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time to beat ~1h, this game needs more polish but core gameplay loop is great. sadly i skipped end screen by holding key.

in level 22 and 25

Wow! An Update with more levels. :) there is small graphical glitch. steps to recreate: lv 12 left left down up or lv15 up and wait. I really like graphics but shooting sound is not that good. I was little confused with robots in water. I enjoyed the challanges. Have a great day.

I really enjoied death animation. movment is tooooooo slippery. put some kind of tutorial somewhere.

I realy liked it. core gameplay is fun. it needs a little bit graphics indicators for mechanics and better tutorial. Foud bugs: multiplayer not working and no level 6 in menu and win screen for that level. I hope you will add really hard level. Also I beat it without "moving" I just Pushed around tiles.

nice game

nice game. movment is a little frustrating. please add win screen and some basic music.

i got stuck in the trees and mouse is not teleporting to the center of window

dragging and droping characters is buggy. experience is boring. nice graphicks and ok music. I think it is a little too slow.


nice looking but you must better balance geamplay and experience i have played full time hard 16 but it was boring... at the end i feeled danger but it was not last meter kill.  

i need some story... why i am defending?  they are all the same.

you have campaign but it doesnt introduce you into game. i think it shoud be linear with heand crafted experience. 

ilttle too boring and too bright. i didn't experience fantasy from scrren-gifs.

i like balace beetwen speed and angle of jumping

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It is a little too hard for me.

edit: i just key mashed

i think you messed up with game jam entry

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[Spoiler] nothing inside the chest :(

nice game but i think in "turn all green test 1", cubes should lose velocity

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i keep forgeting witch of X/C is forward. nice game.

P.S. great menu music.

broswere is blocking popup with game

score 1094 ghost block bug egxzists

add restart level when smoke falls

i played it but i found a bug: every new level screen was shifted and i can't move camera with wsad. how can i reset everything?

as a new type of challenge is fine but entrance learning curve is too high (add in game tutorial/How to play section from website)

i played it but ... this game need  a lot of changes to be ok.

my feedback:

        gemeplay: ok, two mini-games combined

        art: stick to one art style (water, textures and 3d models don't work with eachother)

       music: funeral music (wrong mood, should be hopeful of rescue the bear)

       animations: too slow, i needed time to figure out timing of test if jump succesful,

       bug: when animation of arriving logs is played player can stuck themselfs in water(restart button doesn't work to fix the bug, level choose would be helpful)

can you add some tutorial about key input?

game crashes

line 734

atemt to process Default__Field

i have played it but i don't get it when to press button. also you could prevent full window mode, it breaks the experiece. nothing happend when song ended. i got 1605points

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not working

i have win 10 x64

dificulty is just not fair not raging

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highscore 1205

i could play all night