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Oh, I would definitely be much more interested if an offline version is available.

I just downloaded and played the demo. Love the atmosphere and the puzzle elements. The commands I had to use weren't that much more intuitive than old IF games. It did drive me really mad at some points, trying to guess what command to use. I assume that's something that's going to be improved of course.

I'd like to know about the always-connected condition though. Is that because the AI is running server-side, or is it simply to collect information for improvement?

I was quite lost at the beginning but I managed to work out a strategy by going back and forth one by one fixing the tiles as I pleased. Not sure if that's how it's meant to be solved or not, but it worked for me! I also liked the background music quite a bit.

That was awesome and exhilarating!

Excellent puzzle game. The "I believe I can fly" level beat me though. Maybe it's my old hands, but I trying to jump using the magnets in the pit, would either result in me getting stuck in the walls or dropping into the fire. Still, I enjoyed it a lot until that moment.

Nice game. I _think_ I might have gotten something that might be a bug. In level 2, I managed to somehow put the block on my head and move it down. But when I got down, I couldn't move at all. Not sure if that's intended behavior or a bug.

This _is_ addictive! Had so much fun. My only complaint is that maybe a speed up option/collectible  something could have made it even more thrilling. Not to say that I got to 3000, but maybe I will!

The twitter link seems to be incorrect. I think the text is okay, but the link doesn't go to the account the text says!

Hey. Thanks for the detailed feedback. All good suggestions. I spent so little time on this, even considering jam constraints, but hopefully I'll manage a few updates after voting. Cheers.

I loved the art and the audio and the general atmosphere, but I couldn't catch the third glimmer however much I tried.

Ah, yeah, the music! I did think about that at some point. Didn't remember to get back to it later though. It does get very repetitive as you keep dying! Thanks for the feedback.

I loved the art style, the graphics and the audio. It was very atmospheric.

Nice first entry. I got a few comments: 1) It would have been nice if you could enable the full screen button on itch. This is something you can do even now. 2) The moving platforms don't behave as you would expect in most platformers: you can't stand on them and allow yourself to be moved. As it is, it's not that fun trying to balance yourself on the platform. 3) Control feels too floaty imo. They don't give a feel of precise control over the character. 4) I manage to finish the game with little struggle without using dash at all, so dash seems a bit unneeded with the current levels.

I didn't submit anything this jam so can't vote. I really liked the art style and music. It's very atmospheric. What I did not like were the slippery moving platforms. Not quite sure if that was intentional or not, but they didn't work really well for me. Still, would have loved if there was more of the game.

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Looks like the Linux executable still lacks the embedded pck file. I had to play the Windows version with Wine for now, which ran fine. Cool game btw!

Watching the video a bit more, looks like even the game idea is similar to mine! :)

Oh, that blackthornprod game looks so juicy. I need more animations in my game! Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for playing D4ys, and for the feedback. I realized too late into development that balancing this game would be very very hard, especially in the short time that I had, so in the end I settled for it being just "winnable"! :)

This was intense and fun, although I don't think I was particularly good. I just can't focus on both shooting and driving! I think I encountered a couple bugs. The tutorial would loop over and over, either on the first screen, or after two or three screens it would go back to the first screen again. I had to kill the game and launch it again. The start and retry buttons also caused the game to get stuck sometimes. But hey, I know you can't catch all bugs in a jam game.

Yeah, I'd be sure to take a look at that. Thanks. 

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If you press escape, you get volume sliders were you can turn down music, or mute it altogether. I know this is not super obvious, but I couldn't do any better during the jam period. Hopefully the post-jam update in the weekend makes things clearer. Thanks for playing.

UPDATE FOR FUTURE READERS: There's also a button at the bottom-left of the screen to access the settings page.

Well, this was certainly a different twist on the theme! Good job. I had fun playing the game, but I have to say the letters were a bit too unruly for me to manage to gather them all.

Oh, this was brutal! :) I didn't quite understand the point of the checkerboard. Is that the end of the level? The game would act a bit weirdly when I reached it, claiming it was over for a second and the continuing back in the game, and again back to the game over screen and so on. Anyways, nice entry!

Nice and polished. I like how you've scoped it well that while it might be limited in scope, what is there works and looks well.

Hey, it's nice seeing someone else play it in action. Thanks a lot.

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That's a good question, and I don't know. There's this idle breakout game for example that I enjoy every once in a while. Not in long bursts though, but it's fun watching numbers go crazy high and high. There used to be a time that I was into Adventure Capitalist too. All get boring after a while though, but I don't mind playing a bit here and there. Still, not sure what makes an idle game be above just an accelerating counter.

Not saying I would permanently get stuck, but sometimes it felt like the character gets partially into a wall and it would take a little bit of fiddling and rotation to get unstuck. Maybe even it's intended as such, it's just I didn't find the whole thing very pleasant.

Nice game guys. I think there was something wrong with the html5 version. The game got stuck twice for me; I couldn't click anywhere or do anything really. This didn't happen in the downloaded version.

I really like the concept of your game and graphics and sound were also nice. The controls were a little difficult for me though, and I would occasionally found myself stuck in a corner.

Nice entry. I suggest adding a little bit of instructions about what needs to be done inside the game. I wasn't entirely clear what I need to do after collecting the three keys at first. To be honest, I'm not even sure what I finally did in the hospital that made me win the game! :)

It is entirely unfair, touching people's heartstrings like that! :) I found almost everything perfect. Only improvement I can think of is theming the scroll bar on the phone. It kinda looks out of place, style-wise.

I guess even for an idle game, it's a bit dull. Thanks for playing.

Yeah, it was really close! Thanks for playing.

Very nice and polished. Unfortunately, however many times I tried, I couldn't jump over the first hole, so I couldn't get far.

This is a seriously nice snake clone, with some original ideas to boot, and very polished. Enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for the feedback. I know the game could use a better help system, but sadly I run out of time for that. I've added some explanation to the itch page, but I know that's not a replacement for actual in-game help.

Thanks for giving this a try. I do hope that we don't get to the end-game in real life.

At first I thought it's a floppy disk stock exchange! :D Good job. Only problem that I had was that changes are sometimes too sudden and too steep to handle, especially when they happen at the very last moment.

Nice reinterpretation of Snakes. I think the controls were a bit hard to grasp. Directions are from the point of view of the snake, but I'd wager most people would expect right to be their own right. Another small gripe was that when try to restart the game, I had to reach out for the mouse. Would be much nicer if I could use the keyboard.