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A fun and enjoyable platformer with a twist...
Submitted by TheSlimeElement — 58 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#753.5933.593

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fun little game!

I have really enjoyed playing it!

Please consider checking out my game too

I am sure you will like it!


The art and music were alright. Though, the movement was a bit glitchy when colliding with walls. Collecting coins also didn't seem to serve any purpose and I didn't see how you integrated the theme. Lastly, I couldn't figure out how to complete the level pictured below.

Very simple game but still have good details! Easy to understand. Fits to the theme. Rated!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


Love the graphics. The sound is nice, but repetitive.  

I don't understand what the purpose of the coin is if I can just skip it and go to the next level. You should consider that allows the player to only pass if the collect the coins. Or something like that. I've seen a lot of games in this jam that have coins, but the coins serve no function.

Also, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to press escape to return to the main menu. I can't tell you how many games haven't used this simple foresight to save people frustration. Thank you. 

Solid game. 


Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. A simplistic yet fun game, that's what this is. With its awesome art and sound effects that give it a different kind of UMPH the game is easily one of the best entries of this jam. I have noticed that the enemy mask cube things pass through walls. Also the coins don't seem to have any purpose, i guess there just bait for the player to make things harder for em. Like when you wanna get the coin but its much harder than just ignoring it and continuing. Tho the game doesn't fit the jam theme, because there's no deception involved. Besides that this game is one solid entry. The levels appear simple but they are actually challenging and the movement feels so polished. Good job! Kudos!


The game is really fun to play, but the controuls feel a little weird, sometimes the jump and the shoot doesn't work properly :D


Really fun game even that I couldn't really beat the boss because it was pretty hard. When you have time, please consider playing mine as well.


I really liked the game it was super fun and engaging but I couldn't beat the boss because the shooting was too unreliable. other than that great job! especially for a first game jam!

Submitted (1 edit)

my review:

The game is just awesome. The music and soundeffects were awesome. 

The graphics were pretty nice with the animated background.

I quite liked the game desing. 

And dude i just love to cutscene at the beginning. i kinda wonder how you did the dialoge irregular. lol

but I have still something to complain with this awesome game: I couldnt beat the end boss because I couldnt shoot. At the menu it said, Left mouse button (or right cant remebner right now), but I spammed both and time to time I shooted bullets but really akward. And The hitboxes went trought the ground when you jumped(but this is just a little detail)

aaaand. i didnt really understand the theme, maiby I needed to beat the boss.

But still very nice game. Keep up the great work!

Would be happy if you could check out my game too :D


Thank you for your feedback! I'll make sure to polish the bugs if I continue to work on this game. Thanks!


Really good game, It has very good game design and feeling. The cinematic in the beginning is especially cool and funny.


I liked the use of particles and how color indicates how enemies move. Well done!


10 / 10 for everything. I'll be honest with you, I felt like I was playing a well polished and commercial game. I would gladly pay to play a game like this. With a story narrative this can be a really really great game. THE BEST I HAVE PLAYED IN THIS JAM. I am shocked such potential game does not have 20 ratings. I will create a post about rate for rate with your game link and see if I can help you get to over 20, I feel this can be a good competent for first, second or third place. I thought boss was unbeatable and that was the lie, couldn't defeat the boss so I don't know how it fits the theme. and a couple of things that bugged me were inconsistent shooting and a bit of inertia in the movement. Loved playing the game so much. It frustrated me a lot (in a good way), would love to learn level design from you. Each mechanic was awesome. Had a lot of fun. Keep up the good work brother.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so, so much! The nicest and most helpful comment yet, even from my friends as playtesters! I’d happily stay in contact and talk about the process of my game and how I go about game design if you wish. Thank you!!!

Edit: Also, being my first game jam, this was incredibly helpful and motivating. Thank you!


Simple but nice effects. I like the art and music. Controls are good. Nice work!


Interesting gameplay, the characters are cute :3, the controls are responsive, and finally a platformer with normal difficulty that I can win lol!


Wait? He don't like puppies??? What a monster!

Nice game!


Haha! Thanks for the feedback and also watching through the cutscene. Your game looks awesome by the way, well done!


Interesting game, I liked the dialogue in the beggining and the music as well, but as much as I clicked, the shots seemed to fire at random, about 1 in 15 clicks got to shoot a stone, so the boss was reaaally frustrating.


Thanks for the feedback! I also recognised that the shots fired infrequently but wasn’t sure how to fix it. Thank you!


I can give you some help with the code if you'd like that, but I can only understand C# and python...


The Boss was a little tough to defeat:D. Overall a great game. loved it :)


Thanks for the review! The boss was a little rushed as it was coming up towards the submission deadline, so it probably was a little unbalanced, but thank you for playing to the end!


My pleasure :)


I enjoyed your game :) I got stuck at the level in the screenshot, I was trying to not get any of the coins or kill any enemies but I couldn't figure out how to not get that 1 coin (the one when you're at the bottom and need to jump towards the red enemy) :O


Thank you for your feedback! At the moment, there are no multiple endings, although that was the plan I was working towards when I was making it. I'm sorry you got stuck, I'll make sure to add skips to future projects! Thank You!


Really cool implementation of a simple but great idea! 

Liked the art as well, well done!!

(If you have some time, please check out our entry - we really need the feedback as we are noobs!)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your kind feedback! Much appreciated


Neat game! I liked the simple sprite art, and great level design and interesting hazards~  Really cool!  Please check out my entry if you have time~


Thank you for the feedback! I had doubts with the enemies and other hazards so I'm glad you liked them!

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