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Thanks for the feedback! I agree with you about limiting movements in order to not drop the gold. I wanted to get a balance (pun intended) between the two bits of gameplay, however it would probably be a stronger concept if I focused on one of the elements. The great soundtrack was made by Danioc.

Really impressive! The art is really pleasing and little details like camera shake add a lot of polish. First time I didn't know you could balance the egg so I was frantically stunning the flies which was fun but hard and I didn't get more than 30 seconds. When I realised it made things easier. Overall it is a really well crafted game and the music was great. My favourite part is the visual and audio feedback that makes playing it very satisfying. Good job!

Thanks a lot! I used Leshy's SFMaker for most of the sounds . Camera movement is something I really enjoy coding in all my games.

Nice game! I managed to get 27 on my second go, the movement felt good. The music was also nice but quite loud. It would've been nice if the boxes would tip over if balanced on the edge. But for a three hour jam it was a solid effort and fun game.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! The characters are the way they are as I realised I couldn't draw arms or legs lol. I found that in order to not drop the gold don't move too fast and lure the zombies towards you before firing the boomerang at close range.

Thanks a lot, 18 is great! I'm glad it worked fine for you, I'm starting to think Chrome just dislikes me haha.

Nice concept and overall feel, extremely challenging though, after many attempts I couldn't finish with more than two. Great considering the time limit, however it would've been nicer to make the controls smoother. If I hadn't already lost the top boxes, I would lose them on the bumps. Overall a cool concept and game, but it was a little too hard.

I didn't notice the combo system at first but I soon got the hang of it. It's a really cute game with great audio feedback and visuals. On the edge of the screen I sometimes lost my streak as I didn't know what was coming but it's no big deal. Really fun, simple concept but polished and well executed game! My best score was 373.

Thanks a lot, 14 is impressive!

It's good to know that it's working in the browser, for me it works perfectly with Firefox but for some reason Chrome doesn't like it.

Thanks a lot for playing! Yes, I regret not adding a menu or way to quit. After the rating period, I am going to add a small update, which will add a menu as well as a cursor.

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You opened it with notepad, it's a .gb file for GB Studio:

Personally, I found it slightly weird moving in the 4 directions rather than turning, as to move smoothly you have to keep changing which keys you press. I hope that makes sense, maybe it's just me.

Cool mechanic and fun mix of puzzle and skill. Would be great with some audio, and if the jump was slightly less floaty, but overall, a solid entry, well done!

Really cool concept, I would love to see it developed further. I ran into a few bugs, you pointed out most of them, although I also ran into one stopping me from adding planets, when I pressed add planet it would go to the moon creation window. Fair enough though, this was a very big scope for one person for a week, and I really enjoyed it. Fits the theme nicely and I love the dragon animation, great job!

Really beautiful and emotional game. I love the art style and the concept. There is a lot of polish and attention to details - I love when you go through different ages the instrument of the soundtrack changes. I didn't know what to do with 'w' key thingy, but I didn't need it. I also didn't manage to destroy any mirrors except the first, am I meant to? The only feedback I'd have is probably speed up the intro slightly, or let players skip through the dialogue. Maybe some more checkpoints after the harder parts? But generally, a really impressive game, and a touching story. Great job!

Thanks so much for playing! I should've added text labels when you hover over items in an inventory. I did think it was a bit sluggish a few times throughout making it, but sadly I didn't have any ideas to fix that.

Super sweet lil' game, it fits the theme well. SpitfireFred and monnierant already pointed it out, but on the first time through I got stuck on the left side. However when I played it again, I really enjoyed the experience, good job!

Really nice concept, and it is a good mechanic having to keep the different stats balanced. Only thing is after a few rounds it got kinda boring, especially waiting for the animations/etc., but generally a really good entry, well done!

Really nice and polished game, reminds me of If there's anything I would say to improve on, is at the end when you are massive and fill up the screen you just wait for more meteors (or until you go to the next level). Maybe make it so you can zoom out?, but overall it's a very good entry - good job!

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for the feedback! I was gonna add a soundtrack on the last day but sadly I was too busy. As for the indicators, I had them planned, but in the rush of getting the project to export I forgot. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, the sheep weren't originally gonna be enemies, but I didn't have time to make the enemies, so I just added horns and made them headbutt you. I probably should've added a tutorial, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time. Thanks a lot for playing! :D

Woaaahhh, that was impressive. I love the cute voxel art and building the MMO world is very relaxing. Having players rate it is very nice. It's a really nice tycoon game, good job! I'm probably gonna be playing it lot more today :)

Really nice unique, game and eerie soundtrack. The visual indicating made it so I managed to work things out pretty quick (maybe it was just luck). I love the dreamy atmosphere and it fits the theme well. Great entry - good job!

Really nice game! The puzzle design is generally interesting and fun (albeit a bit confusing at first). The artstyle really fits the game. It was a really cool idea, though I'm not too sure how it fits the theme. However, it was a still a great entry and fun game.

Thanks for the feedback, I agree as it's a more linear game it feels more grindy than something like Minecraft. Also, oops I didn't try the Linux version or the Mac version, but next time I'll try to prevent that from happening. Thanks for playing!

I love the style (nice die animation). I haven't seen many people use Makecode Arcade (I had to do some for school but found it a bit fiddly, compared to similar engines like Scratch, but that's just personal preference), but you made a really fun game with it.


The jumping is a bit floaty, maybe add more gravity. It's also a bit annoying that you go back to the menu when you die rather than the start of the level. I also got this bug where I could only move along the bottom and the screen had a white overlay:

With that being said, it's a really fun little arcade game, with a nice story. Good job, and keep making games!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree adding a cursor would definitely make it clearer to see what your doing and help with mining. I should have made the instructions in-game, but I'm glad you worked it out. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot! :)

I will keep that in mind if i make another survival game

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Fun arcade game! I love the different effects the different fruit give. Nice art, although it would be better if the voxel sizes weren't so different between the different objects. Also the controls were a bit weird. But for a jam game this was very good, well done!

Very beautiful, and a really heartfelt message. The only thing I would suggest is make it so you can start clicking at any point in the constellation and then go around because i was a bit confused at first.

But well done, a really well made game!

hmm it would actually be a great game to speedrun thinking about it


Yes, the file size was a *little* big, but it was amazing for a 3 person team to make in a week. I love the stealth mechanic, the camera was a bit weird at places, but overall very impressive!

Nice idea! It's been said already, but this would be a great way to teach coding, and I like that it allows you to do the same thing multiple ways rather than it forcing you to write the code one way. Good job!

Thanks for the comment! Haha yeah, I added the sheep sounds last minute, and *slightly* overdid them. The items were gonna have a max stack amount and the items just not get picked up if the inventory is full (I still have the code for that commented out), but ehhhh, it was very buggy and unfortunately, there was not enough time to fix it so I scrapped it. Thanks for playing!

Really nice moveset, nice alien buttchceks, and lots of polish. The vegetarian cried inside me when I tried to ride the elephant and murdered it, but then I realised that's the goal of the game :'(

Possible improvements?: Camera is a bit awkward when the egg is in front: it suddenly jumps. The elephants have no death animation and suddenly disappear, it may be nice to add something there, and I didn't know what to do the eggs.

Overall, really great game, lots of fun! Impressive for a game jam, great job!

Wow! I love the visuals and the weird atmosphere. It is very hard I may have spent an hour playing it as a not too skilled person, but at no point did I want to give up. The blood animation/particles looks so sweet and fluid and I loved the retro-ish backgrounds (for some reason it reminds me of some old flash games). Super unique, I absolutely loved it!

This is so ethereal. The soundtrack, art and atmosphere are beautiful.

It is relaxing, however the fuel gauge adds some nice edge and makes you think fast.

As its nice and simple with clean icons, I got the hang of it fairly quickly, on my first go getting 3 creatures and on my second, completing it.

For a one off play through I really enjoyed the experience, however I think playing it again, it would need more types of flower etc., as it gets pretty repetitive. I also find that I have two many of the side seeds.

If this had some more gameplay, I would happily buy it as Steam game. It is a great take on the theme: starting with nothing and planting seeds to grow out the land. Great job!