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cool game!! i liked choosing different loadouts. the different heads were a nice touch too! wasn't expecting the giant enemy fight! 

good job! the voice acting was a nice touch. i liked the addition of boss fights too! it was a little hard figuring out where to go. nice job everyone!

great job for your first game! i got a final score of 540. it would be great to see some upgrades or different levels! the only improvement i have would be to have a radius around the player where enemies cannot spawn. there were a few times where enemies spawned right on top of me! good job getting this done in a week! 

wow! so much going on here! impressive for a week jam. many systems at play, and a detailed level progression and map! love the polish put into animations and sound effects. very cool!!!

very cool!! i couldnt keep track of what i could attach to myself, but aside from that this was really fun. i loved being able to attach and reattach weapons as i wanted! the aiming lines were a cool touch. great job with the cohesive visuals and audio!

fun idea! i made it to wave 9. i liked the addition of missiles to give me more assistance without requiring me to do additional inputs. felt like the difficulty ramped up pretty fairly. would love to see some music and audio! enemy shake effect was cool too.

cool game! i loved the gradual introduction of mechanics. most people dont have time to get around to that. nice work making everything work well together in different levels!

cool idea! the canon assembly was very neat. i didnt realize i could hop on and use them until halfway through the battle! i liked being able to repair the ship holes too. great work programming all of this!

cool entry! the movement and combat was fun. collecting the pieces and adding new mechanics made it feel like a solid metroidvania. the only improvement i can think of would be to add more visual contrast between background elements and platforms! boss fight was very cool too.

good job with the accessibility options. building different mechs was fun! good balance of the different systems!

very cool entry! the multiple phases really made this game click. i liked being able to gather up my parts when i lost. the assembly phase was very very cool. especially since your design gets put into the battles. well done all around!

very cool! the circular planets seem like a hard technical challenge to solve! everything felt great. i didn't run into any bugs either! i think the decision to make hazards stun you for a bit instead of resetting you was a perfect one. 

very fun to assemble the spirit before the run. it was fun to try out different builds! lots of nice little touches, like the background parallax. this could easily be expanded on and be a really fun full game!

well done! i wasn't smart enough to figure it out, but everything felt tight. the sound effects were great and everything felt very natural. creative take on the theme!

very cool!! everything felt very satisfying! this has to be the most calming entry haha! i loved seeing the snow roll up as i chased after it. nice job!

cool, original entry. everything felt very cohesive! the humor, the mechanics, the music!! i had a lot of fun playing this. i had to restart a few times because i got into a frozen state after the enemy and i killed each other haha! very good work here.

great job! the visuals were very cohesive. it gave me fallout shelter explorer vibes! it would be cool to see this expanded with more levels. some kind of leveling system for knights with certain skills would be cool too! awesome work for a one week jam.

nice job with the 2D lighting! the pacing was cool. i liked how you slowed down the player when reloading, it made me cautious to reload around enemies. i had a hard time understanding the crafting. but nice work!

good job on the tower defense! it would be cool to see this expanded with more enemy types and upgrades!

i got the secret ending! (dont want to spoil anything) not sure if there are multiple, i just did what it told me not to do haha

good job! i liked the balance of risk and reward. i caught myself thinking "if i stay out a liiiittle bit longer, i can get enough for an upgrade!". great job with making the world feel tough and ominous. i was getting nervous fighting the enemies with the ambient background music. the base direction arrow was a great touch!

yep! although it was a very very hectic week haha! thank you for the kind words!! 

thank you so much! actually, i did all of the animations using SceneTreeTweens. the character animation was keyframe posed in blender and imported though. I also did the picture-in-picture using viewports! feel free to reach out on discord if you want more info lol!!!

thanks for the feedback! yep, working with a friend right now to expand it! a lot of those concepts included! 

very cool entry! jumping on the buttons chasing after the gear was a really fun mechanic. everything in the game felt well thought out and unique! the section where you drive the tank was very fun and stressful! it would be cool to see this idea expanded with more levels for the tank. it could be interesting to have levels that need more bullet resistence, etc. amazing job!

great demo! i got to the end and enjoyed it! the temperature mechanic helped give a sense of urgency that made me want to keep going! nice job everyone

nice entry! cool to see a first person puzzle entry! the gravity pull mechanic was very fun (its easier if you move slowly haha). great job!

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had some trouble running on my laptop, but great idea! i liked how it showed you the solution before exploding everywhere. nice job!

*edited! i restarted my laptop and it ran perfectly, my bad!

very fun! a perfect approach to a familiar game with some unique elements!

great work all around! the voice acting was a nice touch and the puzzles were challenging and rewarding. good job polishing the experience and having a cohesive story with detailed characters!!

cool idea! i liked the resource management and upgrades!

cool effects! the terrain destruction was really fun to play with!

soundtrack was great! caught myself humming some of the tracks walking around the house. the movement felt a bit slidey, but aside from that the level design was very good. the placement of hazards felt fair and thought out!

incredibly original and underrated entry. for those who know about compilers and assembly language, its very impressive to not only see it done in Godot, but with functionality tied into a game. this could be expanded and shared as a public computer science learning game! great job all around and thanks for bringing back some college nostalgia.

thank you! glad the tutorial was worth the time!

thank you!

ah adding some kind of failure would be a great addition. thank you so much for the kind words! 

thanks for the great feedback! totally agree with the improvements and suggestions. really glad you enjoyed it! 

yes!! that was part of the inspiration! glad you enjoyed it!