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On windowss, go to your downloads folder and find Sorcerer Open the file, click on Sorcerer Shootout.exe, extract all and you should be good to go :)

No, if you're using a laptop with a trackpad though, a lot of them disable the trackpad while typing


Hmm, this is a new error, lol. I'll look into it and see if I can patch it :)

hmm, not sure. I haven’t got that complaint before

Thanks! and yeah, the screenshake is a bit crazy sometimes lol

Try picking up the tomes ;)

The invite link is there now :) sorry about that

Haha, that’s my bad, I forgot to post the link. Give me a minute.

Neither, if you don’t want to. A theme will be announced on October 1st and you have to make a game around that theme. It’s just an optional challenge to make it spooky or October/Halloween based. :)

Cute little game, fits the theme well :)

Fun game! I love the pixel art and the game play was fun. I did encounter a glitch, however. The game's hp bar was empty but nothing happened? I stayed there for a while but nothing happened. I enjoyed my experience but I wish i could've seen what was at the end.

It's fun but the controls are a bit frustrating. Sliding after I take my hand off of the key doesn't offer a very enjoyable experience. 

I love the pixel art! the death effect could be faster though, I like to be able to get back in there fast :)

Short, sweet and fun little game! definitely a good one!