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oh i see

oh that would explain it lol

Thank you sadly i feel this couldve been better if school hadnt been so brutal

at the top there was a click counter and after every upgrade you would get more clicks per click

Loved The Game. Loved the challenge especially. Please continue to makes games your great at it!

Very nice game loved the gameplay would really like to see this go farther and more in depth

Hey. Great Game Loved the art style and puzzle. my favorite part was the voice overs but hey continue making games you did a great job!

Great submission! only like a few bugs i saw but other than that great job keep making games and stay positive!

Game was pretty good. Although there were quite  afew bugs making the game very difficult to play just a few i noticed is that buttons overlay each other sprites are under other sprites but other than that great game keep trying and continue working hard!

Very Good Idea. Loved the game felt all that was missing was making the ocean voxel as well but other than that really good. keep making games

Hey Great game. Loved the space shooter feel and loved the challenge. Continue making games your good at it!

Hey Great game. During play the controls are a tiny bit messed up so it makes the game hard to play. However other than that music was great and the idea was awesome. keep making games!

Hey great game! Art style was pretty nice next time i would reccomend giving the player a proper gameover screen as when you said everything was created boxes contiued to spawn that made me question if the game was over. However overall you did a wonderful job loved the idea and keep making games!

Wow. All i have to say is that was a very deep story wonderful  art style loved the music please continue amazing and making great games!

Absolutely Loved this one. Great Art Great Feel. Honestly it fely like if you took smash bros and made it 2d. Great Job!

Hey! Great game loved the art style, however it was a little difficult to understand how this fits into the theme but other than that wonderful job and continue making games!

Overall Great Game! A few things that i wouldve changed is whn you dont have enouhg materials you inform the player in some way however the art style was great and the music didnt blow my ears off wonderful job!

Sorry it was so Short ran out of time because of college work and such but enjoy!

discord preferrably



we can give it a try

need the # numbers

Looking for a 2d artist


sent a friend request

i need music for my game looking for something calm  and upbeat similiar to sonic green hills zone

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Hello Looking for an artist to do some 2d art