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Lyre of TruthView game page

Use the Lyre of Truth to reveal the game's secrets!
Submitted by jlothamer, ilikethepixies, mousenger — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#953.5313.531

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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 really, really nice game, played and rated.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,


Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Good concept and nicely implemented... played the whole thing through :) the art is great!

The character reacts too abruptly to the input though... maybe get it to accelerate less jarringly?

Also takes too long after dying to restart the level... though that is compensated by the pause menu.


Pretty cool game. I really liked the whole thing, music, graphics and mechanics. It was fun. Rated.

Check out ours: My best friends... give us some feedback and please rate it. We also got a 101 version with a few updates at 


I like the concept of mixing music and reveal.

The falling delay to restart the game is too long. Plus you can still move forward.

I like the graphic and music

It was pretty enjoyable to play


Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Thanks! I'll check it out!


I like the game mechanic idea, art and audio.
It takes too long to restart a level after you died.  An automatic restart option could fit the game better. 
Good job!


Hey, thanks for the suggestion!  You're right, just restarting the level would have been much better.  After all, hitting ESC brings up a pause menu to quit or restart without having to die.  We'll definitely remember this for next jam!  Thanks!!


this is so cool ! good job


Thanks!!  Glad your liked it!


Rated - We had a similar idea haha.  I like the design and sprite art great job!  Maybe the movement is a little to sensitive?  But I still had fun, check out my game if you can~


Hey, thanks for the feedback!  Yes, they do look similar.  It's awesome that you added some enemies too!  We didn't get to that, though we wanted to.  Hopefully next jam we'll get more done.


The art and animations are great. The reveal mechanic was also interesting, but it's hard to see things because of the distortion. It also takes a very long time before the game restart, when you fall of a platform. Lastly, when you start moving the character instantly moves at max speed; making it a bit hard to control him precisely.


Hey Mike!  Thanks for all the feedback!  Yes, we've heard about the reveal mechanic being a bit much and about how long it takes to die.  But the control feedback is new.  Maybe post game jam this will be another item that gets some TLC.  Thanks again!


Very Good design! 


Great game!


Finally! A game that has well balanced controls! And I really liked how the last level made you think outside the box

Has to be the most fun game I tried so far


Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun with the levels/mechanics


you're welcome ^^

Please consider checking my game out


This was a really fun game - and I'm a sucker for puns, so I liked the liar/lyre setup.  ;)  Very impressed you managed to build this in just a week!

Some comments from as I was playing through, in roughly chronological order:

I like the audio - the music on the title screen immediately set the mood/tone for the game very well, and goes very well with the game overall (it's not distracting during gameplay, while also being quite pleasant to listen to).  The sound effects are also decent - I liked the falling noise when you miss a platform and drop off the screen (which, to be honest, I heard a lot - platformers aren't my strong suit!)

In terms of what I'd suggest changing: not a lot!  The lyre music effect did get a little repetitive, mainly because I kept spamming it as often as I could - maybe having a couple of little randomised snippets to vary it up a little bit would be a nice touch there.  Also, on my first playthrough I found it difficult to see that the fake spikes were flashing when the lyre music hit them (i.e. they are fakes), because the spike animation partly hides the flash (unless you're really looking hard for it).  But that just adds additional challenge, so definitely not a showstopper!  ;)

Overall, very enjoyable game, really liked the concept and the execution, would definitely recommend to others!  Well done!


Fun concept, i really like the lyre mechanics, audio, graphics and movement input, . Anyways you got fantastic entry. You should check my game


Really nice, I agree that the death time is too long but I like the game


I love the pixel art! the death effect could be faster though, I like to be able to get back in there fast :)


Thanks!  We have a really great artist :)  And we agree that the falling to your death takes too long!  Something to fix in a post game jam update.


The visual from thee lyre is too intense, makes it hard to play the game for long, which is a shame, because otherwise it looks very nice!


Hey, thanks for the feedback!!  We must have gotten used to the lyre while developing it!  Another item to fix post game jam I guess.  Another leason learned:  get feedback from non-team members before the end of the jam!


Same here, didn't have time to test properlly, not even fix things we noticed in the last test. Spent too long thinking about the theme lol


Really cool ripple effect! BUT it is also a little jarring.

FANTASTIC writing and LOVE the title!


We thought it was a bit clever too, but then, we weren't sure if we were just full of ourselves :)  And thanks for the feedback on the ripple effect.  It's something we'd like to fix given the feedback we're receiving.  Not only is it a bit intense, we wondered if it should be directional too.  We'll keep brainstorming.  Thanks!