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Real bummer it didn't work out for ya. That happens sometimes when you're on time constraints. Glad you at least submitted something!

Funny little game. Like the animations! Has some bugs with the floor and the fact that you can't reset blocks or levels. The music was great too!

Not much of a game here... I know time constraints can make getting a finished product difficult thou. Hopefully you keep at it and continue to learn game design!

Great idea! As someone with no coding experience I was able to play through it and more or less get the gist of it! I do wish there was some audio thou. The art style was fun with the little animations looking great! Wonderful entry!

Nice little chaotic game! Would be cool to have a different color for the asteroid bits compared to your bullets. Also the control scheme works, but felt a little floaty and hard to control. I ended up winning by parking myself in a corner and blasting away XD. Good entry!

Great idea. This game is super simple (not a bad thing for a jam) down to the audio. I was a little surprised by the momentum based movement, but it worked fairly well. Can't say I got super far as it quickly boiled down to a hard timing game with small structural edits and I personally am not the biggest fan of those types of games. Looks good thou!

Quite a solid little game. Would be great to have some audio tho. The mechanics all seemed to work properly which is awesome for a game jam!

Love Love Love the music and audio! Really made the game feel fun and energetic! The gameplay was unique and interesting, though some of the fruits I ended up actually avoiding as they made it difficult to stay alive XD. Overall great entry!

A cute little game. Really like the artwork and the idea. I do thing some kind of threat would make it a bit more like a game, but time restrictions can make implementing those difficult! Good stuff

This game was great! Yes it was a little bland as it is and yeah I wish I was at least 2x as fast as I was, but the voice lines give this game a 10/10 for me. The art was well done, even if it wasn't super varied. Some kind of health bar or something would have been fun to give it a touch more almost original Zelda game kind of feel. More content and love and this is absolutely something I'd enjoy

Really enjoyed this game! I played the game jam version to be fair in my comments. The movement was a little janky sometimes but not too bad. The voice acting was a great touch, though a bit more inflection rather than it being so monotone would have been great. Awesome addition to this game jam!

I really like the idea. Boating around and collecting bits of information and making trades based on resources was interesting. The lack of audio was a bummer. I never found the end of the game after 20 minutes of looking around... There were a couple islands that you could get infinite gains off of (trade 5 gold for 10 lumber & trade 7 lumber for 5 gold on the same island. Click back and forth a lot for unlimited profits!) Good start for what could be a great little exploration game!

Great little game! It was a touch difficult to initially figure out what to do, but through exploration you soon learn. I don't honestly think that aspect should change as it would take away from the experience. Great sound track and audio ques! Really enjoyed this one.

Very stylistic arcade like feel to it. Audio was good though some kind more present background music would be a great add on. I found a couple bugs, mostly due to mashing buttons and having multiple screens up (had two blue beans at once one time XD). For just a few days not a bad game. Definitely couldn't find an end either...

Fun little game. Definitely a little too hard for my taste (got about to level 5 before stopping). The audio was great, though the SFX I had to turn way down cause they got really repetitive. The hit boxes were the most frustrating part as you feel like you should've been able to get a bit closer without dying. For a game jam this was a very well put together game! I assume it follows the theme since it starts with nothing for each level and slowly adds to it. Overall a quite good game

Great concept. The biggest thing is the animations are terribly slow. Having a way of maybe skipping them would be great to keep gameplay moving. The music/audio was good, though a little simple/repetitive. For 7 days this is great! Could use some touch up and could become a solid game!

Cute little game! Liked the music, (it does lag a bit) and the controls were easy to play with. There was a place you could get stuck on the left side though be careful of those soft-locks! Keep creating and learning!

This was a great game, despite not having much actual gameplay. I honestly sped past the game bits to get back to the dialogue. Very heartfelt message that had me enthralled. The music was perfect for it and the typing sounds as well. Beautiful art too! I definitely would want to see something more like gameplay expounded on in a full release, but this is amazing for a game jam. Only thing that I think would be really great to change would be going through the dialogue and removing typos and fixing grammar mistakes. These aren't that big of a deal, but with the focus on the dialogue it was distracting at times. Otherwise this was a great experience! Thank you for submitting

Honestly really like this! The modeling is great, the gameplay can feel boring and reputative at times, but it was fun to just run around and explore. Voice lines were excellent. Could do with a tutorial or just a button prompt guide kind a thing. Great entry!

For only 12 hours of work having a functioning game with audio is great! Definitely could use work in giving the game more of a purpose such as having to dodge enemies or having the world change as you move boxes. Also some kind of indicator to show that the boxes need to be put in the center of the screen would be helpful for players to know what they are supposed to do. The audio was really good, though the background sounds seemed to lag a touch. Overall it felt nice to move around and interact even if there wasn't much to do. Thanks for the submission!

Definitely could've used a bit of zoom out as most people are saying. The game practically plays itself as is right now in part to really bouncy houses and being not sure where things are going to land. Would love to see it tweaked a bit as the art is great and the music was top notch! Overall for 7 days fun concept!

Really really like the art style in this game. The fire looks great! I wish the fire cast more light as it would make the game a bit more playable rather than blindly stumbling around and falling into the void. Even after 5ish attempts the closest I got was 3 trees lit. The audio was really good, though it was be great to have some kind of sound track too. With so more work and player testing it could turn into a great little game.

Love this little game. Felt like it could be turned into a full on title with more time! The audio was a bit loud and maybe a tad harsh on the edges, but good quality overall. The slow addition of abilities and the discussion was fun. The animation/art style was really awesome too. Maybe add a box saying that the jump is a double jump cause I didn't realize that at first. Great entry though!

Great feeling really liked the little voice over. Felt like the "there is no game" title that have come out. Wish there was some kind of ending after the boxes, but I know time constraints can be difficult! Good stuff overall

Loved this. The art is incredible. The first panel with the sunrise was honestly breath taking. It felt like playing through a movie rather than much of a game, but that's ok! Some audio would have been great. Really like the narration style! A game developer stylized twist on the biblical creation story. Great entry.

Great little game! The only real additions that could help would be a sound track of some kind and maybe an indicator that you have to fly up to the right to get out of the pit so people don't just fly straight up without any direction. The gameplay was great for such a short time frame! Everything worked as it was supposed to and if felt good!

Sadly I'm not actually a developer and quite busy being a college student.  If you haven't already you should check out Kindred's discord! There are bunch of indie developers on there that could help you as you start off on game design!

The game has a lot of potential. Feels like an early access build of something that could be good once it has received a lot more love. It was an ambitious idea for just 7 days and to have something working quite well! The music was cool, though some kind of sound effects would have been great! With some more time and tweaking this could've been something great! Keep up the good work

Good little game. Nothing special though. Maybe some kind of goal outside of get farther would be cool like collecting something specific. The music was good nice chill atmosphere. The controls felt floaty in a good low gravity kinda way. Overall solid game for 7 days!

Dang this game was great! Never bumped into any bugs, felt polished. Had new stuff every level. Man that was a great idea and a great experience! The sound design was great as well! Quality game guys!

Interesting concept! Couldn't seem to finish the game due to a bug of some kind (I think), but overall worked quite well. Can be a bit slow starting out, but that's something to tweak after some play testing! It fit the theme fairly well and though I saw the option for sound on and off I never got any audio, dunno if it was supposed to be there or not though! All together with a bit more work this could be a solid little mobile type game

Very slow gameplay. The music was good though! The art style was unique and the idea was pretty neat! think it could have used a bit more playtesting so you could alter it for a better player experience.

Love this! One of the best one's I have played! The slow introduction of new mechanics through gameplay rather than word screens, the sound design and music, and the flow of gameplay was great! I am terrible at platforms and thus never finished the game, but man feels like a fully fledged game! Really great job for just 7 days of work!

Loved this game! So simply yet quite satisfying. Never felt too overly difficult, but wasn't boringly easy. The sound design and music was great also! Starting with nothing and moving up fit the theme nicely too. Art style was fun and it made me far to happy when I realized I could get my rock, star, etc. to spin wildly. Great stuff!

I liked the first part, sadly my screen size wasn't working well with it so it was a little odd in the second part. (Used an auto-clicker to speed run it XD) Solid little game for you to have put it together in such a short time. Would be cool to add audio of some kind though!

Good idea! The game play was a little slow and not terribly interesting. The coolest aspect was the graphics for sure. Love the way things fall apart into a splatter of little blocks. The character customization was great as well! Can't say it fit the theme super well, though the idea of building kinda fits the theme I guess. The sounds were really good though some kind of background music would have been great to have. Overall a great little entry

Fun stuff! Not a huge platformer fan so I didn't finish it but it has a great aesthetic. Love the color world generator feature too! Felt very well put together. The music was fun even if it get repetitive after dying a couple times. It would be nice to see a death animation or something rather than the kick to the menu screen on the spikes thou. Not sure how it fits the theme all that much, but overall great little game!

Fun little game! The ending is kinda a let down, was hoping for something beanish. I didn't hear any audio so that was something would help the game a lot. It didn't really fit the theme in any particular way other than the little intro blurb, but that's not a big deal. Good stuff man!