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I published the code + assets here:

Basically everything except the background is drawn in the _draw call, even sprites.

The code was created following a very nice tutorial in javascript

Pretty cute game, the colors and sprites looks nice and the music/sounds fits the game.

That was fun :) I wish there was more feedback to the shooting, like explosions/sounds/a very small camera shake maybe?
I didn't understand the purpose of the aliens. they were too fast to shoot, but also didn't injure me.

The ships control pretty well. I wish I had more things to shoot though. Great game!

Too bad about the controls, the storytelling/audio/cel-shading are great. Will try the updated version definitively

Loved the concept and graphics. I got stuck at one level where I couldn't rise the boat more on the right but I'm not sure if it's because I couldn't understand the puzzle :O 

Otherwise, on the graphics side, the pixel art rotation was a bit jarring. it should be possible to display the sprites at a higher definition in a viewport, then scale down if you want to avoid that.

Cool concept, I realized only after playing that there is no win state :O 

but it was really nice to play with the gravity and the music fits nicely. For the interface, I wish I could fly away a bit away from the screen instead of having an immediate loss. Especially when the path of the moon is curvng back to the screen.

Good job!

I'm sorry to hear that. some of the hills and curves can be pretty brutal :O

Very cool entry, I loved the graphics and mood. If I had to nitpick: I feel like the game gets easier the towards the middle/end. At first there is a lot going on, but then it gets much more manageable when I use the station.

Thanks for the feedback. Goal is to make the best time. I wanted to add a leaderboard + some other features but ran out of time haha

Really nice game ;)

I like the idea, unfortunately  I feel some levels would have benefited more leeway for the player (e.g. start of level 2, you need to press quickly space otherwise you lose at the beginning. Also, level 3 there is a jump that would always make me crash)

Choice of words fits the skater vibe :P Thanks for the entry

oh well I got stuck in a crater. I guess that's the fate of an astronaut lost on the moon :D The visuals are simple but with the music it creates a great atmosphere. Thanks for the game

Thanks! I also wish I had more time to add to this game :')

Nice game, you manage to cram a lot into one's week worth.

I liked the pixel art and enemy variety. I also appreciated that gamepad is supported (but not control?)

On the cons side, the jump is difficult to control (too fast, and would deserve a variable jump height, especially when hitting enemies in the air). 

I also stayed mostly on the ground floor and it was mostly fine except for a few rats that stayed up. Maybe provide an incentive to go higher the tower?

Cool entry. I really liked the execution (levels, sounds, music). Unfortunately the gameplay was a bit repetitive because of the single attack.

Crazy good looking game! Sometime I feel that combat was not registering my clicks but that's just maybe because I was frantically clicking..

I liked the concept but the controls were a bit frustrating to me. High narrow jump and very quick fall. I felt that I always needed to double jump, which consumed my health bar a lot.

Couldn't go past the third level, but I'm generally bad at these kind of game :')

Thanks for the game, that was really fun

Pretty fun game. I really liked the Rome level. I would have loved seeing more traps :D

Game would benefit a lot from a better jump imo. Great entry!

Really solid entry. I really liked the music change. Also I liked the blocks that breaks fast when you are in the present.

I really liked:

  • pixel art
  • music (except the grunt sound :D )
  • level design: It's not boring

However controls were frustrating. I would have like more control over the jump.

Great entry, thanks

Thanks for the roguelike !  I played until floor 3.

Music + Graphics really fit the theme. However I found the game too easy. Enemies have the same behavior so they didn't threaten me really. Maybe you could add more variety (how they move, make them shooting bullets) You can also increase the damage made by enemies imo.

Really nice. I died in a cart accident before being able to complete the mission.

It looks like the scope for this game could explode but you managed to actually finish it.

Unfortunately the visible area prevented me to enjoy that game. Most of the time I couldn't see the next platforms.. 

The take on the theme is great though, and the art is also really good.

Ah the sacrifice made me giggle. Great job, I really appreciated the audio and mood. There are a few bugs (clipping, rolling candles?) but it does not remove from the game.

Unfortunately same problems as other people on HTML5. On the download page there are some downloads but it would be nice to see which are for windows.

Pretty cool, I thought it was slow until I understood I have to sells the resources. 

Great entry

Impressed by the results, even though you didn't have time to turn it into a game. That's a lot of stuff done in a week.

I really liked the camera that changed rooms, and also the dialog system. 

thanks for the kind words ! Indeed Nuklear throne was the big inspiration here.

About the cooldowns, I also don't like them but I ran out of time :(

Thanks for playing!

Oh no I totally forgot that I needed to enable fullscreen for web build... now it is done so you can play again if you wish. :)

About the crash,  can you share your environment? (OS, web browser)

Thanks for playing !

Artwork was fun and well executed.

I would have been nice to have a maximum number of inputs to reach the end of the level. Because sometimes I felt I wasn;t doing the most optimal thing :D

Thanks for the game!

It's fun to see a robot in an inca temple :D Unfortunately I wasn;t able to progress far because I couldn't find out the grab and jump key...

Great game and amazing polish for a single week jam!

Fun little game. It was over quick so it would have been nice to have some variation in the gameplay (traps in the middle to lose health?) Good entry anyway.

I really liked the art style. Enemy introduction scenes were so cool :) but the dogs are too good at avoiding me :D Solid entry

The base gameplay is solid (zoom out, slider), but the overall game would have deserved more time and polish. For example, some traps can be hard to avoid if you do not know them. Thanks for the game :)

I liked the concept, but I got unfortunately stuck at the door. Part of the problem is that the controls are a bit inconsistent (E or V for example, Can you use only one?). 

I was looking forward to do more cleaning :)

Solid entry. I wish the camera was a bit more zoomed away because sometimes I didn't know in what direction I was going. Art is cute :) Thanks for the game !

Nice song :D Unfortunately I had to stop when I got lost in the labyrinth. 

Before that, the combat deserves some improvement: The enemy bullets are too fast and always hits the player so there isn't any way to get good, except by staying far away. You could slow down bullets a lot and add some spread to their direction so that sometimes the enemy can miss the player.