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The Lost WandView game page

Raúl fell down a forgotten well where he found an artifact of old, or did he?
Submitted by Lazarwolfe — 14 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Raúl finds a mysterious, ground-shifting artifact down a forgotten well


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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I absolutely adore this mechanic, and I want to play a full game of manipulating objects with my mouse while platforming. One tip; lock the platform you're standing on so it can't be moved around, I accidentally "pulled the rug out from underneath me" a few times.

I think the main thing this is missing is just some friction on the ground. Right now it feels like the character is on ice! The way I handled that in Quadropus is really simple: if the player is not holding down a button to indicate they want to move left or right, start applying some friction. Just set up a small export float and reduce the x velocity by this amount whenever the player isn't actively moving.

Once the player has slowed down to or below a minimum speed (set up an export value for this too), you just immediately stop the player - set velocity to Vector2.ZERO. 

This gives you two simple export variables, minimum speed and ground friction, that you can tweak to find the perfect amount of grip for your character. To figure out what to set the actual values to, just boot up your game, run around a bit, and without closing the game, just change those export values in the inspector, and you'll see the game update live! You don't even need to restart it! I don't know if you knew this already, I learned about this during this jam myself and it was a revalation! Makes prototyping and tweaking stuff so much fun.

By the way, feel free to poke me on the Discord if you ever wanna chat about player controllers or anything else! I'm @lemonsaurus in there.


Yeah, I normally do a lerp to 0, but I definitely didn't playtest it enough!
The below a certain threshold is a really clever idea though! I'll make sure to keep it in mind!


This was an incredibly creative mechanic, I'd play this with tight controls and a less loud jumping sound haha! Really enjoyed the art style though. Overall I enjoyed it and got to the end and got dissapointed it ended!


I'm really glad you liked it!
Yeah, it's a bit too loose on the controls and the ending is extra abrupt! I felt like I was running out of time while making it.


This game is a lot of fun! I think it was really creative to move the platformers and objects in game - i thought that was fun for lost tech. I do think the controls need work - Because the "D" key is usually used for moving right, I kept accidentally pressing it and the object I grabbed would be moved on accident - and that would cause frustration. Great game overall!


Yeah, not adding a remap function was definitely a bad call, thankfully a script to do that was linked to me!
I'm glad you liked it though!


I think with that change, you'll have such a great game. This is one of the most creative ones in the jam ive played so far. GJ!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool game! Found it hard to keep the player where I want them. And I usually change the keys to up, down, left and right, so i struggled a bit there. But overall, really fun concept and i  ioved the music! Would like to play this again if you develop it further :)


Thanks! Yeah, the movement is overly floaty and slide-y.
I got the music from one of Kenney's asset packs, very useful for jams!

Deleted post

Thanks! Glad you liked it!


I liked the wand mechanics, they really seemed interesting and fun. But the biggest downside for me are the key bindings... 


Yeah, sorry about that, modifiable keybindings are up next on my list to learn, I'm glad you liked it!


Interesting game mechanis, was fun to figure out! I struggled so much with controlling the dude with my left hand though. Would be great to be able to have the option of s/f vs left/right arrows for right-handed people. 


Oh no! Sorry about that, I 100% should have added arrow key controls. I'm glad you liked it though!


The core mechanic is neat! I enjoyed playing the game. But the controls do feel a little floaty (sliding off platforms), and the raycast to select the object is not immediately obvious (I thought you have to overlap the dot). The raycast is in particular annoying at times when you want to grab another platform and you accidentally grab the one that you are currently standing on.



Yeah, the raycast truly is terrible; but once I realized I should have changed it to the top of the player character it was already too late.
Originally I wanted to highlight the colliding platform, but couldn't come up with a system to do so.


I imagine you'll wanna look into shader materials to do a highlight.

GDQuest has an excellent tutorial here: 

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, I'm really bad at shaders, so I didn't feel confident attempting to add one.
I assume that with practice I'll get better.


pretty cool game, I think you should add rebindable controls.

Also, the jump sound is kind of loud and annoying, I would change it and/or lower the volume of it.


Rebindable controls are up there on my list of things to learn how make on Godot, will definitely add them on future projects!


the wild jam has some scripts that you can use: