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Reminds me of Zachtronics' games! And much like with those, I was too thick to finish it, but I enjoyed what I saw.

A stand-out entry in terms of presentation. The music and voiceover remind me of Super Hexagon, which is no bad thing.

A cracking little game, this one. The mechanics are so simple that you can understand the game within moments of starting it, but very versatile - there's a decent runtime here - and it's all topped off with oodles of flair and polish.

The soundtrack's alright, too, I guess.

Pressing the button and seeing the crusher for the first time gave me a bona fide belly laugh. There's plenty of game here! Loads of robots, loads of interesting combinations. Good stuff!

Apart from having very little to do with the theme that I could tell, I loved this. I really enjoyed Lara Croft Go, and this game tickles the exact same part of my brain. I'd love to see more of it.

Didn't even get halfway through, but I enjoyed the bits I could actually manage! It's very reminiscent of the B-sides from Celeste, in both the difficulty of the levels and the satisfaction of beating them.

This game hit a bit of a sweet spot for me, since I love early fifth-generation games and all the weird ways they tried to make 3D platforming work, and the camera/movement controls here are very reminiscent of that era. However, I'm afraid I didn't really care for the forest segment: the time limit just felt like a way to force the theme into the game, to its detriment.

Hand-drawn art is a rarity for a jam game, so it's nice to see here. The game is a bit basic, but what it does, it does quite well.

It's a bit weird! And I quite like it. There's not much here to make it a game, per se, but I had fun just wandering around that bizarre landscape.

2007: Can it run Crysis?
2020: Can it run Toss-To-Block?

Blowing the tiles up is quite cathartic, but my goodness, I really wanted to be able to zoom out. I was making leaps of faith far too often for my liking, and more often than not they ended up with me having to start the level all over again.

This was fun! I chuckled a bit at the mouthsound audio, but the game underneath it is quite compelling. You could even say I dig it.

There don't seem to be any visual clues for finding the monsters that I noticed? I saw a particle effect after telling a teaset to go to bed (incidentally, that vocal grunt is so cute), but I wasn't able to find more than two of them. The game is very well drawn, but it could have done with some more audio, and a bit more to the gameplay than "run around, find hidden gremlins".

This is phenomenally impressive. The controls are a little finicky and the game is quite unforgiving when you're trying to get out of a tight spot, but honestly, I'm just blown away by how well this is presented. In terms of graphics and audio, it's in a class of its own.

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I've just noticed it myself! Fix coming very quickly!

Fix is up! That wasn't embarassing at all...

Graphically, this game is stunning for a jam entry. Objects blurring as they move into the horizon, the waves of the sea, the foam against the shore... it's all great stuff. I just wish the audio had received the same treatment... the soundscape is very minimal, and I'm afraid to say I found the soundtrack pretty monotonous.

Controlling your ship is great fun, especially when you realise you can pull off some pretty impressive drifting, and especially especially when you realise that mashing the shift key will send your ship into hyperspeed. However, the game isn't great at explaining itself; I hadn't a clue how to bring up the island menu until Golden told me (come to a full stop at the dock), and on one playthrough the pirates seemed to just stop spawning, leaving me without my relic-buying income stream.

Is the game just a placeholder right now? 'Cause if not, the "polishing" loading screen is taking a heck of a long time...

Also, I think you're missing the pck file.

The bass! The bass! It was so loud that my voice was doing that thing when you're in an airplane as it's taking off. It's a good game for pretending to be a Dalek.

Anyway; the movement is really fun and fluid - especially once you've unlocked the dash and walljump abilities - and it feels good to explore the remote parts of the map and find fun little secrets.

The gameplay reminded me of Celeste, which is never a bad thing! The jumping is a little floaty, though, and it would be nice if the camera stayed within the level bounds so you had a better view of where you were going, but I think that's only really a factor at the very first environment. On the whole, it's fun, and well presented.

I liked this one; the visuals and atmosphere are suitably other-worldly, and there are a few nice touches in the sound design, like the whirring when you turn the rover's head, or the beeps when you get to a new landmark. Short, but sweet.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, despite the audio cutting out. I'm not sure what's causing that...

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This is, hands down, the most fun I've had playing a GWJ game. Working through the puzzles with a friend was hugely satisfying, the music and sound design was great, and the premise is really, really clever. I don't think I've ever played a game quite like this.

Beyond the odd puzzle that didn't make the deadline, a slight lack of colour from the visuals (which are otherwise very nicely drawn and animated), and a certain [redacted] in the ending, I'm hard-pressed to find anything at fault here.

Great work, everyone.

Congratulations on coming first! Had a lot of fun with this one.

I remember when I first saw this game last year in the Godot showcase - I'm just as excited for it now as I was then. I've had a soft spot for Starwing from the moment I first clapped eyes on it, and to see that same aesthetic at 60FPS is a dream come true.

P.S. Hoping there's a moment where I can fly into a massive spaceship, shoot out the core, and exit persued by a wall of flames.

Nope, that's supposed to be in there! Thanks for pointing it out - I'll fix that in the next push.

The music has a great C64 feel to it, and the presentation is nice and clean. I'm not sure I entirely understood the gameplay though; I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to interact with all three of the blocks, so I just stuck with entering the combos for the leftmost one, which seemed to work well enough.

I love these hacker-style games, and this one absolutely nails it. The combination of the pressing time limit (which the music really adds to) and the content of just about every email makes for a game that's hilarious and tense at the same instant. It's a pity that the three endings are - spoiler warning - just had by selecting one of three options.

I wonder if there's anything to find on any of those other IP addresses? I only ended up logging in as three people on one machine besides my own.

This game absolutely screams Super Nintendo; the music, the art, the controls, it's all there. Sadly it doesn't do very much with the theme; the only real impact is that you need to go retrieve the ball after every throw.

Love the presentation, and there's enough game to get stuck in and play around with the mechanics - not a common thing in a jam.

However, there's a bit of an oversight on the second-to-last level; you can get through the whole thing by picking up just two cards.

It's a nice little spin-off of the Angry Birds model, jarred somewhat by weird physics and weirder music.

The reason it's optional is that I could never beat it myself; you're the world first!

Thanks so much for the video, CoalFire; your feedback is always really helpful. One restart button coming up!

You don't have to make everything in the game yourself. You're allowed to use royalty-free music and sounds, for instance.

Interesting premise, but it needs more in the way of execution than the world's weirdest shooting gallery. Also, mouthsounds are hilarious, but looping the same two bars of music for the entire game is not.

Literally the only thing I can say against this is that it would be nice for the camera to follow the mouse; in one or two places it can be a bit tricky to look before you leap otherwise.

Apart from that, it's a great concept, executed well, and with oodles of flair and polish.

I know it's poor form for a developer to say, "it's meant to be that way", but... it is! The theme of the jam was "glitch", so the puzzles of the game revolve around it breaking in various ways.

Sadly, there's no devlog; but if you want the quick story: far too many late nights and a design that was mostly composed of stealing bits and pieces from other games. The Metroid series is, of course, the main influence, with the ship's computer being a bit of SHODAN and a bit of GLaDOS.

Thanks for playing!

Really glad to hear from you again, CoalFire. I'm probably going to have to take some time to recuperate from this one, but it was worth it to work on something with a larger scope. I hope you enjoy it!

And a belated happy second birthday to the channel!

D'aww, Sneaky Girl is so cute! I really enjoyed the art on this one. The music is upbeat, the feeling of sneaky through security systems is a lot of fun, and the binary addition puzzle is a really nice touch.

The controls are a little light. Your movement is tied to the perspective; pressing up won't move you up on the screen, but towards the foreground. That takes a little getting used to, but it makes sense. What makes it tricky is the fact that it takes the character a little while to get up to speed, which makes it quite hard to dodge around the security cameras.

I was stuck for a little while on the last room, as it wasn't immediately clear that I could open the desk when I was stood next to it (or that I could cut the wires on the cameras - my first time, I got through the game without doing so at all). A little icon floating above the desk/wire when you're in range would be helpful.

All in all, though, this is a really solid entry. Keep going! I'd love to see what else you come up with.