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Thanks! Being able to move blocks despite not getting a match was deliberate. This way I wouldn't need to guarantee that there's always a match available and/or have additional rules for when no match is available :D but to be frank, I'm don't think I would change it if I had been given more time.

Sorry to hear about the music, I haven't experienced that before. Not sure what could be the source.

Cool idea! Too bad the HTML version has some performance issues. It also seems that sometimes you get healed between rounds, and other times not? Or is that dependent on buying the Max HP up (or some other upgrade)?

Good job on your first entry! I liked the character art :) The controls were a bit floaty and it wasn't entirely clear to me what I was supposed to do on the third level. The first lever didn't respond, the second lever did but seemingly had no effect? I tried to slowly slide down different walls to see if there were lower hidden platforms, but if there were I missed them.

Great entry! Holding the mouse to shoot would be nice, as would be a more meaningful use of the destructible terrain (which was impressive)!

That's quite a lot! I don't know if I ever even made that many :D

Thanks for the compliment! Just picked what felt right :)

Thanks for the feedback!
The screen going black at the end happens when a plant runs out of water, at that point you also get your pumpkin graded in stars.
We realize this is a very unpolished end screen but we were in a rush to make it functional. ^^'
Also thanks for pointing out the audio... I noticed that I forgot to turn on looping. At the start you'll hear the tune once :(
And sfx of course would also be great to add.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Unfortunately I had very little time to work on the game this jam. I was still planning to at least add some bgm/sfx but to make matters worse, my PC started crashing in the last two hours or so before the deadline. The traps were sometimes hard to dodge if you don't know where the boulder is going to come from beforehand. Unfortunately I did not have the time to implement clear signaling, and without it I felt it would mostly feel bad/unfair to the player if they got a real penalty for getting hit. So instead I went with a time penalty, which is only a minor inconvenience and also gets reflected in your end screen.

PM on Discord

Very well rounded game :) I liked it a lot, though I might be a little too impatient (I did play it all the way through, though a way to speed up travel would be nice). It would be nice if the sectors felt more unique, currently it felt like I had to do the same in each sector. Also because of the mods later stages actually seemed easier than earlier ones.

Fun, much more polished than the cover image would have you believe! Unfortunately my game just crashed using the level 2 power up right at the start of level 3 :( I also would've liked to play it in full screen.

Thank you!

Some second mechanic, either dodging something yourself (AWSD movement), different guns with different advantages or disadvantages, and/or more distinct enemy types that required other tactics. Basically something that spices things up and adds some variety :)

Thanks for the kind words :) That's definitely something I would have liked to add, unfortunately I was very constrained and I compromised by making the penalty very forgiving (and hopefully even somewhat fun :) )

Definitely agree! It's one reason I made the penalty for being hit so forgiving. Unfortunately I did not have much time this jam :(

I had very little time so it was a deliberate choice to make the traps so forgiving :) That way it wasn't so bad if sometimes the game felt unfair, so I didn't need to playtest/tune it as much.

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Ah, I suspected that so I walked around a lot looking for/hoping to accidentally pick up the key, but that didn't work out for me :( I have already closed the game so unfortunately too late to try and finish it. Thanks for letting me know, though!

Amazing entry, it's your first GWJ entry and I would not be surprised if you'd also come in first place :)
The left/right movement was a bit floaty/sliding sometimes (and the quadropus should've been able to use its suction cups to avoid that!). The hitbox sometimes felt every so slightly bigger than was right. Otherwise the game felt great and fair. Good difficulty, forgiving checkpoints, fun narration and great music. In the end I pressed the --- button, but afterwards I decided to still press the other button. I'll probably go ahead and download the source so I can put myself at the end and experience the original --- button ending :)

Simple core loop well executed and matching the theme :) I never go to repair my robot (I read the comments and indeed I never hit the walls). The game was over very quick, it wasn't exactly clear when it ended. I was looking around a little to see if there was more to do, which is a good sign I suppose :)

Very cool! I loved the aesthetic and theme :) unfortunately I think the final boss despawned on me (maybe fell into a pit?). I saw the giant but went back up to obtain some more collectables. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but when I went back down later he wasn't there anymore. There was no key/elixer for the next gate either :( so sadly I did not get to the end

The story, art and voice acting were great and immediately  got my interest.
The actual game-play holding off Romans was unfortunately not very exciting, most of the time they did not even manage to enter the screen.

I loved the encounters, and the idea to have cassettes affect gameplay was super neat too! Unfortunately the Reggae got me stuck almost immediately, and the effect continued after my walkman ran out of battery and even after I respawned! With no way to turn it off I only could quit the game :(

Grats on your first game jam entry with this cool little game :) The aspect ratio fit my extra wide monitor perfectly!

Unfortunately, I was unable to grab things (what was I supposed to even grab? the stone?), I pressed X. I rebound the key later but to no avail. Luckily I could finish the game without it.

That was the feeling I was hoping to deliver with the mid-game surprise! :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

We all have to cut corners, and these were understandable corners to cut :) and was also partially curious if it was a design decision

Ah okay :D And I didn't want to bother making a level if I couldn't share it haha

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Liked it and played it all the way through! The art is great and the difficulty curve pretty good (a little steep at times). A few suggestions:
 - sometimes you have to make decisions blindly because the next tent (or goal) is outside of your view, this detracts from the experience as there is not really a way to be certain on how to continue (I'd often do a suicide run, which is quick enough)
 - sometimes the input controls overlap with part of the level that you need to navigate
 - level 3 was visually really hard to read, make sure the various objects are still recognizable, it's not a horror game :)

edit: The custom level editor is cool but it looks like there is no export (copy to clipboard) functionality?

The core mechanic is neat! I enjoyed playing the game. But the controls do feel a little floaty (sliding off platforms), and the raycast to select the object is not immediately obvious (I thought you have to overlap the dot). The raycast is in particular annoying at times when you want to grab another platform and you accidentally grab the one that you are currently standing on.

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Congratulations for submitting your first game! I liked the personalization (with a little pointer below), and in particular liked that it also opened up a skip (some skips?).

In case you want some pointers on how I would improve it: It's nice that you can turn off some elements to get stronger, but I only found out after reading the description. It would have been nicer if you could have somehow explained it in the "personalization" screen. I found the game got much easier after turning off all functions ArgonOS offered. The game also could really use some Coyote Time, that's a little time where a player can jump even if they are no longer technically on a platform. There were several times when I really felt I should not have fallen off a platform but did, and coyote time typically avoids generating those bad feelings.

I managed to find them all, but I had one or two where I simply brute-forced the last rune. I found Poseidon most tricky of all.

I think it would be helpful if you would allow a tooltip to show the meaning of the rune on mouse-over. I don't think it would take away from the decyphering, but (especially in a short game) it's not realistic to start memorizing what each rune means. While going back and forth between UIs did give me a little bit more of a research vibe (which you might have been going for?), but it mostly distracted from the puzzle. I think having the tooltip mouse-over when inputting runes, but not when reading the tablets might be a fair mix.

Also it would be nice if you could forward the text in the intro (make it appear at once when pressing e.g. E).

You're welcome, good luck!

I think the idea is fun, but the execution is at times a little rough.

I find it pretty difficult to control the ship in such a way that I can destroy the enemy ships but not take damage in return. Some kind of 'barrel roll' or 'quick turn-around' mechanic might help. A little bit of aim-assist would also help, e.g. when turning favor snapping to a rotation which aligns with an enemy ship if it's less than x-degrees off. Lining up accurately with keyboard keys is really hard. At some point I just started running away from enemies and only scan planets. And it's a personal choice, but I would have also liked to be able to hold down the fire button for repeated shots.

I think the game could use more feedback or explanation. When I discover a planet, I get a journal entry and some coin, but I don't know what either mean. Can I read the journal? Is it just a message? Are the coins just a high score? Or do I spend them on that upgrade I need? Where would I do that? Or do I need a certain amount and automatically get the upgrade?

8:48, 100%, 108 deaths, fun! Love the aesthetic, though it makes the situation hard to read sometimes. Every now and then it feels like you did not touch a spike, but die anyway.

Is it correct that the game ends after the first activity on the wall?

I think the game was fun, it felt like a longer version of a Warior Ware game.
I'm not sure what the effect of touching the black bacteria is, and sometimes they would be the only bacteria showing up (which makes avoiding them trivial - you don't need to do anything!).

Thanks for the feedback, I like the idea of the 3 quest states! Makes you more informed while keeping it simple.

After you've built all the available buildings, you officially "win the game" which is indicated by a pop up. After that you unlock two bonus buildings if you want to continue expanding your town, but they're visual only and the gameplay no longer changes at that point. And yes, many ideas came up, like other monsters that need a different bounty, or need groups of people (ensuring you lure the right classes to your town) etc. :)

With the Tetris game I felt a bit out of control. Otherwise good entry, I wish I had the time to program two games in one jam :D

A gentler difficulty curve would be nice, but overall it feels very polished and it's fun to play!