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Really good game, I enjoyed playing

There's mine!

Nice game, well done!

Nice game, I've used pinnocchio too in mine haha, you can take a look.

Nice, and congratulations to the father! haha

Thank you, I know but I've never make any song :S, do you recomend me any music maker program for free?

Thank's to take your time on trying my game, this encorage me to keep going on and work on new projects!

No, I didn't haha I just made the Pinnochio, some small items and the code, the rest is from here:
I just wanted to try a jam and meet other game developers.

Hi thank you to take your time. Yes I have some bugs that I'm fixing (actually so fast, such a pity I didn't see it before...) I already took a look to your game :)

Good Game, I love the sound when it dies haha, next time try to realised in HTML5 so it's not necessary to download it.

Yes, I already fix this and other isues but I will not update the game til we finish rating, Thank you!

Nice game! May I ask you, how have you done the music and the sound effects?

Yes I know and it looks like a mucus and not like a leaf haha, it's something I will fix in new updates

Yes it is haha, it's my first Jam, and I don't have any designer so I just wanted to see if I can make a game in one week (definitely not yet haha)

Thank you, it's my first Jam, I just wanted so try new things and create new scripts that I can use in future games I'll keep practicing


Thank you!

Cool game! Just one suggestion, the circle map on the right it shous exacly what you can already see on the screen, maybe it would be a good idea unzoom it

Thank you! I'll try yours!

Really good game, it is a little bit slow when attacks but it's a great idea to develop.

Really nice, I agree that the death time is too long but I like the game

Really good game, really simple but harmonic style, easy to play and understand, I can only say (it's just my opinion) that I don't like the controls, I would prefer to jump with "W" and use "Q" as action button.

Great job!

Nice one!