a way to restart the  level by your own. Wich is unfortunate when you get stuck between two wall (in your first level)and nothing has be made, so the player can get out of here.

The game over button, doesnt works.

Nice environment and good sound design, but I could'nt figure out what to do.
A bit of indication to help the player would have be nice.

One of the best entry I played in this jam. Very innovative, smart gameplay. The pixelart is good, It's challenging, but logic at the same time. I could definitely see it as a potential full commercial game.

Good job !

Nice little pixel art shooting game. 

Lovely pixel art game, the gameplay is dynamic and the controls confortable in hands.

I wish I could have an idea on  where are the ennemie left when they go off screen, so I could keep moving and not just stay static to wait for them to be in my sight.

I had fun playing it ! 

Good graphics! One of the best 3d game I saw here

The game as a great sens of humor

I couldn't find a link with the theme..

The music feels is catchy at first, but get repetitive over time

Good animation on your characters

There are some bugs when you click on a button, while the text displaying, it repeat himself.

No sure if the equipment I trad are better when I accept them

Simple little game, I like the concept with the color. There is a bit a lack of challenge, as it's get repetitive over time, But it's nice idea !

Cute little adventure, I like the animal universe you've created.

The game is well polish, the environment feels a bit empty, but it's a lovely design. The music and sounds FX are great too.

I am surprised you even took the time to implement achievements ^^

I wish the run was a bit faster.

Great little game!

I like the boolean concept of the game.
The game feels punchy and dynamic. I wish there was diagonal shoots tho. But overhall I had a good fun playing your game.

The graphic are great, you added some post processing effect that works well.
I miss a bit of audio

cool little game, cheers !

I like your pixel art, expecially the fox!

Your game fit the theme, the control are a bit too abrupt and there is some weird overlap effects happening when colliding with the ennemies.
I liked the pixel art and the sounds you added, good job on making this game

Funny lite game, gameplay a bit frustrating tho

I sensed a feel between life is strange and oxenfree in your game, good pixel art, good music, ending a bit abrupt.

I sensed a feel between life is strange and oxenfree in your game, good pixel art, good music, ending a bit abrupt.

Thanks for playing!