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As a Beta-Tester I’m a bit biased but overall pretty decent. There is some room for improvement but after all that’s always the case. Got 400ish Inhabitants with a full map at Day 6. Otherwise more 3D-Hex-Based Game!

Reminds me of A pretty nice game. Drag and Drop for Belt placement would be cool but overall good work!

Really nice. Had some issues on my first try because it was so small in the browser but with actually readable blocks it’s a neat mechanic. Would have loved more levels, really cool concept.

I really liked the blueprint style. This looks really neat and the “turn” based steps worked. The first floor could have been a little easier and maybe an arrow or two or some “hand written notes” on the floor plan as some introduction what to do. So it was a lot of trial and error where I can step and where not. What kills me and so on.

Pretty well done subtly teaching the color codes. Got stuck in the third level as well but overall a pretty solid game. I like the music and art style.

A cool twist to the simple Tic-Tac-Toe rules. Like Kitty I was kind of a lost after a while and just “randomly” made moves that I tought were good but was missing some kind of feedback. The artworks were really cool. I really like the look of the professor.

The lasers were pretty hard but I loved the fireballs in world 1. It was a pretty neat mechanic and looked really cool when running through the massive field of dots.

PS: The Skip Button was a good idea ;-) so I could see the levels past the one I just couldn’t win

Had to try some levels multiple times to get the physics behave like I wanted, but overall a pretty solid game.

Just amazing. Really cool idea and execution.

Really nice visuals. The movement/controls could be a bit smoother but I liked the time control mechanic.

Really like the many “special” effects. Music, Voice-Over, the background. The pong ball was a bit slow. Maybe speeding it up over time would be an option (especially since pretty often I didn’t have to do anything because the paddle was already in the right place). And not sure it was intentional or not but to see the next button of the “You won” screen I had to move quite a bit and buttons did not work so I had to “click” with the mouse when I had both hands on the keyboard.

But I’ll definitely play a couple more rounds.

Really unique approach. I especially liked the effect when consuming the beer.

Thanks to Marv, he had and implemented the idea. Really liked it as well. That you can get stuck is really unfortunate (yes it’s level 3). I tinkered a lot with the level design trying to make it so you can not get stuck but I overlooked this. My bad!

Really like the character animations. One nitpick - when collecting coins I would love some kind of counter/HUD that shows me how many I already got. Also really nice music.

Sure. The dialog popped up and I couldn’t actually close it. I pressed all the Buttons but nothing happened. It just was stuck in that screen.

I just tried it again and it seems like pressing ESC helped now. So maybe I didn’t tried that in the first two runs. If that’s the case then my wish would be to have used E or V as well because that’s the keys the game told me to use for Interact and Close Dialog. So I expected one of these two buttons to work.

Pretty neat mechanics. Had some glitches when placing the blocks but overall a sweat level design - challenging yet still possible. Definitely would like some more levels (maybe also with some new blocks).

Splattering the aliens with crates was really enjoyable. The movement/collisions were a bit weird. Got stuck on corners a lot and the footstep sound was a bit annoying after a while. I feel like “battle” music would have worked really well for the overall atmosphere. Crush the aliens! :)

Really cool idea, especially the exploding bacteria that slowly crush your teeth. Pretty solid game!

Nice idea. The multiple planes have some great potential. Unfortunately a bit easy if you are on a high platform and then just spam click teleport straight into the exit. So maybe a bit longer cooldown on the teleport might help actually having to play with the different platforms. Still nice artstyle and concept.

Awesome ship design and quite addictive.

I think it’s currently bugged? At least I got stuck two times. After cleaning the bath I tried leaving the room and interacted with the panel. A “insufficient energy” screen came up and then nothing else happened. The sound of the moving robot was a bit annoying, I would have preferred the nice title screen melody when cleaning up the mess, but a nice idea.

Pretty…unexpected. Had some issues with graphic glitches but worked my way through. Good job.

Really enjoyed running around the earth. We need more games with this sort of camera/movement. Also a big plus for the voice-over.

Liked the visuals. Was a bit hard at times to see objects especially if you put them in a place they do not belong but I guess that’s part of the concept. As already said some indication of the current phase might have helped but overall pretty solid game and atmosphere!

Was a bit irritating why I have to use RMB for my first weapon and then LMB for the second when realistically you do not use the sword once you found the pistol. But the enemies looked pretty good!

Big fan of puzzle games and managed to solve all of them! Liked the many different controls and switches. Good job!

Nice game. Like the big dungeon with all the up and down and deep falls. Got lost at some point and didn’t know how to get further though and I didn’t understood what the yellow squares were for, but overall the atmosphere was pretty good and I liked the lighting effect.

I liked the variety of Dino-Mechs a lot. Was a bit much with the many upgrade and mechs tough at some point. I just clicked on update to continue playing but didn’t really get what the upgrade did. Maybe do not upgrade all mechs and add new ones on every wave and rather make the player decide what to spent his upgrade point(s), so there is a bit of strategic decision. Like the artwork tough. They looked pretty cool!

The flying spitter got me a couple of times, but pretty cool art and critters.

Personally not a Shooter-Game-Guy but still enjoyed the atmosphere and the art style.

Pretty nice idea and execution. I love this kind of puzzle games!

Cool idea. I have cheated a bit by just sliding the finger over all keys but it still took quite a while to get these words together.

Loved the idea and the many many items. Good a decent team of 5 agents and failed only one mission. The only thing I missed was some indicator how long I’m supposed to play. Got a message when I found my 10th item and another one on day 31 but overall. Pretty good game!

Absolutely amazing. My favorite game so far! The narrator is super cool and the parkour quite challenging but I was so hooked I wanted to get to the end…and then…he tricked me again

Amazing game. Took me a couple of tries to get used to the controls but it looked really cool and the dashing mechanic is pretty nice.

Pretty cool idea with the shadow puppets!

The voiceover was really cool and I liked your art style. A bit sad that it ended so soon and shooting Romans 2 minutes with a rocket launches was a bit long (since it wasn’t too hard to keep then at bay). Would love to see a second level after the jam. Thumbs up!

A lot of text at the beginning, but I really liked your art style and navigating the ship through the space map was cool but I didn’t quite understood why I suddenly lost. I thought I had enough fuel, but then. Gone. Anyhow. Nice game!

Really nice cut scenes and music. The dogs were a bit harden at the beginning if you don’t know that you can run with shift. Super cool idea with the music and the different effects.