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So sorry I did not post here! I've played the game and rated it, and remember how I was thinking to post here but later because wanted to try this game again! 

What I like about the game: the art! So many things invented for this game! Also, the UI is great! Very clean and smooth.

I don't like that I did not feel the goal, maybe because I usually do not play life simulators. Rewards are a cool thing - it gets me to do progress. I remember that I stuck somewhere, but I think it was because I missed a tutorial or a task.  

Interaction with the game is really exciting and enjoyable!

It was such an amazing intro! The art and the music are great! Don't like it when the jump is the up arrow, the space key will work better. Jump is laggy a bit. 

Sorry, you didn't publish anything but don't give up!

I like the character, it is really unique! The jump animation is confusing though. The gameplay is interesting, I think you can keep on working on the game!

A really ambitious one! I liked throwing axes, first I thought that I threw the only axe I had so I ran to catch it but it was too fast)) Didn't know what to do at night, because I cant hunt and keep a torch at the same time

Solid and cool gameplay! I was falling a lot of time due to weird motion - it seems like the horizontal movement is not straight, or I have curved hands)) Nice art and music! 

Thank you for playing! I Glad you liked it and I'm sorry you lost it. balancing is a real pain, especially for 7 days jam event. I asked a few friends to play it, and one of them even finished it! It was 4 hrs before submission, I had time only for those stupid help cards thing. I wish I could do mode! Anyway, thank you very much for the feedback!

I actually really like it! But there is a lack of extra info, I know the tutorial menu had info about items production, but it would much easier to have it as a description above requirements.  The game fits the theme perfectly! 

Amazing and touching art with the story! The game is laggy a bit, I couldn't throw a ball towards the character,  LEGO lava - so great idea, wedding ring to disappear - fantastic! Thank you very much for this game!

The mining part is great, I've got all the resources but was upset that the house just a decoration and I can't get inside, I worked so hard on it! I think animations have to be quicker.

The story behind 10 out of 10! The art is amazing! The scene is cool. I wanted some game play in this world, at least to explore it a little!

The scenes are quite cool! I like the music and sound fx! I wish to have easier controls, maybe aiming with the mouse. Also, I don't like that I can't fly when shoot.

I know the reason this game exists! You can count rabbits fall asleep! It's so useful for ppl having trobles with sleep. Nice Hat! Nice Rabbits!

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Found 4 trees out of 6! FXs are amazing! The sound is also cool! I like the atmosphere, the concept is simple it needs more game mechanics! 

Graphics grat! Music cool! Stuck on the first lvl due to the platforms being spawned at the same position. It would be great to improve input response speed! 

I'm sorry it's broken. But you published it, and it's a good step forward, looking forward to your next projects!

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It is a nice little Game! I don't like the friction, though. Art is minimalistic which is nice as well! Sound FXs great! The camera is too close when playing.  And nice looking UI btw.

Hi, You published a game! Good for you! But for most ppl it's tricky to try, pls do an exe build next time and I would like to see your next projects!

Cool atmosphere! Was ready for a scary thing! but nothing happened. I also did get how to use green paint. BTW I've managed to go outside

Simply Game - But so exciting to play, the FXs and music are so cool, the animation is also smooth! the main character is cute and autogenerated decorations fit the game nicely! I would like to get some motivation at the beginning, some little intro, instead of a simple goal to collect all the raspberries 

Great gameplay idea! I've spent a lot of time playing this game! I really would like to see the fool polished version with all the graphics and sound FXs.  The temp is quite slow at the beginning. Barely fits the theme, maybe it would be cool to create all those initial creatures from nothing, starting with a ship?

Hi! Thanks for the comment! Did you try to zoom out with the mouse wheel or move the camera by the arrow keys? All the particles are spawned inside the asteroid belt, only you can move them outside, maybe you moved them and lost them?

Honestly, I did get what to do, but I get the overall concept! I think a few UI hint boxes over each island may help a lot! And I think it could be a great bargainer game! Congrats on the game!

Hey! Nice game,  Building bode on a certain spot is a great idea! Sometimes it's easy to stuck on a level,  Is it by design and I should restart it?  The design is cool! I like the art.

Congrats on your game! I like clickers, so I finished your one! It's good to see a thing you can upgrade and I get excited when I see the visual results! The game is too small and just clicking it can be boring so maybe you need to add some little extra mechanics? 

Thank you for the submission! It's tough to play the game because I did not get what to do, but I get the Tetris concept.  I think it would be cool to be able to see blocks earlier to feel control over them. Players like feeling controlling things in the game and hate unpredictable gameplay.  Nice graphics and green juicy ocean! 

Great intro, I like the 4th wall break concept! I think you can go much further with this idea like it gets tired to jump and escapes, so you play the Portal thing! 

I win this game) Hurray! But I wanted to get that lady, she is hard to convince)) I like the voice work! Is it 69 or what? Good Idea to clean dungeons to get a key to get the last gem.

Thank you very much!

Hi! Thank you for playing) I think alt f4 the only way😂

Thank you for playing! If u forget gather heat from planets, they get overheated, and produce radiation, asteroids absorb a little bit of the radiation. The more asteroids you have the more radiation the asteroid belt absorbs.

Thanks for playing my game!

hahahha, it was how it spams messages "Been???"😂

Omg! Thank you! I agree with your comments. Some things looked easier for me but most players really struggle moving particles around. Text is indeed small, I wanted to resize it based on the cam distance, but you know, deadline makes you to do more important things. I wish I could do more. The Saturn 🪐 mouse 🐀 really cute, but was the most difficult to get it in the right shape. And I did the help cards just before the submission, and I think due to my english skill lack they just not good, or even terrible.

That being sad, again, just thanks! Your comment and feedback touched my hurt😭