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Build your very own dream MMO
Submitted by Kindred (@michaelkocha), jannamoon (@jannakocha) — 5 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art Style#34.4094.409
Fits the Theme#34.5454.545

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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So sorry I did not post here! I've played the game and rated it, and remember how I was thinking to post here but later because wanted to try this game again! 

What I like about the game: the art! So many things invented for this game! Also, the UI is great! Very clean and smooth.

I don't like that I did not feel the goal, maybe because I usually do not play life simulators. Rewards are a cool thing - it gets me to do progress. I remember that I stuck somewhere, but I think it was because I missed a tutorial or a task.  

Interaction with the game is really exciting and enjoyable!


You didn't have to come back and comment! lol. Thank you for the feedback though. =]


It's STUNNING how much content you maneged to put in the game in such short time. But I did at times get stuck and it wasn't clear what to do next to unlock a building or to earn a skill point. But overall great job. 

P.S. It would be funny if your own game won your own jam.


lol yeah. We would obviously opt out and the runner up would win first place though. I just participate for fun and to encourage everyone else.

Thanks for the kind words! My wife made some really cool art so I just wanted to make sure I made something fun to showcase it.


Woaaahhh, that was impressive. I love the cute voxel art and building the MMO world is very relaxing. Having players rate it is very nice. It's a really nice tycoon game, good job! I'm probably gonna be playing it lot more today :)


Nice solid game. Nice art, fits the theme perfectly, the audio works as well.

It did feel a bit mobile phone to me. And I had to spam buildings to see what unlocked what. 
But a solid experience.


Realy good game. It's nice and fun to handle. I think i will try multiple parties and play it much more than wanted lol.


oh man I dumped like 4 hours into this. where did the time go ?

really enjoyed it. The idea of making a MMO tycoon game is very appealing , but I think it you could change the theme to a normal theme park and it wouldn't change a lot. Maybe lean into the MMO idea a bit more with quests that you can design, making dungeons and so on. But I know that this was probably a HUGE amount of work and Im surprised you even finished it in time. Congrats


I couldn't agree more about the mmo thing being more of a skin over a theme park tycoon. I had that thought many times during development and wanted to do a lot more but we just didn't have the time. 

If we decide to work on this any further in the future I think dungeon and quest design would be the key to set it apart. 

Thanks for the feedback!


I really enjoyed your game! At first it was kinda slow but after a few minutes it was really fun. There are a few visual bugs (for example when i opened the delete-tool I was able to give the whole forest a red outline) but in general the game is really polished, especially for the amount of time that we had. I love the artstyle, the blocky-aesthetic is something I really like and the music was great, it didn't get boring to listen to after a while of playing, but instead really enhanced the game-experience.
One little thing might be, that I got annoyed with the hints after a while, thats just cause I don't like it when something constantly repeats its movement, maybe a button to turn that off would be good.


The hints actually can be turned off. The eye is actually a button. Unfortunately I did the hints at like 4am the night before submission so I was kind of lazy about it.  Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


Very good, much fun. lots of building <3

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

A delightful combination of cute voxel art, and thorough planning. Honestly, the scope of this whole project astounds me. 

It took me a short time to figure out how to rotate but after a few minutes that hint showed up and I was set. 

I honestly couldn't stop playing. I ended up making dinner for the family a little later than I intended.

I'd be very interested to learn more about the logic/math that goes into player interest, and traffic.


very nice game especially for a jam game the graphics look great and the fact that you even made a save system is crazy. the only things from the artstyle that didn't look very good were  the ui animations, specifically the taskbar. 


Very nice game loved the gameplay would really like to see this go farther and more in depth


Very cute game! Love the gameplay & fits the theme perfectly, really well done :D


This is a great game. It looks like a finished game that you could buy. The start was a little bit slow and I didnt know what I have to do for the new content popup to come but I managed to get new things and build my mmo. The music is great too.

Really good game


This game is super enjoyable! The start is a little slow as you frequently are just waiting for money. The game quickly picked up as I kept playing thou and the gameplay picked right back up. This is a game that with a touch more polish (couple small bugs here and there mostly visual) that I would absolutely buy for a few bucks and play for a couple hours at least! It even fit the theme well with you starting with nearly nothing and creating a whole little world. I really thought the game brought me a better understanding of a game developers struggles. Keeping up with quality content that is suitable for a variety of players is surprisingly difficult to manage even in just a simple game like this! Great job overall.