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Another fishing gameView game page

A relaxing fishing game with cute pixel art
Submitted by Oberyin — 36 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
A relaxing fishing game with cute pixel art


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Super cute game! I really like the artstyle!
The core gameplay loop is pretty satisfying, but it does get a little repetitive. Also, it takes just a little too long between upgrades, I'd probably reduce the costs just a touch.
Overall a lot of fun, great work!


Game looks great and the controls felt nice :)
Unfortunately the web version kept crushing,  couldn't unpack the linux build (broken archive) and the windows version (under wine) was crushing the same way as the web :(


Oh no :((( I'll try to upload another linux version soon!


Cute pixel art! I liked the variety of fishes but for some reason I was only able to catch goldfishes :D


this game was really relaxing 


Cool game. Game often crashed when game was trying to grab random non existing fish. I felt like the game play loop was too chaotic. I really liked the addition of menu.


Did you play the html version? It often crashes, I don't know why... The other one I tested is the Linux version and it works like a charm. I guess it's the same for the windows and macos versions :) 


Good use of the wildcard concept -- the core gameplay is quite a twist on the usual fishing mechanic. The music really fits the indie vibe, and the sprites are fun. A couple of bugs to iron out (either fish spawn in weird places or the hook catches things below the maximum depth) but otherwise well-executed.


Thanks for the feedback :)


I am not a big fan of fishing games but I would say that you did a great job.  If you should tweak the game then I would recommend lowering the amount of fish since the is nearly impossible to not catch anything and it is hard to go down to the deeper layer


Thanks a lot :)


I don't think I've ever played a fishing game as much as I've played this one just now. Really nice and fun to play! My only problem was that afterwards I accidentally kept pressing "Up" a few times towards the end where I had two fish remaining, and it seems to have collected them without me having anything on the hook. But great game, I enjoyed it!


Thank you, it's a pleasure :)

I didn't see this bug either, oops aha!


Hi Oberyin, I didn't play long as after my first upgrade, I couldnt collect any more money, it just didnt add anymore. I like the concept and the thrill of finding what was at the bottom. I really liked the random sayings the ex-pirate said when I caught a fish, that brought charm and character into it, I really liked that touch. I wish I could have gotten more money, upgrade games get me hooked (no pun intended) pretty easily.

Developer (1 edit)

Damn, that's too bad... I was a little short on time and I suspect there are a lot of bugs left but I never got this one.

I will try to fix the bugs and upload a post jam version if I have some free time in the coming weeks.

Thanks anyway for playing and taking the time to write a comment, it's nice!