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opera gx

can't run the game for some reason :c

nice! lovely little details, fun mechanic

keep up the good work

i goofed up at the win screen sadly. i'm going to change it after the jam ends. it says

"You Won
No Star Obtained"

you still won though! the star is just a little bonus and it'll write a different message that will say

"You Won

And You Even Got Yourself A Star!"

as a reminder that you did very very well. it is possible to get a star and even have 2 lives left. but it's not necessary to win

thank you for your comment though ^^

thank you for your comment!

yeah no other way to restart a game other than refreshing right now. which is a yikes on my part. i'm going to change that after the game ends

and i really like the idea of enemies respawning. thanks for the advice!

best game i've seen in this jam

use of theme was creative, it was very enjoyable, tons of smart ways to beat the level

if only there were more levels, the levels in the beginning were a lot simpler and the simplicity transition was overall smoother

i hope you'll expand the game after the jam and we'll see more in the future

it was very fun

how ever it's sad to me you made a remake for someone's game and didn't go with an original title :c

ooooh i realise now

oh that's cool

yes, it helps a lot

thank you so much for your input! :)

thank you very much for your comment! :)

could you please be more specific? i'm going to polish the game out after the jam so your feedback helps a lot. if that's not a problem for you, of course

nice little game! :) i loved the design

would love a bit more challenge though

nice! had a lot of fun with it

idk if it's supposed to be that way but i can't get passed the first block because it's filled with dirt

it was a little confusing at first not gonna lie but turned out fun in the end

would love some sound effects though

nice game! i had tons of fun

A and D to walk and space to shoot

I'll be sure to add it to the description aswell in a few hours

nice! it's a cute game

also i like how it shows the number of time in which you finish the game. begs for competitiveness

nice but it's too bad you chose to adapt a game instead of coming up with a concept of your own

i'd love to what you did, not what atari did

you did good at adapting it though

mmm idk if it's just me but i can't play the game

at the title screen and then it shows a paper that says "i am mort" and nothing else happens

nice! i liked the idea

however, it was very confusing to know when to press the move buttons

in necrodancer, there were little lines getting closer to the heart in the center so the player would know when to move. this game could really use something like that aswell

otherwise, great work!

That's strange. Isn't supposed to be like that

Oh well. Sorry for the inconviniences ^^

Here's a fixed version where you can actually win if you want to try it

I published a fixed version (where you can actually win) on my gamejolt if you want to try it out

Thank you for playing. I've published the fixed version on my gamejolt. Here it is if you want to try it out

Congrats to the dev for becoming the father

And I loved the mechanic. It was super innovative

Really nice game. Loved it!


I agree with the others. I think you should've thought more on the idea. The game was kinda... Empty.

But working on all the elements alone gave you practice and I'm sure you'll be making fun and amazing games soon. Don't give up and keep going

A very nice and fun game. However very hard to beat. Maybe max out the player's health before the boss fight? Or make the boss fight a checkpoint

Yeah that part was supposed to be explained but unfortunately the colliders didn't work after I uploaded everything. I didn't have time to play test unfortunately (I was in germany when the jam started and ended up having only 4 days to work)

What was supposed to happen is the player lets the boss damage himself until all the hearts on top left go black, and then the entrance at the right opens (but sadly it doesn't)

Sorry for all of those problems and inconvinience, and thank you very much for trying my game out

The art is nice but I got stuck at the beginning

But you still did a good job

Firstly, good job on getting this game done

It's quite a bit hard to control but you're still amazing. Good job!

Fun little game. I like it. But the fact that there are no checkpoints suck

The game is very nice but a little too long for a gamejam game in my opinion. I got stuck waaaay too soon Dx

But you did a great job and I still had fun

Awesome. Certainly the most inovative game I've seen in this entry. Only flaw it has is that the music's a bit annoying. But otherwise it's fantastic

Why doesn't this have more rates?!

Very nice game!

Nice game. I had tons of fun! Although some more sounds and animation could be appreciated

Nice but unplayable. It's way too hard

And the fact that jump is on space and occupies your thumb makes it harder

Very atmospheric, charming and inovative

Unfortunately, I got stuck

But it was still nice and pretty

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Nice and fun little game

I wish jump was on either w or up arrow though