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nice, had fun playing! the game would make a good mobile app. the music stopped playing after the first time i died though so i think that would need to be fix. and also the option to turn the music on and off in the menu

here's mine, i'll check out yours now, thank you UvU

thank you very much for your feedback! ^^

i'll be sure to fix all of that in the post-jam release

i think if the concept was expanded on, it would be very nice. and also the game desperately needs sound.

and another thing is every time i restart the battle i have to listen to the long dialogue between me and the kid, so that's quite a bit annoying.

but again, could be expanded on really well, so i think you should keep working on this game after the jam :)

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played and rated yours UvU

here's my puzzle game hope you like it!

sorry i can't, it's not playable in browser D:

my bad for not specifying that in my post, i'm so sorry. i'll do that right now

played and rated, good job ;)

the game left me a bit confused especially at first, and it gets a bit repetitive after a bit

however it's pretty funny and i adore the artstyle. oh and the sound design is also very good!

i already had yours played and rated by the time you posted this haha xD

okay, thanks for clarifying!

could you be a little more specific? what wasn't very good about them? :0

hmm that's weird. try another browser maybe? :0


i have linux so i wouldn't be able to download the game ^^

oh noo it's downloadable. does your game work with linux? cause that's what i have

if you don't mind me asking: did you mean to say "needs more sound effects"? because the game has some sound effects and i just wanna make sure because you know, maybe something went wrong and you couldn't hear them :0

it worked!

well the game is a little confusing at first but it's a nice little experiment

also the art choice is very unique, i like it ^^

the game won't load for me for some reason :c

i tried google chrome and firefox but nothing works

thank you!

thank you so much for your nice words ^^

nice mechanic, but definitely needs a bit more playtesting: because of how you need to press an extra button to respawn, and respawn not where you died but at the beginning, the game is a bit tedious.

the movements are very smooth though, and also the aesthetic is super nice, keep up the good work!

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hello, i really need more rates. please send a link to your games, too. i'll rate as many of them as i can ;)

here's mine!:

PLEASE NOTE! i can only play games that are playable in browser: firstly, i have linux, so unless you have a linux build it won't even work for me and second, i don't download files from sources like this. i'm terribly sorry for not specifying that when making this post, i just haven't thought of it.

could you please rate mine?

aaaah i see now, in that case - nice :) although, the very first action in the game is hard to perform, even when you know what to do. so a bit of a learning curve would've been nice!

controls are a little unresponsive and everything feels slippery but overall: very nice, just needs more playtesting

a nice, fun, addicting game, though the music stopped playing by itself after a bit. not much of a problem for me cuz i didn't like it in the first place. so consider it a win actually xD

like i've already said in devlog's youtube comments, this is by far my favorite game from you. keep up the good work :)

so i'm confused. i thought i couldn't get past the first block but apparently according to the comments you can??

i had tons of fun with this :D

the game is a bit short, though. which is good enough for a jam version but i'd happily buy a full commercial release of this game if you ever make it.

also hell, your game's been rated by 65. that's a lot.

i'm not jonas but the advice i can give is make your jam game playable in browser (more people are likely to play that way) and play and actually rate others' games and give feedback, without spamming your own game

a very fun, nice looking game! i loved it. however it did feel like i'm a bit out of control and what i did didn't matter and i'd win anyways, and couldn't really control how much points i got. so i think gameplay needs some help. one thing would be that i could control where i push the cheese and change it up until the point when i let go of my mouse button.

but this game has a lot of potential!

oh well, something is better then nothing, good luck on your next game ^^

nice game! very addictive and fun. the music is kind of out of place though and i think the game would've been better without it

awesome game with a nice aesthetic! a bit uncomfortable though with how slow the player is

amazing concept, absolutely deserving of a full fledged commercial game. still needs a lot of work tho: the controls are a little slippery and the jump is glitched and counterintuitive, the music could be a bit better.

but regardless, 5/5, best game i've played on the jam so far

the game is a little confusing but i couldn't tell if that's because i'm a weenie and was too scared to understand or if the design could be a little better. if scaring me shitless was the point great job, keep it up!

so people keep saying that you're eleven: which if that's true, you're very much amazing, and you did so much more than many of us could at your age, great job!

that being said, you have a lot of work to do still: first of all, the controls are very unresponsive and uncomfortable as people have mentioned (the slippery thing). but also, the game just doesn't have much going for it. it's not really engaging and there isn't really built in a way where there's something fun to do. level design would've helped that.

again though, good job. you did amazing for your age.

the concept is absolutely amazing, i loved it so much!

needs some working and playtesting: the player moves a little slow and the controls feel super awkward. but this is absolutely a game worth continuing after the jam so please do. the art is super nice, too

also, the music is a little annoying (maybe because it's too loud) but that's a very minor thing

the game was quite complex and confusing :c

but the background was very pretty!