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Tend to your garden out in space, and grow the world around you.
Submitted by Hamish Smithers (@hamish_smithers), ddrosler, Canikostar99, louis_vd — 6 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fits the Theme#24.5654.565
Art Style#84.2614.261

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Solid and cool gameplay! I was falling a lot of time due to weird motion - it seems like the horizontal movement is not straight, or I have curved hands)) Nice art and music! 


Hey thanks for playing! As far as I know the movement is straight - but the capsule collider isn't the size it looks like it should be, so you bump on the edges and slip off a lot without realising why :x And thanks, I love the music too!


Lovely art style with cosey sounds. Very nice!


Thank u mr Dos


Really enjoyed playing this game. The sound effects and music are on point; they are pronounced, but also hide from being repetitive and annoying. I really liked the visual design of the different seeds, where the shape also explained function. I was able to "win", but I believe I cheated due to a bug where the checkpoint doesn't reset after game over. So I spawned over the turtle and had "two collected"; if the bee isn't the last animal, then I definitely won without getting them all haha.

There were times where it was frustrating where it was partly luck on whether or not I got the seeds needed to move on, but this was an easy thing to get over due to the pleasant, wholesome, and "it's fine, I can play another round" this game gives. Great work yall!


Yeahhhh haha that's not the intended ending point! But as long as you had a good time, that counts as a victory for me ;P Thank you for the kind words C:


Great game, much fun, did like. And the flowers you could get to grow by planting seeds around them were really cool <3


Thanks Arrowww :3 Yeah that was a last minute idea 😂 Got it in like 20 min before submission


Realy good game. Controlls are nice (even if i fall so much time). It's nice to plant and see the space grow. Love the turltle too. Realy good game.


Glad you had a nice time with it :) Thank you


You are welcome.
If you got a bit of time i would apreciate to get your feedback on my proposal. :


For sure, will do! I'm hoping to stream my playthrough of as many games as I can get through, maybe this Wednesday :)


Definitely a solid little game. Not super difficult, but calming with quality sound design. Fun and intuitive. I think you did a really good job!


Thanks! I'm so glad people are enjoying themselves with it :)

Thank you for the kind words! I am also glad you like the sound design 


This is overall a very wholesome game. Getting seeds from growing your garden is very satisfying and the battery power motivates you to continue forward so it doesn't become boring. I really enjoyed the sci-fi chill vibes from the sound and the art style. The gameplay became a little repetitive toward the end but I'd love to see this as a bit of a puzzle style level based steam game. Great job!


I'm glad you liked the soundtrack! I believe I nicknamed it "chill lofi scifi beats to plant to" during production :P


This is so ethereal. The soundtrack, art and atmosphere are beautiful.

It is relaxing, however the fuel gauge adds some nice edge and makes you think fast.

As its nice and simple with clean icons, I got the hang of it fairly quickly, on my first go getting 3 creatures and on my second, completing it.

For a one off play through I really enjoyed the experience, however I think playing it again, it would need more types of flower etc., as it gets pretty repetitive. I also find that I have two many of the side seeds.

If this had some more gameplay, I would happily buy it as Steam game. It is a great take on the theme: starting with nothing and planting seeds to grow out the land. Great job!


Thanks Berez, this is really heartwarming feedback :3 Really appreciate your comment. 


Thanks for the kind comments, I'm especially glad to hear people are enjoying the music! :)


I truly like the style of the game. Cute character, good audio solid programming.

If I have to give feedback I would say that the character because of the floating sometimes feels a bit off-centered to me. The seeds are obvious enough if people look at the lines. And standing still is the most powerful abuse in this game, but with the nice audio and atmosphere time goes by and you just wait and collect seeds.


Thank you thank you! Yeah, I noticed that as well (about the character). Especially with one of those second battery pickups. It's just one of those things that we didn't have time to solve T-T


This game is. so. atmospheric. Love it. Well done! :D The robot is super cute, the seeds are a little confusing at first but I got the hang of it, sorta xD Nice job all together, very solid, polished feeling package! :D


Thanks Prestige! Glad you were vibing with it c:

I didn't realise the seeds would be confusing but it seems you're not alone there! Might need to add a "use mouse to plant seeds" prompt or something.