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thanks for the kind words and the feedback! I think if I were to do it again I would add a reticle for aiming and a way to disable it if you wanted (I personally really liked the look of no reticle). Sorry that the controls were so confusing. I tried to use minimal controls that were pretty standard for a fps style game. And I tried to have it pop up which buttons you could use to interact at the bottom of the screen to help the player as well.

thanks so much for the kind words and the feedback!

I totally forgot about adding a sensitivity slider, that's my bad. The jar boxes I made to hold jars and forgot about them until the very end where I quickly threw them in, i didn't even think about using them for ingredients. As for the honey and sugar, they should have 4 uses each (didn't get a chance to make it so you could take them off) and then you should be able to put a new one on. And a trashcan for empty boxes probably would have been a good idea.

Darn, never saw those bugs while testing. Really glad you enjoyed the game tho!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3.

Yeah I wasn't sure if i wanted to add a reticle or not. I did my best so you didn't have to look directly at an object to interact with it you just needed it to be sort of close to the middle of the screen. And I appriciate the kind words and the feedback <3.

Very nice little game. Would have loved to see more levels but thats just how a game jam is xD. Still really good work!

Very nice little game. The dash was a nice little addition, would be cool if it was a bit longer bit still an excellent creation.

This game was awesome! I replayed it 3-4 times! It was simple yet really engaging. Once i realized the king guys dropped upgrades i started killing them as fast as i could xD. Really great that though.

Loved the uniqueness of this game! Ended up driving in between the cars xD still very excellent!

Loved this! The traffic jam mixed with being jam was awesome! The last part was pretty difficult but after a bit it wasn't to hard once i go the hang of it. Excellent job! Also loved the dancing cars xD

This was an amazing game! First time i played through it i didn't realize that you could wash the fruit. And then i realized that they had a prefrence of how much sugar they wanted. I really like that you can make the jam quickly for less points or more thoroughly for extra points. Very well done

Very nice game! Would have been nice to make a bit more profit, but I still loved the simple yet fun to use mechanics.

I think the difficulty scaled really well and the last level had a nice bit a challange to it!

Neat little game. Would have been cool to have a win condition, say after you survive for 2 minutes or something but still excellent.

Noce little game! would have been cool to have some abillity like a jam bomb that hit bread in an area or something but still very cool!

Very nice game! Loved the strawberry dudes xD

Loved this! the puzzels were excellent without being too difficult.

Very nice little game! very easy to understand and get behind. Would have been cool to have sandwiches that require multiple jams but very cool nonetheless.

Very interesting idea. The mechanics worked nice. Would have been cool to see the level generate layers of bubbles over time.

Couldn't figure out how to do anything other then moving the camera.

LMAO, i loved this! Loved the different little mini games and switching up the gameplay. The humor was also great xD.

Loved this! the game play was pretty simple, would have been fun to see some sort of variation, maybe a note you had to hold down, but still very nice!

This was an awesome game! Loved the use of the theme as a "paper jam" xD. I made it to floor 11 and then decided  to stop, not sure if there was and ending or not. Ended up just walking backwards down the computers to see them faster.

Nice game! The difficulty felt a bit extreme at some points but wasn't to bad.

Great job on the game! love the idea you wen't for. Could have been nice to have some music, but totally understandable for a game jam.

Nice little game! Was a bit confusing at first but once i got the hang of it it wasn't to bad. Couldn't figure out how to upgrade the house tho.

Happy jamming everyone, can't wait to see everyones submissions.

Now I have to say (though I'm a tiny bit ashamed to admit it) this game actually surprised me on how well it was made and how much thought was put into it. The farming is lengthy enough but not to long to be boring. The variety of plants are excellent and having the option to speed up the plant growth with fertilizer from the pig is a great mechanic. Plus, all of the secrets hidden around the map made for a very enjoyable experience. Also, pretty sure I'm the first person to get 1,000 gold <3

Thanks for all the kind words <3. I got started on the game pretty late into the game jam (4 days in I think) so a lot of stuff was rushed and I never got around to any audio. I loved seeing players find different ways to complete the levels and find the gems and I tried my best to let the player figure out stuff on their own so they would experiment and try different things.

Thanks so much for playing <3. Some of the levels have areas that you can get stuck in and will require you to restart to complete them, which is intentional.

Thanks a lot <3. I spent very little time on the character controller, it definitely could use some revamping.

Thanks <3, ran out of time to get any audio done unfortunately.

Thanks a ton. I started a bit late into the jam so a lot of things were rushed, but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it <3

<3 <3 <3

Thanks so much <3. I really enjoyed making it.

Thank you <3. Your game was excellent as well

Glad you enjoyed it <3

Thanks <3. I went and played your game and its awesome! I wish I had more experience to make a more complete product. And I started working on my game pretty late into the jam so there wasn't much time to get everything I wanted in.

Thanks alot <3. I started working on the game like 4 days into the jam so it was a bit rushed and I didn't have time to do any audio unfortunately.