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I love the animations

A little short but cool. I like it.

There is a miss match between the difficulty curve, reward and boredom.

I played on Android and controls felt a little clunky. I got bored around 2500 crystals & 15000 high score. I wasn't challenged enough. I couldn't buy another ship and you lost me as a player.

The polish was nice and graphics was coherent.

very hard, can't beat even one enemy. the controls are very clunky. please add gamepad support.

Really cool game, coudn't find time to finish it tho. consider adding the tutorial with mention about upgrades. I took 2 deaths to discover that. Easy mode would be helpful. I really liked the art.

thank you for playing on stream. It really helps to see things, that are not obvius to others.

Cool game. Game often crashed when game was trying to grab random non existing fish. I felt like the game play loop was too chaotic. I really liked the addition of menu.

The Lore was great. You managed to explain the lack of polish with some evil being. It was to hard for me. The pointer was attached to the player and it was mildly infuriating. Really cool game.

Cool game. at the end I had very low frame rate. it was too easy to just skip the planes and just doge them. I really liked the concept of different weapons that come out of  mixing colours.

Cool game. Audio is messed up. you probably used AudioStreamPlayer2D instead of AudioStreamPlayer. Really liked the aesthetic of this game.

It was cool that it had one aesthetic going for it. The controls were kind of awkward. Graphic was kind of hard to decipher. Really cool entry.

There should be an end screen after collecting 7 items.

got 4:28 on hard. very fun. It has a little bit of strategizing with witch dice to roll, 1d4 has better energy conversion but you don't have bonus to energy production. very fun and polished. you could add more troops and enemies.

I really liked the art. Sadly there is a point where fast monsters spawn to fast and my random bullets can't kill them fast enough and I couldn't upgrade my spells. The gameplay was just a bunch of mechanics that doesn't work together well.  Shooting at mouse pointer would be slightly better. Standing still had too much draw back to be viable strategy. Music and menu were nice touches.

I even felt that "A-ha" moment in one of the levels where you needed to grab bubble over the head. Really great game. Levels and more distinct zones would be nice but that is job way beyond the game jam, but gamepad support would be nice and achievable in this time frame.

in 6 out of 7 crystals the pattern was the same.

Very cool game. It has a lot of polish. A little to hard to find the treasures in time, you could consider adding more than seven treasures but player is required to find only seven. Really great experience.

Solid game, great interpretation of theme. Options in menu would be great to lower the volume.

The graphic was very grotesque, it kinda worked with invisible maze. obscurity added to easy game a decent challenge.

Cool game. A little too heavy on godot logo side. more variety on light patterns would be cool.

Very fun, game crashed in second boss fight and audio was stuck after first.  Very creative use of mathematical ideas.

Cool game, but too hard for me, option to restart level with bonuses was for me biggest flaw. Art, and music was top-notch.

Cool game. Audio is really glitchy, works only in one ear. More enemy types would be cool. Art is decent.

Very nice vibe has this game. Some sort of in game screen about controls would be helpful, Also font is quite hard to read because of lack of space between letters. I really liked the art.

Cool game, Waiting for reload was ultra frustrating in fast paced game, enemy ai, non - regenerating health, it just does not work together well. Art and music was cool.

Art style is very good, viewport is too small to see anything. Cool game but unfinished.

very fun

Cool game. Art is fitting. Audio on linux doesn't work. a little too grindy for me.

Cool game. I enjoyed pushing beans. A little to hard to push beans into double points pit.

Very cool game, I liked it. Movement was very clunky and I would make a map like view of the galaxy. better textures wouldn't hurt. I really appreciate Linux build.

Thank you for playing. I was going for very simple exploration of mechanics. I think i gave player too much freedom, too little clues of what to do. Try dropping boxes at the canter of the screen.

Cool game. there are some bugs left, audio is glitched out. droped out after you added spikes to the platforms becose I could keep momentum to jump the gap.

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Cool game. coudn't keep up with snails to make garden, only menaged to keep alive one flower.

I would rework upgrade system to make it easier for a player to upgrade stuff so that playere dosn't need too keep track of coins.

Also can you make a standalone build that doesn't need installing?

art, music and gameplay was astonishing. I think it could have a little less levels. Very polished experience.

Tutorial, should mention that you have more than 5 moves/cards per puzzle. Because of this I got stuck on couple of levels. Definietly music shouldn't restart on puzzle restart. Very cool entry.

played at 1600x900 and it propably broke UI

Cool game, a little big on the file size side, In last level I got lost in the level and biggest flaw was that there wasn't coyote time implemented.