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Loved the narration. The floaty jump really made me struggle though.

This was interesting AF and it's really sad that it is this short! 

Great game! I absolutely LOVED the art and the sound. Great job!

Hey! Nice idea! I think my main issue was the lack of weight on the actions and the apparent hitboxes of the animations. This game could probably grow a lot from some work on that corner.

Thank you so much, it means a lot!

We're really glad that you like it man! thanks!

Thanks mate!

Thank you for playing Levi and for your kind words!

Thank you for your comment man! There are definitely some bugs regarding collisions. Hopefully that didn't ruined your experience!

Thank you for playing and your feedback! And yeah, those mobs are brutal. hopefully next time we'll get a better tutorial!

haha yeah, we wanted to expand on that but time really caught us! It's wonderful you say it's easy because I believe people tend to think it is very hard. There may be balancing issues!

Thank you for playing!!

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This game made me absolutely lose my shit in Celeste levels

in a good way

Really beautiful environments, but the character felt a little bit lacking in comparison. The controls felt somewhat weird, I would have liked to not use as much mouse in a platformer like this. I had an issue when the game constantly closed when pressing some keys, it happened for me with the spacebar, so at the third attempt I really didn't tried again :/ 

I'm not really a puzzle fan but this game is surprisingly good for a jam game. Congratulations to all the team.

Totally loved the art. I found the game a little bit slow and all of the challenging moments of it felt a little fabricated by the camera movement mechanic. Though I find it interesting. Solid submission overall!

Cool game! 

Yeah! There are some walls you can't grapple to by design, we should've added some kind of note about that. However, glad you liked it and thank you for your comment!

haha yeah, he's a dumb hero

thank you for your comment!

Yeah, there are plenty of stuff we could've done to make the experience feel better but we had a really close schedule, RNG is something we could've controlled better. Thank you for your comment!

Thank you very much sir, however I'm not near close to do art the way I'd like. But then again, thank you for your kind words :)

I don't like puzzle games very much but this was a nice one, and it really shows that I don't read explanations enough.

wow the guy playing with pacman was better than me

This is a nice take on autoscrollers! Also LOVED the art but having this awesome environments kind of makes me want to see amazing characters also but they felt somewhat flat. Another issue I had is the floatiness of the jump, it felt uncontrollable at times and ended up in situations where I didn't have much to do besides waiting to lose because the other guy catches up to you very quickly. Overall, this is a very solid game. Props!

I had a laugh! Graphics really conveyed the overall atmosphere I think you we're going for. I had issues with the UI as I didn't understand at first how I was supposed to cast the spells and took me a while to realize I had to click the heroes lol

Overall solid submission!

Very nice artstyle, however I do think the gameplay has some issues. You die rather quickly, have very little space to move and the shooting is kinda slow. However, I think those things could be improved very easily and you would end up with an amazing game.

Great submission! A nice take on the loop hero mechanic but a looooooot friendlier to the player. Loved the art and the sound design also. Congratulations!

Very original idea! I enjoyed it a lot even though it's very short.

Nice little game! Played through it while having lunch and it was really enjoyable. Congratulations. 

I don't usually this kind of games but this short lovely story really got me. It has personality and amazing character design! Congrats :)

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I'm really happy to have worked on this game! Thank you team