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Now I have to say (though I'm a tiny bit ashamed to admit it) this game actually surprised me on how well it was made and how much thought was put into it. The farming is lengthy enough but not to long to be boring. The variety of plants are excellent and having the option to speed up the plant growth with fertilizer from the pig is a great mechanic. Plus, all of the secrets hidden around the map made for a very enjoyable experience. Also, pretty sure I'm the first person to get 1,000 gold <3

Thanks for all the kind words <3. I got started on the game pretty late into the game jam (4 days in I think) so a lot of stuff was rushed and I never got around to any audio. I loved seeing players find different ways to complete the levels and find the gems and I tried my best to let the player figure out stuff on their own so they would experiment and try different things.

Thanks so much for playing <3. Some of the levels have areas that you can get stuck in and will require you to restart to complete them, which is intentional.

Thanks a lot <3. I spent very little time on the character controller, it definitely could use some revamping.

Thanks <3, ran out of time to get any audio done unfortunately.

Thanks a ton. I started a bit late into the jam so a lot of things were rushed, but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it <3

<3 <3 <3

Thanks so much <3. I really enjoyed making it.

Thank you <3. Your game was excellent as well

Glad you enjoyed it <3

Thanks <3. I went and played your game and its awesome! I wish I had more experience to make a more complete product. And I started working on my game pretty late into the jam so there wasn't much time to get everything I wanted in.

Thanks alot <3. I started working on the game like 4 days into the jam so it was a bit rushed and I didn't have time to do any audio unfortunately. 

Great game, much fun, did like. And the flowers you could get to grow by planting seeds around them were really cool <3

Very good, much fun. lots of building <3

Holy cow that was awesome!! It was so much fun and felt super polished! I intentionally made it hard for myself by using as few blocks as I could, and I love that I had the option to do that. Good job guys I fricken loved it!! <3

Gud Game. Much Fun <3

Good Game, Much Spoop.

Thanks so much, means the world <3

Thanks so much <3. I was inspired alot by Forager.

Cool game, I like the idea of it, and it was done Excellently. Good job!

Really cool game. Works great looks great, plays great!

Wow, that's super awesome. the main character is super cute <3
Good job!

I love how the gravity gets disabled in the lights, makes it really fun. Good job!

It works!! great game, i love killing multiple people really fast.

Nice game, takes a while to get to day tho(wasn't able to make it all the way xD).

Very neat game, simple but effective.

now it starts but spits this error out:

Cool game, but I couldn't get the alter to work. I typed the word I found in but nothing happened.

Now its saying its missing "mpg123.dll"and "OpenAl32.dll" xD

Ahh, darn. I don't have any experience with any of that unfortunately. Hope you get everything figured out and it really is an awesome game <3

Thats a really cool idea and you made it work really well. It does feel like it takes away points to fast when you hide though xD.

That was so awesome! I loved the way the bus was all floppy xD.

It was a tad bit confusing to figure out what I was suppose to do but once I figured it out it was truly amazing!

Excellent game. a few checkpoints would have been nice, but otherwise it played great!

That was amazing!!! You did such a good job!

I'm not an expert with expert with making WebGl builds but I've setup a few of my unity projects for WebGl. I'd be happy to try and help (no promises on me being able to get it working tho xD)

thanks so much <3. I don't usually do art so that means alot <3

Cool game, really interesting idea. I got stuck trying to get to level 6 tho xD.

Cool game. a little confusing at first with the controls but otherwise was fun.

Excellent game, worked great and looks great!

When i try and run the game i get an error that "love.dll", "SLD2.dll" and "lua51.dll" was not found and the game doesn't start.