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Help Beep the Bot find their way back home.
Submitted by Bread (@LiteralBreads), jakeyouh (@jakeyouh) — 3 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Unreliable Narrator

Game Description
Help Beep the Bot find their way home.


Discord Username
Bread#8231 churro#2774 NICKelodeon#8368 notangel#4319 🌱🌿🌲#6539

Participation level (GWJ only)
first time

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this is my sixth jam

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This is such a great puzzle game! I saw a similar game on GMTK jam a few years ago, but you definitely made it your own here. I got addicted to the puzzles, I hope you make more. I think one really cool (definitely future) feature would be to see how well I did on the puzzles (did I use the perfect solution, etc). Great submission! My favorite so far.


Artwork was fun and well executed.

I would have been nice to have a maximum number of inputs to reach the end of the level. Because sometimes I felt I wasn;t doing the most optimal thing :D

Thanks for the game!


Really fun concept of artwork! The actual pushing of the buttons was a bit underexplained and didn't work after hitting R, but did work after resetting the level (win10 browser), but a fun  zachtronic style programmable puzzle game.  Dig the art and music!


Quite a fun puzzle game, played it for a while so obviously very addictive. The art is really nice as well as the custom UI. This might be personal preference but I find it a little disorienting (not sure if that's the right word) that everything is animated/moving all the time - hope that makes sense. I really like that you bundled a level editor, quite cool for a jam game. I feel like this is well suited for mobile. Overall it feels very polished, nice job :)


This was a complete game, it is so cool, i love the doodle theme and the cut scenes


I love the graphics in this one, although it gets a bit hard to read around the spooky part. The music is nice, the sound effects are cute, and the gameplay itself is interesting. Great work on this one.


Im glad you enjoyed it!


Great game! I absolutely LOVED the art and the sound. Great job!


Thank you!


Probably my favorite game this jam.


Thanks, yours is great too.

Submitted (1 edit)

Liked it and played it all the way through! The art is great and the difficulty curve pretty good (a little steep at times). A few suggestions:
 - sometimes you have to make decisions blindly because the next tent (or goal) is outside of your view, this detracts from the experience as there is not really a way to be certain on how to continue (I'd often do a suicide run, which is quick enough)
 - sometimes the input controls overlap with part of the level that you need to navigate
 - level 3 was visually really hard to read, make sure the various objects are still recognizable, it's not a horror game :)

edit: The custom level editor is cool but it looks like there is no export (copy to clipboard) functionality?


You need to beat the level in order to export (aka copy to clipboard).

Wouldn't want people sharing unbeatable levels haha.


Ah okay :D And I didn't want to bother making a level if I couldn't share it haha


Liked that it was drawn, made it stand out! And got a bit out of control too fast...still was fun!


Thanks, you should check out the artist that drew the tiles:

They drew the tiles on colored paper, which was strange to me at first, but it definitely worked out.


Nice theme of hand drawn.  It all fits well together.  I didn't care for the snap on the dragging the map to look around.  I think the map text could have been made easier to read.  Got hard fast, at least for me.  Gave up on map 2-1. :)



Ill keep that in mind.


It's a challenging puzzle game. I enjoyed it. The amount of polish done on this is really good. Great job everyone who's a part of the team!


Pretty nice idea and execution. I love this kind of puzzle games!


Great game! Very addicting and challenging!


Kind of too difficult for me, but the concept, the music, and the art are awesome!