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Interesting idea and as short as it is I enjoyed playing. Like others said text was a little slow, the music was good and mechanics were different but good. Great work!

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Thank you kindly. I will make sure to give yours a try tomorrow.

This is a nice concept, it looks like a lot of work was put into this. Controls are a bit difficult and I like the idea for the arrow to the next point. The car flipped a few times and it can be tricky to flip back. It was a fun experience overall. 

Very interesting game that really followed the theme. I like the combat system. The music reminds me a bit of runescape. The description of the abilities while fighting are lying :). I'm not sure if this is normal but the magic seems infinite I can cast spells even after the mp are at zero but I'm glad it is this way since spells use a lot of mp. I appreciate being able to use a ps4 controller as pressing the spacebar for the dialogue was a bit tedious after a while. I like the heal all effect but the particle effects didnt seem to work in a red dragon fight or the final dragon fight, at least not as widely spread as before. The continuous looping of the fire and ice animation in the last fight was a bit stressful but still nice. You were able to put quite a nice story and lenghty gameplay within one week. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback. I will make sure to look at your entry, I had no wifi for the last few days it seemed to be working this morning before i left for work it. Your game looks interesting. 

Thank you for playing. I will look into this issue.

Yes other than that I enjoyed the puzzles and story and got to the cake. Great job!

Thank you very much for your feedback. I hope to make a few improvments from all of the comments. 

I liked the story and mechanics. The wall jump feels responsive, the only thing is at some point in the game you have to go through narrow walls and it's hard to stay in the middle and if you go near the walls it takes a long time for the character to slide down as opposed to falling down. Overall I liked it and the good humour. Good job!.

Good idea. Fun to play!

This is really well made. Love the graphics and controls. Very fun. It looks like it had a lot of work put into it. Great job!

Very interesting idea and I really like the characters and animations. Good job. Fun and looks great!

Good idea. Graphics are nice. It could be very interesting to explore further. Good job for having submitted it for the jam. It fits the theme perfectly.

I liked the graphics and the gameplay. At the beginning when you find the torch it seemed liked you had to take a leap of faith to the next platform but I like the effect. after I think two doors I'm not sure if I missed something but got stuck on a platform with a monster that was pointing a laser and there didn't seem any way to beat that part, couldn't jump above or pass below. It was still good overall.

-58, I like the idea :)

Simple but nice effects. I like the art and music. Controls are good. Nice work!

Interesting idea but as others said it was hard to focus on both movement and music notes at the top of the screen. I really  liked the design it was just so fast.

I really like the idea. It was a bit challenging but you did a great job!

Thank you for trying it. I appreciate your comments!

Good idea. I would have liked a few more seconds on the timer as it was a bit challenging but it is very nice!

I enjoyed the playthrough. The controls were good and the experience was fun.

Some elements of surprises. Nicely done!

I really like the idea, I like the music and graphics, Looks like a lot of work was put into this game!

Challenging and very well made. I love the mechanics. 

I liked the use of the theme. The story was interesting and I enjoyed the playthrough.

Pretty interesting idea. This has potential!

Here is mine if you have a chance.

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I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it!

Very interesting story and idea. I enjoyed playing it, Good job!

:) I like your idea and it works because the music is randomized anytime in the level. I think this worked well with the theme. Great work!

Fun game, I think the way the music switches is clever. A bit stressful when music goes crazy. I like the concept.

Thank you for playing. I will make sure to improve it! I've added a rating and comment for yours I enjoyed it :)

Fun but a bit challenging in the cave. Love the idea, good graphics, I like the effect of the platforms disappearing being animated it's more misleading than if it was simply appearing when you are in a certain radius it makes it interesting.

Thank you for trying it! I appreciate it. I will work on making movement smoother and a better camera view. Great points!

Very fun idea. I had a hard time with the last hole and controls were a bit hard to use. Overall I liked the idea!

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Very good concept. The only downfall is a lot of flashing every time you jump but it's really interesting to see. The coins don't seem to do anything and the hearts collectibles seem to take away life. Great use of the theme and original idea..

Good idea. Fun puzzles and interesting ending!

Funny and interesting. It fits the theme perfectly!

Thank you for your feedback!