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What a cute roguelite. Really liked how snappy the platforming felt. Very polished for a jam game.

Awesome little farming game. It was quite click-intensive, and I was farming wheat a lot faster than I could process it :D

Great entry.

A fun game, although it could use some more polish, especially for the attacks. They felt a bit clunky and unresponsive.

Very cool experience. Loved the interactive cutscenes and storytelling.

Mixing pixel art with different scaling/pixel size is a slight turn off for me, but the artstyle was still quite appealing.

This was more fun than I expected it to be. Sometimes less is simply more.

Cool submission.

Very cool and unique idea. Music was amazing, and great sounds too.

Sweet graphics, great mechanics and level design, quite hard at times, but a fun challenge nontheless. Loved the quips for each of the collectibles :)

Very nice atmosphere, cool bosses.

Haha this was weird. I liked the mechanics, but players should avoid dying unless they want to be met with passive aggressiveness :D

An Arkanoid-Shmup crossover? This is very cool. Stunning visuals, sound and music, very polished feeling.

Incredible submission!

I really like this game, great idea.

The controls were a bit tough to get right, and I also found it annoying that you have to move away from the portals before being able to connect them again.

Thanks for playing and for the torough review, I aggree on all counts! Much of this is already being worked on for a post jam version.

The idea and concept is very cool, reminded me of the classic Elite games by David Braben.

It was however quite hectic and the endless button mashing (which gives you very little energy, too) wasn’t very fun after a short while. This was the main problem, I think the game otherwise would be extremely fun.

A very fun, original and peaceful entry. I can’t even think how difficult it must’ve been to get the MIDI files to work in this short time frame.

Admittedly, some pieces were just too hard for me to be good at, I also would’ve liked a clearer indicator of whether I hit or missed a note.

A nice little game.

The transitions between scenes was a bit harsh, you never knew you’d be catapulted to the next scene, but other than that this was pretty smooth!

This was quite fun, but enemy projectiles sadly didn’t collide with the player projectiles, as you already noted.

Graphics are looking pretty nifty and smooth!

Well, in this room the average player will use two boosts to get to the top of the platforms and thus will only collect one or two extra boosts in that room.

There’s also a trick where you jump and then use your boost, which will propel you up much higher (this is not really intended to be used, but kind of makes sense), thus using less boosts in all places that require more than one boost.

Thank you so much for the detailed analysis, this is very useful for the post-jam version we’re currently working on.

7 Boosts - you managed your boosts really well it seems. But the game isn’t that unforgiving, if you don’t squander too many boosts, you can easily complete it. But you’re totally right - this was not clearly communicated or shown otherwise.

“In fact, I never figured out the correct strategy for the screen I died on.” - if we’re talking about the same screen, you can complete it with one boost. Usually we placed carrots wherever they were needed and then some.

We might need to add a confirmation of some sort to the “Give Up” function, or replace it with another mechanic altogether.

Thank you for playing!

This was such a nice experience, a very well crafted game (as usual).

I really appreciated the rebindable controls, as this wouldn’t have been playable for me otherwise.

Oh, thank you. Now it’s kind of obvious, the motor control needs input on speed and reverse. I only had a jack connected to reverse :)

Thank you, Honey Pony!

Simple but fun arcade game.

It was a bit irritating that the scrolling slowed down when the spaceship moved vertically, and the UI could also use some work (buttons should react to hovering and clicking).

Congratulations on submitting your first jam game!

Thanks! And thanks for the suggestion, in fact auto reset is already implemented for a post-jam version.

Very cool logic puzzle sandbox, amazing for a jam submission.

I couldn’t complete the second puzzle though, the reverse inout just didn’t work, no matter what I tried?

This was a cool experience, good design, nice graphics and music.

When I restarted the game and didn’t wait long enough, I wasn’t able to defeat the first wave because I think the carrots hadn’t had enough time to grow.


Definitely a good start, but there was no ending and the background was a bit bugged.

Congrats on submitting though!

Gorgeous graphics, smooth gameplay, a very polished entry. Really enjoyed this one, amazing work!

This game follows the “less is more” motto. Simple but quite fun gameplay, the mechanics work very well.

Perhaps making it more interesting by adding friendly fire shots and/or aggressive enemies would be a good idea.

This was really nice, perhaps a bit random, but still quite suspenseful. You really managed to convey the feeling of being a lonely AI controlling a ship in outer space.


What an original game! Really liked the controls, albeit they were a bit finnicky to get right at times. The art and audio was great, the tutorial was pretty nice too.

Not a game per se, some sliders and knobs to tune the solar system in real time would’ve been nice.

Still, congrats on submitting!

A very relaxing game, I had a lot of fun finding the planets and constellations.

Beautiful graphics, nice entry.

This is a fun game. The two weapons mechanic worked quite well. Physics really felt like a zero gravity environment, it was fun using the tether as a slingshot. The art was looking acceptable, but a bit jarring at times. Music was sounding great!

Good job.

Thanks, so you need one remaining boost when you enter the third room. If you don’t have that, you can use the “Give Up” button in the pause menu (P) and start afresh. It is possible to just use two boosts before room 3 :)

As I explained below: “So what you need to do in the third level/room is use two boosts to reach the middle platform. Then stand in front of the spikes on the left, boost once and after a short delay start moving. This way, you will reach the upper carrot and fall to the switch which opens the door. Now use the last boost to complete the room.”

But you’re right, it’s a bit of a design issue that the game allows players to get stuck.


A nice submission overall, albeit a bit unpolished. The player and the enemies are moving extremely fast, making it hard to react.

Also, I’ve never seen tab used as fire key.

Edit: Oh I’ve seen why this happened, that’s understandable.

This was such a cool experience. Amazing pixel graphics.

It was a bit hard at times, but not flying in straight lines helped a lot.

It continues to amaze me what people manage to put out in a week. Congratulations!

This was a lot of fun. The HUD ring was really helpful, however it was a bit daunting not to know how far away the home hub was.

The art is simple but works well.


Hey, thanks for the compliments. All the credit for art goes to iDLELUKE :)

So what you need to do in the third level/room is use two boosts to reach the middle platform. Then stand in front of the spikes on the left, boost once and after a short delay start moving. This way, you will reach the upper carrot and fall to the switch which opens the door. Now use the last boost to complete the room.

If you start moving too late, you’ll get stuck on the ceiling and fall, as you said. If you move too early, you’ll run into the spikes directly before you.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, it’s perhaps a bit unorthodox to make a platformer go right to left. Glad you figured it out!

This was really fun, cool mechanics and interesting challenges.