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thanks a lot for the compliment. I think it miss some feature and more be sold but could be i agree

thanks a lot. Was a bit hard to achieve it as i work also during the days. 

that was a good idea the sprites are nice.

Me it took me a lot of time to do assets but i understand your way of see it. By the way well done. If you got a bit of time i would also apreciate your feedback on my submission

when i click it give me the green shots and just clicking the button doesn't work. Also as we can disable button with the right click it's not easy to understand. To much controll avaliable in this main menu i think

Well done it's a good game

Maybe some small things to improve it. The speed and jump blocs could be form another color than the portals it's confusing.

Also i got lot of issue placing portals as when i click there was often not enough place bellow the pouse cursor to spawn the portal. Maybe add a ghost portail could help or at least make it spawn a bit upper and not centered on mouse cursor.

By the way it was noce. Not enough puzzle for me but nice.

yhea i agree on font as i said tough choice readability or estethic. Maybe i was a bit wrong

so what was the way of finish this level ?

and also i see for the green bloc. I always got trouble with tutorial it's so hard to make everything clear for everyone

thanks a lot for the feedback. Yhea i got an issie with the text material. Maybe i would have to set it as emmissive and not base color so it would have pop more.

no it's more lol

not an easy task i admit. Le i have chose to do puzzle game i'm more confident with it

and for this kind of game put something like 45 shard if we need to find 40

no worry it happens. I so like your art style that i would like to see the end of the game

yhea i understand everything must fit in this smal amount of time. If by any chance you get a bit of time i would also apreciate your feedback on my submission.

it only redirect to your page ? have i miss something ?

it only redirect to your page ? have i miss something ?

Quite a good game

Welle crafted by the way

i was alone a multi player game for game jam not the perfect choice if you want feedbacks (especially during this covid time).

Maybe something to improove is to get a score at the end of each game to see how many cells was eaten by each brain so it will drive the competition. Now it seem arbitrary in the fire of action some player could feel it frustrated or unfare.

it was also good to add some randomness to the movement good idea.

Very nice game. Just i don't know how i will dy as it's very easy and took so many time to become a bit difficult to keep all slime into the space.

By the way the execution is polished and well done congratulation it's very nice.

It took me so many time to understand how to play. You may add a better tutorial screen it's important if you want players to not quite your game imediately. It took me more than 5 minutes to be able to just launch a party. 

Sorry i will not launch a powerpoint seems not a good idea in a security perspective.

Sorry i will not launch a powerpoint seems not a good idea in a security perspective.

Quite an interesting game.

Nice that you have add cinematics

i quite the game when i was on balls that try to hit me as if i don't move no ball hit me and i loose when i do a clik where i discover that it make me go back. it was not explained correctly so i was not able to figure out what i must do. It do 3 or 4 time the travel without being hit.

Okay so after multiple try i was able to pass it and go quite far

I also understand the issue i was drafting without wanting it and it cause me a lot of issue.

i got a quite sensible mouse that's probably why i got so much trouble.

Also i found a way to avoid all lasers. Just keep jumping not enough time on ground to be hit.

quite a nice game

If i can say i think using the midle mouse button for jump is an error. I think it would have been better and more fun if the player always follow the mouse position and left click for attack and right click for jump.

Otherwise nice thematic it's a mix between shingeki no kjoujin and dark souls.

yhea i understand was a tough choice but i feel that the found match more the universe and the thematic.

But you are right i just doesn't get time and skills to create my own font ;)

I have give it another try but still got issues. The fact that when i restart that there is no speed is too hard as when i click to try to jump it make me stay on floor and give me a boost. I was able to overcome the multiple jumps and just fall in void after the first cinematic

Without the password we can't play the game. Please make it public it seem very interesting

In fact what is very hard to me is to jump. I often lose momentum and get stuck in loosing loop after the first checkpoint. I was jut not able to jump over the multiple following blocs.


Quite good game

i was not realy fan of the control i don't feel like i'm clever manipulating the spaceman but i feel more like a lucky boy whenever something just work even in the tutorial.

By the way well done for the stroy appearance it's very nice

I so much hate you right now. I have collected 39 out of 40 shards. I walk methodicaly all over the map 4 times and 1 more minutes randomly.

And i was not able to find the last piece.

It's so frustrating.

More ove it's too much shard to collect as there is nothing to discover more in the forest that's a bit sad.

By the way the animation and the art style is very good. Just add more texture to the ground and a bit more variation but it's realy good. I like the ambiance but not being able to finish it was so disapointing.

well done for a first game jam. You sucessfully upload the game and it's fully playable well done.

well done

a bit hard to controll for me. I was not able to see any of the ennemy i think i have just validate the first checkpoint. 

By the way appart from that well done

Quite a good game.

I realy enjoy the puzzles even if i think i cheat some of them a bit by moving fast some piece.

Would love to see more of the puzzles.

And the theme is greatly used well done.

(I particulary like the fact that there is an alien watching timmy.)

quite a good alternative. By the way for next time add a select menu it also showcase the amount of work you have done.

By the way very cool game

Quite a good game. Very attari in the mindset but also in the controll. Not sure if it was intended.

I think that the controlls are a bit of i would have preffer to get the fall on scrol wheel to the bottom and jump and fire on the other buttons it would have been more easy to play

By the way well done it's a nice finished game. And graphics are nice.

This is one of the best game of the jam. very polished i'm impressed.

Well done and the game is fun to play. Congratulations. 

Good game

I play it completly and have a lot of fun moving the player.

Graphics remind me a bit lemmings

Quick tips you can add a end game screen when we arrive at the end to congrate the player and to say thanks for playing you will see it player like it.

By the way well done it was very nice and fun to play

Hi well done for the implementation.

The game is quite fun to play.

That's nice that you have add a boss fight it add a lot to the game.

Maybe next time team with an artist it will benefit your game a lot as your gameplay is nice and controlls are fun.

Also for next time add a small tuto to help the player understand how to start the game (without need to read the description of the game)