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Submitted by lemonsaurus (@lemonsaurus_rex), Inveracity, HerrStoy — 12 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Redacted, Unhelpful Narrator

Game Description
A challenging puzzle-platformer about a four-legged octopus.


Discord Username
lemon#0001, Stoy#6397, Inver#4128

Participation level (GWJ only)
Yep, first time participating!

Participation level across all jams
One of our members has been in some jams before.

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Loved the narration. The floaty jump really made me struggle though.


Had so much fun playing this, and I loved the narration. Was really spooky and literally made me jump the first time the narration played. I couldn't jump down on the moving elevator unfortunately, and didn't make it past the long downward elevator/laser section. Well done, this game is awesome!


Such a good job! And on a first submission to boot!
Really liked the game, unfortunately, my computer kept struggling at the downward elevator ride and it kept messing with Godot's input system, I couldn't climb down the platform.
Definitely gonna check the source code to see how the platforming was made, I loved the wall-clinging handling system.


Were you on Firefox by any chance? Seems like some people are having issues with that part on Firefox but not on other browsers. Hard to imagine there's much I can do about that, though..


Must be a firefox thing for sure.


This is a great game! I love the audio, I think it's my favorite part. Also, the player animations are awesome. I think the sensitivity of the movement in the air after falling off ledges is little frustrating, but this is a precision platformer - Those are my only critiques. Thanks!


I really appreciate the feedback! I agree that air movement could use more tweaking, and will probably continue tweaking it a bit after this jam!


Best of luck!


Great job on the music and voice acting! Gameplay is also fun (apart from some input not registered as other mentioned - on wall jumps in particular). It was also not too difficult which is a good thing I'd say for a game jam. Thanks for the game!


Overall, this was a really tight platformer experience. It was simple, fun, and quick to play, which made this a fun experience. I enjoyed the audio, and I can tell a lot of work went into producing it (and the visuals), and overall it was well put together. I feel like the "unreliable narrator" button dilemmas and the weird jokes (parakeets) were kind of out of place, and didn't feel strongly tied in, but for a week long game jam, impressive none-the-less. Excellent entry!


Thanks for the kind words!   The collision is  partly due to me designing/drawing    the arms  a little wide  while we still couldn't make the  collision box too big. It was a balancing a bit of a balancing act  considering the  shape of the   character.   Definitely a learning experience! : D


Amazing entry, it's your first GWJ entry and I would not be surprised if you'd also come in first place :)
The left/right movement was a bit floaty/sliding sometimes (and the quadropus should've been able to use its suction cups to avoid that!). The hitbox sometimes felt every so slightly bigger than was right. Otherwise the game felt great and fair. Good difficulty, forgiving checkpoints, fun narration and great music. In the end I pressed the --- button, but afterwards I decided to still press the other button. I'll probably go ahead and download the source so I can put myself at the end and experience the original --- button ending :)


Best game i have played on this jam so far. Love the graphics, the narrator and the quadropus sound. And i specially like how did you handle anti-frustration, with good checkpoints , quick recovery from death and easy way to reset puzzles.

Although i love the jump mechanic, i had some problems while moving right and left, that was a bit hard fo 'finetune' for a hard platformer.

And now, regarding to @Bread comment about not able to finish the 3 elevators puzzle because of quadropus glitching, i had the same problem playing on linux+firefox and i had EXACTLY the same problem on my platform game (i think you played it). My player was going trought platforms that move upwards and dying. Playing on win+chrome run your game and my game perfect with no issues.

So i will investigate more about it and ask on discord if this is known issue of the engine.


This was a really fun experience and the voice acting was pretty good!


really great game, I love the mobility and the narrator. 


Really like that jumping quadropus pop noise. The wall jump also feels really nice.

During the later phases, my game started lagging and the physics started behaving strangely. I think you are applying delta incorrectly?

I got to the part with the three elevators. At that point, i started glitching through the raising elevator whenever I would get a lag spike.

This is something thats really hard to get right, so I can't really fault you for getting it slightly off on a jam game.

Otherwise though, great game.


That's pretty strange. We've playtested quite a lot on a lot of different systems and never seen anyone experience this bug. Which build was this and if you ran it in the browser, which browser and OS?


I was running it on firefox and linux


super meat boy meets ninja meets stanley parable.  Well done.

This is not my type of game and there were many times I felt like quitting.  The voice acting kept me engaged enough to care to see it through to the end. I'm stuck with wanting to see a better ending...

...I was disappointed the narrator called me an Octopus.  I thought I was a Quadropus.  

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thank you so much for that flattering comparison!

Your feedback about the narrator inconsistency cuts deep - you are of course right to be disappointed. Little things like that are so important. Patching that bit of dialogue was on the list of things to do, but sadly we just didn't have time to get that in before the deadline. (we wrote and recorded the script before we named the game!)

I really appreciate the feedback.

Submitted (1 edit)

I only meant it as a very small aside.  The game was outstanding!  More than anything else it made me curious why the inconsistency.  Was it originally an octopus, but a quadropus was easier to draw?  Quadropus is such a great name, the sprite animations wonderful, and the minor fantasy of a quadropus helped sell the rest of the game.


Hahaha, I know you did but it's one of those tiny things that annoys me so much. It'll definitely be changed, actually we came up with the name for the game only hours before the jam deadline!


Audio and wall-jumping are great - excellent work!


Uh, the guy's snorkel is under the green liquid, is he okay (besides the virtual reality torture stuff)? xD

Okay here are some thoughts about the game: the level design is pretty good; the low amount of mechanics were used quite effectively. Landing on/dropping through the moving platforms added a a sort of timing (even a rhythm at times) aspect to the game which I thought was fun. It's great that the platforms reset when you die because otherwise that would get pretty tedious. I also appreciate the amount of checkpoints. 

I kinda found the controls a bit wonky though. Sometimes I felt like my inputs weren't registering, maybe it is just a lack of input buffering which I'm used to? Also the air friction seems a bit finicky, although it actually kinda made some interesting gameplay. :P


Hey, I appreciate the feedback. Platform controllers are tough to get just right, and I'm not 100% happy with them myself. I have some input buffering for jumps, there's stuff like coyote time jumps, wall slide stickiness, and various other mechanics designed to make you feel in control, but I could've used a few more days of tweaking the values for each of those mechanics..

Thanks for playing!


I think I was only having problems wall jumps sometimes.


Absolutely amazing. My favorite game so far! The narrator is super cool and the parkour quite challenging but I was so hooked I wanted to get to the end…and then…he tricked me again