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This is in my opinion the best looking game I have played so far. But I don't know what i have to do. What is the objective?

Maybe don't name your build Xander Jam if submit it to multiple jams xD. Interesting game tho.

Thank you for the kind feedback!
The eggs are just for decoration.

Good atmosphere and really funny voice acting. Enjoyed it alot

Thank you for your feedback!
The cutscene at the beginning shows how the planet was just created by the alien god and how adam the alien is it's first inhabitant.
I planned on adding a voiceover to the cutscene to make this more clear but didn't have time.

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Thank you for the kind feedback.
If I'd make a cleaned up post-jam version I would definitly change it to instant respawns. Also I'm not good at animating so thats why everything just disapears when it dies. xD

Super relaxing xD

I love the soundtrack. I feel like it needs a jump mechanic tho.

The game has a really strong atmosphere. Very good ambient sounds. I don't get what i'm supposed to do. I get that a have to carry the boxes in the right rooms but after that i'm totally lost. Also the mouse sensitivity is way to high.

I really love the artstyle and the soundtrack is awesome. There are a few glitches where you can get stuck in walls when you use the wedding ring and the difficulty was really high. A few more checkpoints would have definitly helped. The story was also pretty good.

About at level 8 I began to really struggle. I think the floaty movement and the imprecise hitboxes where the things that made it difficult. But otherwise I really enjoyed playing your game.

Thank you!

Good game xD. The bulldozer is really cute and I like the atmosphere. I encountered a bug tho: in the browser version resetting the bulldozer makes it fly all over the place.

I love the rhinos, they look super cool. The game is too hard for my taste tho. I couln't even play trough the whole game because of the high difficulty level. (Or maybe I'm just bad at games xD) Also the hitboxes of the traps and enemys are too big. It's difficult to tell if your in safety or not. The sounddesign on the other hand is very good. I love the sfx and the music.

I totally agree. I was actually planning to do puzzles that lead to the treasures but time wasn't enough. :)

I spent a lot more time playing this as planned. Super great game. Some music would be great.


This game is so awesome. I would love to have a download version.

Good job! :)

This game is Amazing.