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I'm kind of surprised that people are complimenting the music so much. It's an eight-second loop of a different pad for each level! But hey, sometimes that's all you need.

The main menu effect was a bit of an afterthought, honestly - I knew something like it was possible from seeing framebuffer effects on PS1 games, and I had the idea of using viewports from Raffaele Picca's talk at GodotCon 2023, so I think I had it done within an evening.

Thanks for playing!

You know what, one of my playtesters even suggested having a visible border on the voids. I thought, "nah, it'd look stupid", and moved on. Just goes to show that playtesting doesn't do much if you're too proud to listen to the suggestions you get. Thanks for playing!

Nice entry! I really like the hand-drawn graphics, and the music gives it a very sobering, "staving off the inevitable" feel.

I only had a quick look at this, so can't comment on the whole game, but I liked what I saw! The typing effect adds a nice bit of flair.

Absolutely fair comment regarding the title screen, I'll change that. And I suspect there's some sort of input lag that I need to account for so that people have an easier time jumping on the beat. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! The last two levels - four and five - are indeed quite frustrating, and perhaps more than they should have been; I even had playtesters telling me as much. Learning to admit that you need to change something with the deadline looming is a skill I haven't quite mastered yet...

That seems to be the consensus from a lot of players. I thought the window was quite generous - most levels have a beat every 0.4 seconds, and the window for jumping is 0.2 seconds - but I suspect some sort of input lag is causing the window to actually close a lot sooner than it should. I'd like to come back to it after the jam and see if that can be rectified. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Looking back, I think a lot of the frustration comes from feeling as though you've jumped to the beat, only for your player to do a tiny hop and smack straight into a void. Maybe if there was some sort of crouch-then-jump mechanic, the player could know ahead of time if they had got the input right or not, and reacted accordingly...

The title screen effect was inspired by a talk at last year's GodotCon, covering the various things you can do with viewports - it's a very versatile feature. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

With hindsight, I think the game teeters on being too difficult - I was in a rush to make the last few levels and didn't take the time to balance them properly. Either way, thanks for playing. :)

Come to think of it, I can't think of many other games where some actions must be done to the beat, but not others. Maybe it should be all one way or the other? Anyway, thanks for playing!

It looks like a lot of people had trouble with the controls. I might try experimenting with some sort of "tap to the beat" calibration phase to see if that helps at all. Thanks for playing!

Very atmospheric! The sound design here is excellent, the art looks fantastic, and the notes you find as you descend do a good job of hinting at a larger story. Sadly, I didn't get to the end, as I crashed at about 330m, and didn't fancy doing it all over. Still, this is a very impressive entry!

Took me a couple of tries, but I got there. I love the 3D models in this game, they're so full of personality. And the chill jazz music backing an onslaught of worms is pretty funny. The gameplay feels a bit light on strategy, though.

I don't normally enjoy tower defense games, but I had fun with this one! The laser being in tune with the background music is a really nice touch - other than that, though, the sound design is a bit thin.

I'm reminded a fair bit of Downwell - I assume you ran out of time to implement the shop? There's the basis of a fun game here, but as it stands, it needs a reason to delve deeper into the planet, even if it's just "just a high score".

It's rare for a jam entry to be this story-heavy, and the "we will not be coming back from this" line was quite sobering. As others have said, though, there's not much in the way of gameplay.

That was brilliant! Easily my favourite entry to the jam so far. The graphics and sound were both charming, but the writing is the absolute highlight here. Just reading the brochure for the first time put a smile on my face. Great stuff!

Hi! First of all, there's a slight problem when the game is run at 4K; the foggy border doesn't move when the window is resized, so the center of the playfield was obscured when I had the window maximised.

Besides that, good work on your first entry! The music is very chill given how frantic it feels - I was scrambling to figure out how to keep my crops alive for a little bit.

I could see myself spending quite a while on this, if it weren't for the fact that you start from the beginning after dying. Great work for your first jam! I found the voice clips a bit irritating, though.

Looks like the stats at the end aren't implemented? Anyway, there are some very clever mechanics at play here. I wish the player's movement had felt a bit more polished, but things got a lot easier when I realised I could combine jumping with dashing.

I couldn't quite figure this one out, I'm afraid - I know that there's some way of making platforms that are higher than your current position, but I couldn't puzzle out how to do it. The graphics are really impressive for something done in 20 hours, though.

I had a go at playing this with my dad this evening, though I suspect it works better when you're willing to push the other player's hand out of the way. Still, the concept is really neat, and I enjoyed the presentation! One of the messages I had to type in gave me a chuckle: "Four hundred moonbears have invaded the colony and are eating all the good Quality Street."

The animation here is magnificent, and the music and sound effects are on point, too! The controls feel a little stiff, but it's still good fun.

I love how polished this is - it grabbed me straight away. I guess you could say I was... hooked.

Easily the best entry of the jam so far from me. I spent nearly an hour trying to get my time down as far as possible - my best was 1:15.680. Very Celeste-esque. Consider expanding this outside of the jam - it would certainly find an audience.

That was very hectic and I'm not sure I understood all of the mechanics... but it was still fun! My biggest complaint is that some of the sound effects can be very ear-piercing.

The cat's alive, by the way.

This was neat! I especially liked the art style - it felt very cozy. Just one complaint: the fact that the camera keeps the player at the bottom of the screen makes it difficult to know what's beneath you.

Really loved the music for this one. The controls are a bit fiddly, but I honestly think it makes the game work a bit better - the fact that it's harder to control the cat makes it more tense when the baby is bearing down on you.

Really enjoyed the music in this one, and the "just click on where you want to go" control scheme is really neat for a casual, pick-up-and-play game.

Level 4 got the better of me, I'm afraid, but this is neat! I think I hear GXSCC being used for the music? Either way, it's fun. One slight complaint is that you use the mouse for the UI, but the keyboard for gameplay, and switching between the two isn't ideal when I just want to hit retry immediately.

As if it need be said, those visuals are brilliant! They remind me a little of a Scott Pilgrim game I played ages ago. The sound design is on point, too, but I wish there was a bit more of it.

Plenty of neat touches in this one. The writing is funny, and I got a chuckle out of how benches split in half after you've sat on them. The game softlocked on me during the second boss - neither one of us could hit the other - so I didn't see everything there was to see, but I enjoyed what I saw!

Finished it! I enjoyed the design of the towers, and the sound effect letting you know that a tower has failed is very welcome. Other than that, the game sounds like I'm making popcorn. :P

The way you place towers is a little unintuitive; my first thought was that you'd select a tower, then click on the location where you wanted to build it.

I enjoyed this one! The art is definitely the highlight of the entry, and the writing is on point too - there's something about the UI and the placement of everything on the map that makes it all feel a bit real.

At the risk of being harsh: I'm afraid the music doesn't work at all. It's too short, and it doesn't convey any sort of mood that you might feel trying to survive in the antarctic. The sound effects are a little grating, too. But that's about the extent of my gripes - it's a really solid entry overall.

The writing here is really effective - to the point that I'm afraid I ducked out after a couple of levels. Take that as a sign of a well-written story. One complaint is that, on my 4K monitor, the window is very small, and the fact that I couldn't resize it or go fullscreen meant I was squinting a bit.

Fantastic entry; a brilliant take on the theme, executed perfectly. I wish it had had something of an ending; something to acknowledge that I'd cleared away everything but the endless virus, but that's about the only criticism I have.

Had to play this one for myself after seeing it on Vikfro's stream, and it's just as impressive to play as it was to watch. I only wish I had direct control over my attacks - it's not as fun to swing a sword around when you're not the one swinging. Anyway, this game is absolutely packed with neat touches; the hard drive sounds on the loading screen, the indicators showing where enemies are going to spawn in, and all the different ways the audio and visuals can glitch out. Fantastic stuff!

One last thing: the lines you get just before the boss fight are really heavy, and not in a way I think you intended them. Maybe I'm being too sensitive.

Thanks for playing! It isn't a bug at all - the game randomises the solution each time for the sake of replay value.

I'm glad you enjoyed the sound design - it was very last-minute.  As I've said elsewhere, I agree that the navigation needs refining, so we'll see what can be done about that after the jam. Thanks for playing!