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Will do!
I don't think I'll get to it right away though, since I'm still on my first read through the book.

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That's alright! I can look into it as time goes on; I'm by no means a master of both Markdown or Git, but I know a bit of both.

I'll check out the source and get to it!
Thanks a lot for compiling such a plentiful book though!

Edit: Just the other day I was wondering whether or not to pick up learning TeX, but it seems that the choice is a little bit more obvious now

Hi! I've been stuck in game development beginnerdom for a while, and I think this book is the perfect solution for exactly that problem!
I have a question though, is there any translation effort being made on this book? My native language is Spanish, and I would love to start assisting in that regard!

First of all, I love the app!  It got me into the habit of writing daily after a long time of feeling like I just couldn't do it.

I think I found a bug though?
The app remembers its last position on shutdown, which normally is really handy, but I closed the app on my second monitor one day, and the next I got really confused since the app remembered its last position even though I was only using one monitor, leading it to be out of bounds from my screen! Had to lock a window to one of the sides of the screen to yank it out of there.

Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, I'm really bad at shaders, so I didn't feel confident attempting to add one.
I assume that with practice I'll get better.

Must be a firefox thing for sure.

Yeah, I normally do a lerp to 0, but I definitely didn't playtest it enough!
The below a certain threshold is a really clever idea though! I'll make sure to keep it in mind!

Such a good job! And on a first submission to boot!
Really liked the game, unfortunately, my computer kept struggling at the downward elevator ride and it kept messing with Godot's input system, I couldn't climb down the platform.
Definitely gonna check the source code to see how the platforming was made, I loved the wall-clinging handling system.

I'm really glad you liked it!
Yeah, it's a bit too loose on the controls and the ending is extra abrupt! I felt like I was running out of time while making it.

Yeah, not adding a remap function was definitely a bad call, thankfully a script to do that was linked to me!
I'm glad you liked it though!

I really liked the aesthetics overall!
I liked how the feeling of "leveling up" was emulated through the strength pick ups through the levels, whereas the first scorpion felt like a menace, by the last level I was handling enemies with ease.
One thing that I can point out --due to it being a pet peeve of mine-- is that if you keep the jump button pressed, the character will jump at the moment that it reaches the floor. Not really an actual flaw, but a nitpick, rather.

Thanks! Yeah, the movement is overly floaty and slide-y.
I got the music from one of Kenney's asset packs, very useful for jams!

Do you plan on updating the package after the Jam ends? I would love to try it!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

I use a trackball mouse without a scroll wheel so I couldn't really play, could the action be remapped to something else?

Turns out if you rename the linux .pck, it runs on Windows!

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Very cool! 

How did you learn to implement audio recognition?
I really couldn't get the safe to open, sadly, but other than that, it's a pretty cool game!

Congrats on submitting, may this be the first of many jams and games!

Thanks for making the source open! I'm definitely going to look into how everything works, since, even though I have feedback, I was extremely impressed by the game; it's so pretty!

Pretty great overall! I loved the jumping mechanic! With some polish this game could be ready to be released; I did get a bug where I fell onto the lava right after getting the battery and the dude would do a sick dance over the music in the tower.

The one detail I would point out about the movement is that the character moves a little too fast, making it difficult to judge the right moment to press the jump buttons.

Couldn't open on Windows, got an alert saying that the .pck file was missing.

I really liked the low res aesthetic of the game.
I think that I see the way that aiming is intended to work, however, having the player character blocking such a big portion of very relevant screen real estate made it extremely hard to aim at the enemies.
Maybe a couple of shaders that show both the outline of enemies once the player character is overlapping them from the viewport and a little dot signaling the crosshairs, or raising the camera enough so that we could see the contact point of the laser would make drastic improvements to the game.

Oh no! Sorry about that, I 100% should have added arrow key controls. I'm glad you liked it though!

Yeah, sorry about that, modifiable keybindings are up next on my list to learn, I'm glad you liked it!

Extremely good atmosphere!
I feel like the elements were kind of hard to parse out visually, and that added a bit to the confusion of what was going on and the things that I was supposed to be doing.

I really liked it, it seems like one of the strongest submissions to the Jam!

Very strong audio-visual style, I love the watercolor-like texture that a lot of the objects in the world have; my main gripe with the game would be the way that the main character moves, to me it feels like its vertical movement is way too fast --even considering the propeller item you get at the start--, maybe the gravity was too high?

Loved the writing; short and silly.

I'm terrible at slider puzzles, so this game beat my ass.
My brain exploded once I reached the switch in the middle, great game!


Yeah, the raycast truly is terrible; but once I realized I should have changed it to the top of the player character it was already too late.
Originally I wanted to highlight the colliding platform, but couldn't come up with a system to do so.

It didn't really, sometimes I would have an enemy in my sights and shortly realize that I couldn't take them out, but that's about it, no more than a mild annoyance. 👍

I genuinely cannot believe that this is a jam game, the visuals are immaculate and the audio is extremely well done.
I may have gotten extremely lucky, but cleared it on the first try!
Wonderfully executed!

Extremely good idea, the game was very eerie in a particular way, thanks kindly for adding a cheater mode ;)

The art style is great! Definitely the highlight of the game, I liked the movement but found it kind of weird how whenever a projectile collided with an enemy, it would prevent you from being able to dash into them.

Rebindable controls are up there on my list of things to learn how make on Godot, will definitely add them on future projects!

Very visually striking and stylistically strong.
Liked the platforming, although it's a little bit too hard for my taste.

Very visually impressive!
It reminded me a bit of Race the sun, I think the game was called; big fan of the sassy voiceover.

A really good game! I will forever respect people who can play games with arrow keys.
A really cool moment happened where as I was taking the magic broom up the passage, the music slowed down, for a second I thought it was programmed into the game that way.

I'm glad you liked it! I agree one hundred percent, the solution that I wanted to implement (but didn't quite get done) was using a tile map to get a precise location to place the ladder on.

Excellent execution! My only gripe with it is that it took me a bit to understand in which areas I was allowed to control my movement and which ones it was blocked off, it felt to me as if it should have been more obvious at a single glance.

I'm glad you liked it!
There were some issues with the way that the ladders worked basically due to how I handled the whole mechanic, but It was consistent enough so that a working game could be made.