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Bean DozerView game page

Push Beans in your Dozer
Submitted by Solrun — 5 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art Style#372.7852.909
Fits the Theme#462.1762.273

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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In the beginning, there were beans. I love the sense of humor and seeing your poor BeanDozer get retired was pretty silly. The gameplay was a bit slow and I felt the Dozer got stuck frequently. 

I think it'd be more entertaining if you have to keep up bean pushing production to avoid getting fired as opposed to the void just claiming everything right away after a certain point. As it stands though, this was a lighthearted, neat little project and I had fun messing with the physics and slamming into a big pile of beans.


I actually never thought about trying to keep up a quota to keep from getting fired... That could've been sweet.

Everything else was exactly what I was going for. The sense of humour and just the bliss of crashing into a big ol' pile o' beans.


Funny game, not sure if it fits the theme, I was able to fall in the been collector and did not die))) Like the input system really smooth!


If you fell into the bean counter and didn't die, that means you're a bean now.


hahahha, it was how it spams messages "Been???"😂


Cool game. I enjoyed pushing beans. A little to hard to push beans into double points pit.

Fun little game! The ending is kinda a let down, was hoping for something beanish. I didn't hear any audio so that was something would help the game a lot. It didn't really fit the theme in any particular way other than the little intro blurb, but that's not a big deal. Good stuff man!


Good game xD. The bulldozer is really cute and I like the atmosphere. I encountered a bug tho: in the browser version resetting the bulldozer makes it fly all over the place.


Usually the Unity physics engine behaves, but sometimes it just launches you to the moon. The fix for that is to just spam R to reset a few times and it usually calms down. 


Quite a good game. It's a bit difficult to push lot of bean in the void. In fact i found it frustrating to not been able to push something like 5 or 10 beans at the same time. Also we don't relay know how much we need to fullfill. Maybe get a jauge of objectif could improve it. Apart from that it's very fun concept and nice idea to push the beans.


Thanks for playing.

I do agree it's a bit frustrating to push the beans with any precision. That's why I made pushing beans off anywhere count and if you push them into the glowing jar, you just get bonus points. I could have made that more clear. I think it's just fun to plow into big piles of beans.

I had to fix some things to get more playable performance so I added a tracker to show your progress and next goal.

Submitted (1 edit)

You are welcome.
Ho i understand i was thinking that pusing bean outside the circle is not working as there is no feedback when you push beans in the black area. Maybe to improove you can increase the size of the buldozer part that push the bean. 
If you got a bit of time i would apreciate to get your feedback on my proposal. :


When you fall into the void (the black area), the game is over so you're not really supposed to be still pushing beans at that point.