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As if it need be said, those visuals are brilliant! They remind me a little of a Scott Pilgrim game I played ages ago. The sound design is on point, too, but I wish there was a bit more of it.

Plenty of neat touches in this one. The writing is funny, and I got a chuckle out of how benches split in half after you've sat on them. The game softlocked on me during the second boss - neither one of us could hit the other - so I didn't see everything there was to see, but I enjoyed what I saw!

Finished it! I enjoyed the design of the towers, and the sound effect letting you know that a tower has failed is very welcome. Other than that, the game sounds like I'm making popcorn. :P

The way you place towers is a little unintuitive; my first thought was that you'd select a tower, then click on the location where you wanted to build it.

I enjoyed this one! The art is definitely the highlight of the entry, and the writing is on point too - there's something about the UI and the placement of everything on the map that makes it all feel a bit real.

At the risk of being harsh: I'm afraid the music doesn't work at all. It's too short, and it doesn't convey any sort of mood that you might feel trying to survive in the antarctic. The sound effects are a little grating, too. But that's about the extent of my gripes - it's a really solid entry overall.

The writing here is really effective - to the point that I'm afraid I ducked out after a couple of levels. Take that as a sign of a well-written story. One complaint is that, on my 4K monitor, the window is very small, and the fact that I couldn't resize it or go fullscreen meant I was squinting a bit.

Fantastic entry; a brilliant take on the theme, executed perfectly. I wish it had had something of an ending; something to acknowledge that I'd cleared away everything but the endless virus, but that's about the only criticism I have.

Had to play this one for myself after seeing it on Vikfro's stream, and it's just as impressive to play as it was to watch. I only wish I had direct control over my attacks - it's not as fun to swing a sword around when you're not the one swinging. Anyway, this game is absolutely packed with neat touches; the hard drive sounds on the loading screen, the indicators showing where enemies are going to spawn in, and all the different ways the audio and visuals can glitch out. Fantastic stuff!

One last thing: the lines you get just before the boss fight are really heavy, and not in a way I think you intended them. Maybe I'm being too sensitive.

Thanks for playing! It isn't a bug at all - the game randomises the solution each time for the sake of replay value.

I'm glad you enjoyed the sound design - it was very last-minute.  As I've said elsewhere, I agree that the navigation needs refining, so we'll see what can be done about that after the jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! A lot of people have mentioned the navigation - I think it's something you have to carefully consider when you're designing an environment for a game like this. The five-button system I came up with was my attempt at a solution that would be quick to implement, but I should at least have explained it in-game. I'll try and refine it in a post-jam update. And perhaps I should give the player some feedback as to which of their answers is wrong?

There are no missing levers! I originally intended for them to be scattered throughout the area, so you'd have to pick them up and put them back into the machine before it could be used, but that idea had to be scrapped so I could make the deadline. I haven't played Ethan Carter, but maybe I'll check it out! And yes, navigation seems to be a common issue. I'll see what I can do to improve on that. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for giving it another shot! And for the detailed feedback. The navigation is definitely the game's biggest problem: it's broken into five buttons: left, right, up, down, and center, but I could at least have done a better job of communicating that. I'll do a post-jam update that makes the movement a bit less rigid. A hint system might also be in order.

It isn't that it doesn't work - I literally can't download it. (Ah, I tell a lie - it works on Chrome, but not on Firefox.)

Obvious things first: fantastic visuals and fantastic music! I'm afraid I didn't get very far, though - one of the mooks in the third levels flung himself into low Earth orbit and I wasn't able to finish the level without him. I'll come back to this one later.

I had fun with this one! There's plenty of personality to it. And that ending twist... :D

Couple of things. One, the music cuts out rather than looping, and second, the Windows download doesn't work (I don't think that's in your power to fix, though; I had the same thing happen in a previous game of mine).

I've been looking forward to this since seeing it in the WIP channel! And it didn't disappoint. I just wish there was more to it!

You definitely got my attention with the NES-esque box art. The concept is neat, and I like the idea of moving through the same level multiple times with different impediments. I found some bits frustrating, like the spike traps, but the rest of it was pretty fun!

I really enjoyed this one! Admittedly, I initially clicked on this one because it reminded me of a game I made called Cosmic SNAFU (I'm not plugging, I swear); this one has a similar concept, but implemented much better. And there are tonnes of great little details that really sell it; the way asteroids knock your ship out of orbit when they impact, or the way the duct tape is thrown about when you fire your thrusters. It took me a few tries, but finally getting to the station was really satisfying.

I've said most of what I want to say on the Discord server, but to reiterate: I enjoyed this, and I think it has plenty of potential for a larger game. I really hope you keep working on it!

Oh, right! I completely forgot I put that in there... :D

Thanks! I didn't intentionally put in a Mario Party reference, though - what was it? And Carl is more a reference to the character from Hijinx than anything else.

Ex Aeternum Redux is a small-scale Myst clone made in just nine days, complete with pre-rendered 3D visuals and a desolate locale to explore. This is probably my most ambitious jam project ever, with the modelling alone taking the bulk of the time. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to play it now!

Really fun mini-Metroidvania! The environment and background music are particularly good.

I didn't make it all the way up the mountain, but I enjoyed what I saw! Great stuff. I was a bit confused as to whether I was making dialogue choices for the human or the demon.

Hotline Wild West! I really like how fluidly the player character turns and aims. It's a good thing your opponents don't fire very quickly, or it'd have been impossible on my laptop's trackpad. :D

Five stars, across the board. Having the score in a minigame be a requirement for a dialogue option is a brilliant bit of design - I don't think I've ever seen it before. The character designs are absolutely spectacular, the writing is spot on - I don't think there's a single thing this game does wrong.

Mechanically, isn't this just the same as Flappy Bird, but with the bird moving down (relative to the pipes) rather than up? Still, it's quite neat.

The fixed camera and art style remind me a lot of Paper Mario, and I love that style. The gameplay is a little basic - perhaps there could be a bit more strategy involved in annoying the gardener? Either way, I enjoyed that - nice work!

Looks like we had the same sort of idea! I like the mechanic of the guard getting more erratic and lowering his defenses the more he panics. Nicely done!

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It's the guard's heartrate, which acts as an indication of how much he's panicking. Definitely a mechanic we could have explored further, if time had permitted. And as for 6:00AM, that's when the guard's shift ends. Thanks for playing!

Delightfully cheesy. The boss feels a bit clunky to control, but given how huge he is, it makes sense that he'd be a bit unwieldy.

I was so determined to get onto that leaderboard! Didn't quite make it - I'll have to settle for the #15 spot. That's a great way to keep me playing for much longer than I otherwise would have.

There's something very poetic about the scenario. Engineering a situation in which you're not in control at all, but in which you can manage the chaos just slightly better than your opponents. Feels metaphorical for something, I'm just not sure what.

I've seen a mechanic very similar to this in a jam game from ages ago. It's neat to see it again! I'm afraid I didn't get too far in this one, but I enjoyed what I saw. The character's jump is particularly cute.

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The presentation here is really neat - I love how you evoked the Atari 2600 in the art, and the music is a lot of fun. As for the gameplay, I found "set every unit to attack and wait until your screen looks like a Sheet Music Boss video" to be a winning strategy.

Nice music here! And the risk-reward system of getting up close for a melee attack works well. I found the scrolling texture for the ocean a bit of an eyestrain, though, I'm afraid...

There's some nice music, and some really clean pixel art here! I'm not sure I quite got the gameplay; I quickly figured out that you could run past all the enemies, got to the boss room, and proceeded to eat myself. Perhaps if I'd intentionally got hurt as the hero, I'd have had an easier battle?

I'll admit, the first thing that drew me to this was the title. That pun.

Anyway, the presentation here is off the scale! Great sprite work, juicy movement, nice audio - it's all really good. The movement could have been a little quicker, but that's about the worst of it. Oh, and the ability to pick coins back up when you forget that you don't press space to go through a door.

It's very short, but that's understandable, given the time limit. I'm almost certain you intended to do more with the concept, and there's definitely more to be done with it.

Thank you very much for playing! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough, and I'm glad that the ending felt special.

You're right in that it's quite an easy game. If I make a sequel, perhaps I'll have to make it trickier...

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Thank you! Yeah - I think the player sprite alone took about half of D4yz's time. Absolutely chuffed at the results, though.

Thank you! But I can only take half of the credit - D4yz burnt the candle at both ends to make it look as good as it does.

That's definitely a bug... anyway, thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear you played it all the way through.