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Great game! Love the idea behind it, its really cool! I feel the artstyle is a bit mis-matched from menu to gameplay, but I know this is a jam and I am just nitpicking. Its a great game still! :) Well done. 

Super cute game! This was very unique and fun to play! Loved the stickers, that was pretty cool. The lack of air control when jumping made me rage more than it should have probably lol, game is a little bit too hard maybe but other than that it was really impressive!! Awesome game. :)

Great little game! The visuals and artstyle looks great, everything comes together very nicely. I would've loved to see some more variety in the enemies and quicker progression, although I may just be impatient but a way to speed up enemies would've been nice (like tetris as an example.) but otherwise it was really good! Well done :)

The atmosphere and style is really good, I feel like this could be used to tell some very emotional story. I would've loved to see some more gameplay elements, the game didn't nessecarily have to be longer but it would've been nice with a way to loose etc. All in all though, well done. I enjoyed it, even if it was over quickly! :)

Awesome game, love the start menu, very creative! The screen gets very chaotic very quickly, but I'll assume that it is by design. I feel like a punishment for holding down space for too long at a time would've been nice. All in all though, great game!

Sound design was great! Nice game, I was a little confused at first but I might just be a bad gamer lol. However a little more of an explanation would've been welcomed! :) Really liked the artstyle and the game though, its well made! :)

Really cool game, it was a little confusing, a tutorial or explanation would be nice. Otherwise I liked the game, well done! :)

Glad you liked it! Yeah there is a lot of QOL stuff we didnt have time to implement. I implemented Coyote time in build 7, so its there if you wanna have an easier playthrough and experience it again :3 Thanks for the feedback :D

Thats awesome! I am glad you liked it :D

Nice feedback and good video! Thanks for posting, appriciate it :D

Why does this game require Administrator privileges and could you possibly provide a version that doesn't?

I am glad you enjoyed it! :D

Cool idea! Enjoyed it :D

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Haha I tried my best in the voice acting xD thanks for the feedback! Means a lot :D

Thanks :D Glad you liked it

The whole idea behind the game is an empty beginning, Niko grew up without a dad, hence at the beginning there is nothing. The progression of the story is how it goes from nothing to knowledge. This is our interpretation at least. I am glad you liked it :D Thanks

Build 07 adresses a lot of the difficulity :)

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Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D Good critism, I wish we had time to add something cool for all the secrets but thats a gamejam for you xD
I fixed up most bugs people reported, added coyote time etc. in Build 07 if you wanna go through the experience with a more polished feel :)
EDIT: Posted build 07 with wrong link, reuploaded with correct.

Not sure, I got to an easter egg scene but then it instantly dissapeared and the game soft-locked. 


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Yeah, we were trying to do it with collisions. Took the wrong approach there and did't have time to add it most places, there are collisions in some areas to give off that effect though. Thanks for the feedback, appriciate it! :D

Cool game! Very creative, nice work :D

Fun game! Well made, I ended up breaking the game somehow and couldn't continiue on, but it was fun!

This game is. so. atmospheric. Love it. Well done! :D The robot is super cute, the seeds are a little confusing at first but I got the hang of it, sorta xD Nice job all together, very solid, polished feeling package! :D

Cool game! I got to a point where my blob of blood wouldn't re-grow and I couldn't get the platform back and got stuck and imo the controls were a bit hard to get the hang off. With that said this game is really cool! Very creative idea, great work! :D

Very cute game! Love the gameplay & fits the theme perfectly, really well done :D

Really creative game! Had fun playing it, well done :D