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I like it. The personality of the game really sells it. Adam's little run and especially his jump animations. It has the angular style of the dab combined with all the energy of a t-pose and then the cannonball backflip to really dunk on those elephants.

Movement felt pretty good. The lack of any aerial movement made it a little tricky to properly land on the elephants, but the stomp hitbox for them felt generous enough that it didn't really matter. Getting the extra boost after bouncing on them is a nice touch. You really have to hold to jump to your max on some of the platforms, but it was doable with a few tries. 

The spikes were kinda unfair. The first time I died to them was just a total surprise. And going back to the main menu was a little shocking. I didn't even see the spikes so I didn't know I had died. I thought the game had crashed or something. It would have been nice to see the spikes a little beforehand. Like have some spike pits that were on a timer so you know the game had spikes, then later on switch it up and have the spikes that trigger when you step on them like you do have. At least the spikes were consistent so once I knew that there were spikes inside the boxes, I could avoid them. I went straight at the start, I didn't go left so the first spikes I saw were on the floating platforms. I thought the box on them was just how all floating platforms was. If I had gone left first, I probably would have recognized it.

The animations for Adam were pretty smooth and well-made. I think you could have used the elephant explosion poof for when Adam died too. It would have made dying to spikes more clear. The sounds were really well done. The cheery music really fit the game. The elephant bonk sound made it feel good to stomp on them; I didn't feel bad at all bonking them out of existence!