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Gather Your Flock and Go Home
Submitted by elektito (@sirelektito) — 31 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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Godot version

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What's up doc? No place like home.

Game description
Find your stranded comrades and guide them home.


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My fourth time participating.

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This is my fifth jam.

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Solid entry, really liked it, decent graphics and good sound design! The map is a great addition and helps a lot :)


Cool concept ! 

I like how you just let the allied ships just follow you when in range instead of having to interact with commands etc... I just find it hard to have them keep on following without wandering off and getting lost, and i suppose the home base is the grey triangle on the ring map ? but i could never seem to reach it when traveling towards it so it's either really far or i didn't understand where i was actually supposed to go :p

WIth that said, i still enjoyed the game, the controls were nice and it was cool to have the ship not be very floaty for a change :)


Thanks for giving my game a try. The other ships wandering off is an issue that I couldn't fix in time. I've already made it a bit better but it still needs work.

The home hub is not too far away and you're right about the triangle. I should have added a distance indicator. But that will also have to wait until after rating.


Yeah any Ai thing that follows a point is quite hard to fine tune properly (well at least to me it still seems like it :p) so i can totally understand not having time to fix it no worries !

A distance indicator would really help, cause when i played i really didn't know if i was getting closer or not, and this could be a nice Qol addition :)


Cool entry! I really like the idea for the indicators on a ring around the ship. That is so well implemented! It isn't visually intrusive at all, but it really adds a lot. Nice work overall.


Very cool game. Watching boyd behaviour is always very cool. I only wished I had a 'zoom out' button so see more of my minions curise around :D The UI design is also really good, especially the indicator ring around your ship.


Pretty nice and chill. At first I thought I have to explode the missiles with my own ship to protect the little ones, didn't end too well 😅 Very cool game!


I liked that the controls were so easy and tight - no stress getting around. It was also nice and reassuring that I never felt that i was in any real danger :D 

I like the little indicator ring / radar! It was incredibly helpful!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Chill game, the controls are quite good. The boids do tend to fly away a bit too much and miss on the combat action. But boids are hard. The audio pairs well with the ambiance. Did you make it yourself? I don’t see any credits. I recommend checking out particle systems to easily juice up the game, for example the trail effect and maybe some explosions.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Unfortunately I don't have much musical talent, so no music is not mine. Credits are there in the game page, however. You just need to expand "Licenses" under description. 

As for juice using particles, that's a great idea. I've already started adding a proper trail to the main ship. And more will probably follow. It's just a pity I couldn't make it to the jam. 

Thanks for playing the game.


This game plays really well. Good balance between being responsive but still floaty! It was fun running the rockets into rocks. Nice work!


Controls are very tight. I love that the blue ships don't simply follow you. Dodging projectiles using the asteroids was fun. Congratulations, solid and fun game.


I love the boids-y blue ships! It was nice and clear, easy to know what to do, good designing. A health indicator would have been useful too I think.


Very true. I manged to add the health bar to the main ship, but not the boids. Hopefully for a future update. Thanks for playing.


This was a lot of fun. The HUD ring was really helpful, however it was a bit daunting not to know how far away the home hub was.

The art is simple but works well.



First of all, that indicator ring around the player ship is a really nice bit of UI work. Simple, but informative. It might have been nice to know exactly how far away I was from the home hub, though. The music and sound here are nice, and the minimalist art has a charm to it. The biggest problem I found was the lag I got when I started picking up more than a couple dozen comrades.


Thanks for the feedback. I assume this is with the web version, right? I think I need to test that more, given that it's what most people try.


Yup, it's with the web version.