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Looks gloriously beautiful. But there seems to be too long a delay between pressing space and jumping. I could not get past the second obstacle, as many times as I tried. It just did not jump. And starting from the beginning again and again was a bit frustrating. I gave up in the end.

When I clicked on this game I didn't imagine I'd enjoy it so much!

Yeah, I did not have time to balance the game. Thanks for playing.

Tried the first three puzzles. Third one beat me! Of course I didn't have a lot of time right now, so I might have been able to beat it if I spent more time. Still, very nice!

The first three I can easily get. But then there's a gap (after getting orange) that I can't find a way to jump across. Maybe I haven't find the right platform to jump from.

BTW, I just realized. Why are there only six colors?

A few things could have made this a nicer game IMHO: 1) Maybe add something to do with the rainbow (hit something, collect something?) 2) The rainbow is so dark that at first I thought it was black. Then I really squinted and I realized there are some colors in the black. Bright and colorful would have been much nicer. 3) An option to go full screen, or at least a larger screen size. 4) Some indication that the rainbow is actually created by us. There is some delay between when I hit the button and when the rainbow starts being drawn. At first, it felt to me that the game draws the rainbow on its own.

This applies to my own game too, but if we could move the rainbow a bit faster, it would have been better!

I couldn't realize what the point of the game was. Should I have force the colors to hit each other. Something else?

Pitty, I died on my second rainbow!

Nah, I didn't manage to get to the end. Tried maybe fifteen, twenty times. I think four colors was my best!

Is there a way to move back. I reached the pot with too few coins!

I like the idea. More levels and more mechanics could shape it into a nice game.

Nicely done.

Sometimes when I try to jump the game just resets to the main menu.

Nice concept. It could certainly use some sound effects. Also I feel the difficulty curve wasn't quite right. First two levels are really easy and then it suddenly gets very difficult.

25, yes! Feeling pretty good about myself! Nicely done.

Controls were not working for me.

Too hard for me even with the hitboxes clearly in the player's favor!

Spent some time trying to get the colors in the right order, then read the description and found out that's not how it works right now.

Things seem to happen on their own. And then we go back to the main menu. Not sure what is going on.

Not sure if I got the controls right, but I only could get blue. With the others just nothing happened.

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Very nicely done. I really enjoyed this. But boy is it hard! :D

I got my little car to the finish line, but er, nothing happened as far as I understood. There was also the next button that seemed to do nothing.

Took me a while to figure out the controls. No idea what I did, but I scored 25!

Took me a while to figure out the controls. No idea what I did, but I scored 25!

Would have been nice if there was a timer or something to show me how well I'm doing. I wanna know how long I kept the little octapus alive!

Must have been your browser glitching... 😁

You'd think it would be easy, but heck no! Nice idle game. I guess you can play this in a loop for a while when bored. I did not test the two player option, but it's definitely nice to have.

I played this the first day ratings opened, but forgot to rate and comment somehow. Today I played again and finished it. Nice work, it was just too short!

Fun idea. I did manage to finish the game and become a worthy carpet seller. IRL, back in the old country, I did know a couple people who weave carpets. It is fine, tiring work with a toll on your eyes. And your carpet does look nice!

Apart from the known issues mentioned in the page, I've got a few other small gripes with the game. Do the slime things do anything? I ran into them and jumped on them and nothing really happened besides them vanishing.

I didn't understand of the "go left first" message. Was that a joke? Or did I miss something there?

The buttons that need to be pressed give very little feedback so I was at a loss if actually anything happened.

And one last thing, the jumps feel very floaty, making the movement not feel as good as it should.

The art style takes me back to the good old days of Atari 2600 (more 8 bit sound effects could have helped there!). Nice concept. I have a small gripe in that putting ladders needs to be very precise, and even one pixel of a block above can stop going up the ladder. Maybe you could give the poor skele-fellow a tiny nudge when they just hit the corner. I also would have made the speed a bit higher. As it stands now, things get a bit tedious.

Nice visuals and audio, but it was too disorienting for me, with all the screen shake, so I couldn't finish even level 1!

I generally like this sort of game, but this one was a bit too slow for my taste. If the movements were more fluid and faster, I'd definitely like it a whole lot more.

Died twice until I found the key! :D

Nice prototype. Performance wasn't that good though, even with the downloaded version. This was on Linux, so others' mileage may vary I guess.

Good catch. I think it only happens in one of the levels where I had forgotten to put something to block going back. I definitely need to fix that.

I see a lot of potential here, but at the moment it's very rudimentary. Main issues in my opinion, zoom and pan using the mouse buttons would make things a lot easier. Both could use a bit speeding up too. The energy meter is very small and can easily go unnoticed. Also at times it's hard to distinguish it from the background. One last thing is, I'm not sure if it was ever explained what exactly produces the energy (besides the solar panel which is sort of obvious).

Not sure if mouse is the best option but you could definitely experiment with that. I was also thinking of doing it consistently with the arrow keys, like pressing right would always turn right, from the point of view of the driver.

Followed you already!

Very, very nice. I liked almost everything about this game. The idea was brilliant, the graphics pleasing and the music just right. My only complaint is that it was too short.