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Your soul hangs in the balance!
Submitted by vgel (@voooooogel), linneaisaac — 8 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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Very well thought out. I love the dialogue lol good job!


i think if the concept was expanded on, it would be very nice. and also the game desperately needs sound.

and another thing is every time i restart the battle i have to listen to the long dialogue between me and the kid, so that's quite a bit annoying.

but again, could be expanded on really well, so i think you should keep working on this game after the jam :)


Really fun twist on games like Yu-Gi-Oh and the hand drawn visuals sold it to me, Good job :)


It's pretty fun though I still don't understand why and where your pieces move. I love the art style and cannot imagine programming a system as complex as this in three days. Overall, I like it.


Fun game, nice storytelling, loved the cards naming/ideas

It was hard to grasp how the cards work at first, but I think I got it in the end

Great game!


Really cute illustrations. I enjoyed having to strategically place my cards. The shake that was added to the red text boxes every once in a while felt really nice too. Overall a sweet little game! 

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I crushed them underfoot without even knowing what to do and just placing stuff randomly. I know the goal is to fail but oh well, crushing them underfoot seems fine as well. The game is quick and fun but pretty complicated. And also, great visuals too! I love the sort of hand-drawn style it has. Great work!


Loved the lore! I thought it would be easy to fail but in fact they're are quite hard puzzles. Really unique and interesting game, well done!


These puzzles are actually tough to solve!! It took me a bunch of tries to fail the last level. What I really love is the art, though! The marker texture, the colors, the card characters and their little lore. I think a skip dialogue button could be useful for retrying levels or going for the opposite route (win/lose/etc).
Great job!


Great parody of a certain TCG. 

A bit confusing at first, it'd be nice to see how the cards moved as well as how they attack. Needs some sound effects but I can see you didn't get to uploading it in time (if you already had them done they may let you upload it, worth an ask)

Funny Dialogue, I like that you can choose to continue regardless whether you win or lose.


Funny story and great visuals. The mechanics could do with a tutorial or better feedback on what's going on. I beat the game by sparing everyone, but I still only kinda understand what was going on haha. With some polish, I'm sure that this would make a great full release. Thanks for making it!


I'd play a physical version of this game any day!  The sound didn't work for me for some reason, though.  


we didn’t quite get to uploading it in time ^^’


Interesting concept, and I love the Yu-Gi-Oh! theming here. Some nice comedy as well with the evil millennium puzzle stand-in , although having to repeat the same dialogue on repeat whenever you restart was a small niggle. Some of the cards were pretty funny as well (especially comparing your cards to your opponents). The art was serviceable especially for just 48 hours, but having sound effects and background music would've really helped the game.

Overall, nice work!


This is a really fun and just nice game. I like that you can progress either way and the kind of puzzle that is saving the people. Pretty nice.


Great game, I liked that I had a choice on whether to try to win or lose, really loved the execution, i think the only improvement could be to have different opponents based on which direction you go but amazing job for the time taken! Brilliant game jam entry


haha. Fun Yu-Gi-Oh references. Some fun game play and awesome artwork. Nicely done. :)


This was really fun! I took both routes, save them all, and beat them all. I actually really enjoyed the mechanics of the game. I could tell that they were well thought out. Also, you had some funny cards and dialogue in there which I really enjoyed! I think I saw The Humpty Warrior, The warrior who wasn't rebuilt quite right. That one was pretty funny.  There are two improvements that I see that you can make to your game. You could make the background a little more appealing. Gradient backgrounds always look nice! Also, audio would make your game way better too! Overall, though, your game was awesome! Great job!


Very well made card game, I reached till the third opponent, the old man, enjoyed playing it but I am not aware of rules and how to's of the game, can you add them later as instructions? but overall your game was really nice and fun to play, good luck for the jam! :)


Really nice game ! I liked the weird take on the card-battling genre. I wouldn't say the mechanics are hard to understand, especially since it's pretty easy to experiment at first, I only wish the game had more battles but a short, well polished game is always better than a long and poorly designed one. :)

Also, the game made me laugh, so bonus points for the funny writing !


Interesting card game, first i though you have to move the card, but i figured it out was click. Funny game, interesting concept and i loved the details of the cards!

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