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I don't know if you know that, but you haven't actually uploaded you game yet. Your game page has no download.

Edit: Wow, nevermind. The second I write that, the game is there.

I got 38 points.

I'm really digging the theme of this game. The sound design and visuals go so well together. Half the fun of this game is just listening to the main character get excited when he finds something.

Thanks! I'm glad someone appreciates my terrible humour.

I actually originally had grid-based movement with space to dig and it felt terrible. Even allowing the player to turn by tapping or holding a direction to move, they all sucked. It just came down to mashing keys til your fingers hurt or constantly walking when you tried to just turn.

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It seems you took some inspiration from Super Meat Boy.

The game was really hard. It would have been nice if you could retry the level you just failed at. Having to start back at the beginning is a little frustrating and then not even getting the same second level the second time makes it very hard to learn how to beat the levels. It would be nice if the levels were in order and increased the difficulty a little at a time. 

Edit: Actually, this just dawned on me today. The levels are all random because the theme was surprise. Sorry, I totally missed that yesterday.

The saw graphics were pretty good and the particle effects were nice, but maybe a little bit too much.

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This is a pretty great game. The art was great, the controls were pretty good, having the townspeople jump up and down when you could invite them was very helpful so you didn't have to check the invite list or try to count all the people swarming around you. The chatter and voice acting was an incredible piece of polish (except you couldn't really make out what they were saying because the music was louder). The game itself was very fun. It was more challenging than I thought it would be. A couple times I lost and retried and just ran around picking up people, thinking it was pretty easy, but then I would get sloppy and Jimmy would spot me and chase after me like I owed him money or something. 

I have to ask - why are we throwing a party for Jimmy? He seems like quite the ungrateful little guy. I mean, I had  Batman and Superman at his party and he was only 42% happy. Why does he love that panda so much? I eventually convinced the panda to come just so Jimmy could be happy, but I can't help but feel Jimmy doesn't really deserve a cousin as great as Marcus Tempest.

I had some trouble figuring out to press space to get things started in the story part because it doesn't say anything about space in the controls. I tried clicking and moving around at first. Then when I got in game, I had a hard time finding where I was. I think I was confused by there being a blond guy in the center of the screen and I thought it was me. I tried moving for a bit and he didn't move. I did figure it out eventually that I was in the top left corner. I think something like a fade out would work wonders to fix that. Like start with a small circle around your character and everything else black, then expand the circle to show the full screen. That is if it was even a problem for anyone other than me.

The visual effects for this were pretty cool.

The hitboxes felt too big on the enemies, making it quite hard to dodge them or jump over them. There are even a few hitboxes on the enemies where you fall down where you can stand on their heads without dying. 

The game was quite surprising. I was not expecting any of it.

Woah that gets hectic pretty fast. Got to 4110 as my high score. Kinda lame how the balls can fall out the walls and that's how I ended up losing. The sound effects and visuals were pretty great. All the bumpers made it fun to just fling the balls all over the place.

I enjoy your sense of humour. Most of the game made me laugh.

Why does this game make my fan go into overdrive? What are you doing? Mining for bitcoins?

Wow, this game is incredible.

The art is very stylized and the sprites are great. There is enough variation in colouring of the sprites to make it not seem so repetitive (slightly different shades of green for trees, different green for the ground rectangles, the addition of tufts of grass to break it up,  a few different kinds of fish and sharks). The fish movement is pretty good. The sharks get a bit jittery when you hover over top of them, but then they swim down lower to follow you instead of staying at the surface. The bosses all looked interesting (Davy Jones' locker lol). The explosion animation was nice. It did seem to go on a bit too long on some bosses (maybe it kept going if i kept shooting them). The clouds were a nice touch with the great use of parallax and transparency to give them more depth.

The combat minigame is interesting. It broke up the game so it didn't feel like you were just flying around shooting everything so much. The mix of fighting styles when fighting the bosses was cool (shoot the boss in the overworld, but then they throw other enemies at you and you have to do the combat minigame).

Being able to upgrade your damage so easily kinda trivialized the game. Once you got to about 100 damage, you could just one shot most of the sharks. I ended up taking more "damage" just from having my max hp raised.

The tutorial was quite helpful. I found out very quickly what I could do and how to do it. I knew that I just killed a shark so I knew I could open my inventory and increase my damage. And while I was there, I checked my health and could heal. if I didn't have fish chunks, I could just fly around until I found some little fish, shoot them  and I'd be good. Then I knew I could just fly to another planet once I finished this one to get more stuff. Some games (especially game jam games) you get too many mechanics and just end up forgetting about them, but each mechanic here seemed necessary and you used it when you needed to.

I never made a health bar. I was going to just have the ships light on fire when they got low on health, but didn't quite get around to it.

Wow, that is really hard, but I did eventually win. Pretty fun though.

Finally got better when I realized I could hold to shoot. I was just quickly turning and taking 1 flick shot at the enemy, then turning and flying away.

I like how the "massive" torpedo is the smallest projectile.

The cooldown timers were nice to have. It would have been nice to see your max hp to know when to heal, because it seemed to still go on cooldown even if you were full hp already.

The enemies seem to be able to kill their own base. Don't know if that is intended, but I'm pretty sure i only killed half their base and they did the rest. 

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That is some nice and catchy music. Great visuals; those are some damn fine rocks and a very handsome whale. Flying around the rocks was pretty fun and easy to get the hang of; it was all pretty instinctual.

It got kind of disorienting if you spun around too fast with the 10, 000 rocks on screen. I'm sure having the farther away rocks be darker helped a lot, but it was still maybe a bit much.. 

Wow, that is a different kind of game.

I liked a lot of the fine detail. The movement is pretty cool, you actually feel like you're swimming. Same with the fish movement, they behave like they're fish and they look like they're actually swimming. When you flashed your camera and the fish were just standing there, disoriented, they looked like they were cursing you. The animation above them looked like how you censor curse words with symbols (@#$#@#$%).

I think it's an interesting concept to try to save the earth by shooting down asteroids from a warship. I don't know why, but the concept made me laugh.

Very responsive movement left and right on a computer so that's nice.

Pretty great sound effects on the weapons.

Getting the missile weapon actually made the game harder though... All my missiles were turning and angling down to kill asteroids that had already hit the water. 

Having the fish swim to the center of the bubbles when he hits them was a cool touch. Very smooth jumps and always swimming to the center of the bubbles made it easy to line up the jumps (you weren't stuck on the bottom of the bubble or the wrong side). 

Nice explosion animation. A slight bit of variation in the bubble art and a slight texture to the background would have been great. I felt like I was trying to go fast so it might have been cool if there was also a time element to it - like you were being chased and had to make the jumps quickly and then got a time highscore as well. 

Nice animations! Spiraling into the water looked cool and flying out of the water again looked cool with how you sped across the screen with the nice exhaust trail. Game seemed a bit too fast; like I felt I couldn't kill the asteroids fast enough and would just crash into them.

Authors: Team Eight Muffins

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