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Hi, thanks for being interested :) I will try to update it and make it into a plugin or a standalone gltf exporter when I find some spare time :) Please follow me or the projects to see updates posted in the future.

Thanks, I’ll watch it for sure :)

thanks :)

yeah, right now it just places large deformed cubes, but there could be a custom shape collection to choose from in that place instead :)

Great game :) Controls felt nice, bumping into asteroids was frustrating and fun :D Cool graphics, I really liked the screen shake on the explosion.

I dont know if I did something wrong or there is a bug but I felt like some items were missing from my cargo after smelting

Haha nice one :D At first I thought that something in your game wasnt working and then a surprise :D Very funny, could use some polish, maybe an indicator to click. Overall a very cool idea :)

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Fast and fun :D Really liked it, the only flaw for me was the inability to change control settings (Im better with arrow keys in bullet hells:P )

Thanks for playing!

To stop the ship going in one direction you need to use the controls to counter that movement, I think a solution to better indicate this would be some particles and better engine sounds As for the power of controls I blame myself for not implementing the controls settings in time, as said before I realized too late that the ship acts differently with different mice. I think if you could tweak the setting there would be no problem with stopping

Very cool, I’m not into story games, but liked this one, seemed to have a lot of choices and wasn’t the same every time :)

Solid entry, really liked it, decent graphics and good sound design! The map is a great addition and helps a lot :)

Very nice, I really like tower defense games :D Cute graphics, good sound :)

Very nice :) The difficulty creeps on you while you get the hang of everything. Good audio and visuals. The rope steering is fun and rocks bouncing off each other make it challenging :D

Very cool game :D The difficulty was on a perfect level, not too easy not too hard :) The controls feel good, nice graphics and the audio sets the mood nicely

Coming from the steering scheme in my game it was a while until I got used to it :p Simple yet fun and challenging, great visuals and sound!

Great entry! Feels really polished, graphics and sound are very nice :) I’d prefer using the cursor to aim, but still managed to deliver some packages. It get really hard really quick

Not my kind of game, but very nice and calming. The music set the mood perfectly. Really liked it. The drawing mechanic worked well and after some time I even found some planets :D

Yeah and I found out about it on Monday so it was way to late to do something about it :D

Very cool idea and pretty well executed. The visuals are very nice, as is the sound. That said I really didn’t like the controls, even after multiple tries couldn’t get used to them and missclicked constantly :< Also having played the web version only I don’t know if it works like that everywhere, but it was annoying that after disconnecting the portals I had to move away and back for the O/P line to appear again.

Cool game :) The graphics are nice, something about the steering (going up/down) felt a bit weird, like it would slow down, not a big deal. Congrats on the first jam entry!

Thanks :) I have found out that the mouse control thing is a bit odd on different mice/devices. For example on my desktop PC I have to move quite a bit to turn and on my work laptop the mouse is too sensitive for my taste. There is a sensitivity setting in code for each type of movement, but I didn’t have time to implement the settings panel for it :( But it is on my todo list for the post jam version :)

Glad you liked it :) I’m making a “stop in all axis and directions” freeze the ship button for the post jam version, its the first thing I felt was missing when playing. But not to make it too easy its gonna be a power-up or a 1 or 2 uses per play kind of thing :D

Haha I have to try it with a touch pad :D sounds painful

Very nice visuals and cool sound design. Fun concept, but you can win every level by just flying randomly and spamming the laser. Maybe stronger enemies (in later levels), or enabling enemies to shoot or leave bombs would make it a bit harder.

Great entry! The monsters are a bit tanky but thats aliens so what do I know :D The controls feel very nice, the gfx and sfx are nice!

I think I found a bug where the purple monster would get stuck (after jump) on the jumping player and do no damage, but it happened once and I wasnt able to reproduce it

Very fun and simple, nice graphics! The difficulty rises a bit too slow for my taste

Cool game! The controls need getting used to, it would be more intuitive to move toward the cursor. I didn’t like that the ammo could go to 0, it would be nice to add something that makes a little damage as a last resort so you dont get stuck

Very nice and polished game! The controls are challenging, the upgrades help, the costs feel balanced. Great graphics and the sound design fits nicely :)

Solid entry :) A lot of things were implemented and they seem to work without problems :)

The collision system is a mixture of one way collision on shapes, weird shapes as the branches, the bird is really a 4-way star thing and after you shoot the bird has collisions disabled for 0,5 sec.
I was messing with it until I got it to this state and it felt fun and not too annoying :D

Yea I was in a hurry making the cover when submitting so I went with the easiest solution ;)

Thanks :)
The plan was to build a nest first and to have to fend off predators, but I did my best with the time I had for this jam ;)

Thanks :) I hoped it will also be funny to others :D

Very nice! Liked it a lot :)

Love the art :) Everything seems so well put together. Very cool game

Interesting concept :) Controls feel weird (button selection) at first but I got used to them. Very nice as first time 3d :)

Very nice game! Great art style and music. The controls are a little bit clunky but nothing too bad

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Very nice game, I had a feeling the enemy collisions were a bit too small, but other than that it was ok :) Cool graphics and sounds

Great graphics, really gives out that retro vibe :)
Too bad is so short :(

Props for 3d and the cutscene at the beginning :) Nice short game!