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Stellar VoyageView game page

Travel across the galaxy to find your way home
Submitted by dwdraws (@dwdraws) — 13 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Get lost in space, find your way home without running out of fuel.

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2nd jam

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Nice, I enjoyed it a lot! Cool story, the games concept is very intriguing and addictive! Great work!


Very well rounded game :) I liked it a lot, though I might be a little too impatient (I did play it all the way through, though a way to speed up travel would be nice). It would be nice if the sectors felt more unique, currently it felt like I had to do the same in each sector. Also because of the mods later stages actually seemed easier than earlier ones.


As a Star Trek fan I feel like you made this game for me!
This was a well polished game.
I loved everything about it from start to finish!


Great game and amazing polish for a single week jam!


This game was super intuitive and quite fun! I loved the simplistic style, and the resource management of the game. The simple controls really made this an experience I could quickly hop into. Some thoughts:

- I wonder if there could be more variance/events in the gameplay? After a little bit the gameplay can become quite repetitive.

- The art style was super clean and the style was cohesive. This worked well with the audio chosen to immerse the player without overwhelming them.

- I feel like the only resource that needed to be managed was the warp-fuel, the materials never really ran out. Additionally, although I used them a lot, the probes could sometimes be rather unhelpful. I feel like this game could definitely benefit from having more restraints/resources to consider, and more potential actions to commit. The greater variance would lead to more choices and potentially greater success/consequences for the player.

Great game! It was well put together and is an impressive submission to the jam.


This is really, really good. It's such a coherent aesthetic, both the music and the visuals communicating the same kind of feeling. It's easy to get hooked on, and most importantly; fun!

I'm really impressed by this submission.


Great work! the visuals are amazing! the only thing that I would improve this game by leaps and bounds is the pacing. But regardless, the gameplay has a lot of potential. Love it!

I got my crewmates back to hometown in the first run, this game displays such nice looking scifi-theme and resource management mechanism to actually attract me to continue playing until the end. Although there are only three types of revealing encounters, artifacts(gateways), regular resources and mod resources nodes, and it could be RNG bad side wasn't with me, but I suppose this is good enough to make players having good gameplay experience.


I genuinely cannot believe that this is a jam game, the visuals are immaculate and the audio is extremely well done.
I may have gotten extremely lucky, but cleared it on the first try!
Wonderfully executed!


Very nice level of polish.  Nice art style, controls are simple enough.

After I ran out of fuel and tried again, I spawned off the map (almost off screen) in far top/right corner of viewport.  RNG is a bit much or maybe just uses a bit too much fuel.  Failed on first sector more than once.

Overall very solid entry, congrats.


A lot of text at the beginning, but I really liked your art style and navigating the ship through the space map was cool but I didn’t quite understood why I suddenly lost. I thought I had enough fuel, but then. Gone. Anyhow. Nice game!