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thanks for the kind words ! Indeed Nuklear throne was the big inspiration here.

About the cooldowns, I also don't like them but I ran out of time :(

Thanks for playing!

Oh no I totally forgot that I needed to enable fullscreen for web build... now it is done so you can play again if you wish. :)

About the crash,  can you share your environment? (OS, web browser)

Thanks for playing !

Artwork was fun and well executed.

I would have been nice to have a maximum number of inputs to reach the end of the level. Because sometimes I felt I wasn;t doing the most optimal thing :D

Thanks for the game!

It's fun to see a robot in an inca temple :D Unfortunately I wasn;t able to progress far because I couldn't find out the grab and jump key...

Great game and amazing polish for a single week jam!

Fun little game. It was over quick so it would have been nice to have some variation in the gameplay (traps in the middle to lose health?) Good entry anyway.

I really liked the art style. Enemy introduction scenes were so cool :) but the dogs are too good at avoiding me :D Solid entry

The base gameplay is solid (zoom out, slider), but the overall game would have deserved more time and polish. For example, some traps can be hard to avoid if you do not know them. Thanks for the game :)

I liked the concept, but I got unfortunately stuck at the door. Part of the problem is that the controls are a bit inconsistent (E or V for example, Can you use only one?). 

I was looking forward to do more cleaning :)

Solid entry. I wish the camera was a bit more zoomed away because sometimes I didn't know in what direction I was going. Art is cute :) Thanks for the game !

Nice song :D Unfortunately I had to stop when I got lost in the labyrinth. 

Before that, the combat deserves some improvement: The enemy bullets are too fast and always hits the player so there isn't any way to get good, except by staying far away. You could slow down bullets a lot and add some spread to their direction so that sometimes the enemy can miss the player.

Cool graphics! The scorpions have a bit too much HP to my taste so it's slowing down the pace. Thanks for the game :)

Congrats on the submission and thanks for the game. I particularly liked the naked guy sprite :)

Short game, the platformer mechanics works so it's too bad you could not had more platforming element like the pit. Congrats on finishing the jam :)

Cool concept and great execution! I wish it lasted a bit longer, with levels where I had to go backward :D Thanks for the game!

It looks like the melee attack is not really facing the mouse direction so that was a bit hard to aim for me. Graphics were simple yet it worked with the theme. Thanks for the game!

It looks like the melee attack is not really facing the mouse direction so that was a bit hard to aim for me. Graphics were simple yet it worked with the theme. Thanks for the game!

I like the graphics, however the pace is too slow to my taste. Also, it feels like I'm going to die whenever there are more than 2 enemies because it takes a lot of hits to kill one enemy. I'd suggest reducing the health of an enemy and adding more of them :D 

Otherwise, it would do good to spend more time on details such as hit feedback on enemies and sound effects as that can add a lot to a game.

Thanks for the entry, I'm glad there are 2D shooters :)

I'm really bad at puzzle games so I couldn't go too far in a reasonable amount of time :O That said, graphics and sound effects are on point. Great job !

It's too bad you could not finish, the pixel art is really great and gameplay is also promising to be fun. Do you intend on continuing after the jam?

Apart from the obvious, the tutorials dialogues were a bit too long to my taste and maybe the hero could walk a tad faster.

First of all, good job for making a 3D game in a so few days :) 

I liked adding upgrades to the vehicle. The UI and voice were also really nice touches. I think you could add more audio/sfx to improve the game feel.

Thanks for the game!

Oh yes you are right,  this is definitively a bug :) Thanks for playing!

Great job on the music and voice acting! Gameplay is also fun (apart from some input not registered as other mentioned - on wall jumps in particular). It was also not too difficult which is a good thing I'd say for a game jam. Thanks for the game!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind comment :) I was going for Nuklear Throne so I'm glad it shown. I understand SFX can be annoying. There is the option to decrease the sound but next time I'll spend a bit more time on the mixing!

Overall very funny and charming game! Other commenters have pointed out my main problems (controls + difficulty).

Great entry!

Feels bad for these people :D

Cool game, it can really become chaos when you press multiple button.

Gameplay speaking, the only point that annoyed me is that when you have multiple collectors and you start a new week, they would start too close to each others. The first settlement will always rebel when my second tax collector collects..

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 I feel a bit conflicted about this game. At first I loved everything about it but then the crushing difficulty made me quit earlier than I thought. I think you can make something great by adjusting the difficulty. 2 or 3 mistakes and I'm caught :( Personal best is 10 sec :P

I played on windows to test. I liked the overall style of the game (monsters and characters) even though the environment was too textured/bright to my taste. Then it got super dark and I wasn't really sure what to do..

Webbrowser build: I could play a bit but the game crashed on me on the second screen (the cave? I held ctrl + move and it closed the tab)

Thanks for playing. Big guy needs to be corrupted 3 times to end the level. Sorry if it wasnt clear :(

Amazing art and music! My only complain is that it gets a bit repetitive. Great entry!

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Thanks for the game, I had fun!

I have some minor feedback which might make the game more user-friendly:

- a pause menu on escape to take a look at the controls or just take a break would be nice

- sometimes in the dialog, there is mention of the [drop key] but I didn't know which one it was. I think you can replace easily the [drop key] with the actual key letter via scripting

- I died a couple times. Would be nice to have an option to skip the first dialog.


Edit: jump scare!

Yes you hit the nail on the head. I ran out of time for the audio :( Thanks for the comment

Good entry! I feel the game has to potential to be more fun with some simple tweaks. For example, the projectile speed is too high for my keyboard :D if I smash space I still cannot hit all the bullets.


Solid entry! The game was a bit slow to my taste, in particular when I die, I have to restart the whole game. However the art is on point.

Fun game. I  really liked the pixel art and the music. If I had to find something negative, it is that it gets repetitive after a few days.

Thanks for the game!

Original take on the theme! Thanks for the game

Sums up what I feel when going to the office :D Art is cute but imo it would have benefited from more polish. For example, bullets spawn from gun instead of center of sprite, leave the body on the floor to show the player how good they did.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Good idea about the viewcones, it would make it a bit less brutal ^^