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The lost WalkmanView game page

A 2D pixel art platformer, in which you fight dogs and collect cassettes.
Submitted by Tch1b0, evilc00kie — 3 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

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Game Description
Collect cassettes to gain advantages in the fight against the puppies.


Discord Username
Tchibo#1107 evilc00kie#9323

Participation level (GWJ only)
It is my first time participating

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This is my first jam

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The cutscenes are great. The pixel art is really good as well.  I think you have a nice foundation here. Some of the movement and such could be polished, but it was fun and charming. Well done.


Very cool experience. Loved the interactive cutscenes and storytelling.

Mixing pixel art with different scaling/pixel size is a slight turn off for me, but the artstyle was still quite appealing.


Haha...damn this was very pleasing to play! Loved the short cutscenes and the art style! How come people not check this out...? hell with those dogs...


I really like the art, music and cutscenes. Overall, a really nice entry!


I really liked the art style. Enemy introduction scenes were so cool :) but the dogs are too good at avoiding me :D Solid entry


I loved the encounters, and the idea to have cassettes affect gameplay was super neat too! Unfortunately the Reggae got me stuck almost immediately, and the effect continued after my walkman ran out of battery and even after I respawned! With no way to turn it off I only could quit the game :(


Really liked the art!

Nice " cut scenes" and the idea of the walkman and the cassettes is awesome. I liked the ability to play the music you find :)

The controls were a bit "floaty"

Nice job!


Game is very fun and simple as well. The movement was a bit clunky at times (but I think that can be fixed with a few altercations to the move_and_slide_with_snap method). I think also the camera could be zoomed out a little, as it can seem a bit claustrophic in fullscreen. Overall cool mechanics, and I found the encounter cutscenes to be especially inspiring.


Those cutscenes are really good. The jump could use some work. maybe some variable jump height? I think the player could walk faster too.

Oh also, the jump sound is very annoying. Consider lowering its volume and/or changing it to a wooshing noise.

I like the cassette concept, but the battery feels limiting, and it feels as though I can't really experiment with the cassette without wasting a valuable resource.


Really nice cut scenes and music. The dogs were a bit harden at the beginning if you don’t know that you can run with shift. Super cool idea with the music and the different effects.