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Thank you! I love A Short Hike's soundtrack

Nice job! My favourite part is how much personality the goblin tracks have. I like the crunchy drums and swingy melody in Jirk's theme, he seems like a fun character XD

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It's also interesting to see what other soundtracks it reminds people of, seems like a lot of people think of Animal Crossing, which I've never actually played. I'll also definitely check out Garden Story!

The second section of The Forest is interesting, it switches from 3/4 to 4/4 and I accidentally made part of it start on a weird part of the measure, but it sounded fine so I decided not to question it lol

I love all of these tracks! I like how melodic and varied they are. 

Thank you for listening and writing your thoughts!

thank you so much!

This is extraordinarily beautiful (and spooky at times!) "They Touch The Skies" gave me chills, it's so powerful

Very nice compositions :)

They feel intricate and nice to listen to

This is all so good! If these tracks were in a game I think it'd be super memorable. My favourite parts are all of "The Green City" - it's just really fun to listen to, and the bass and 'singing' synth in "The Sickness", which sound very heavy. Also all of the mechanical clangs and hisses sound really nice.

yay thank you!

"The Forest" is my favourite, it's so peaceful. I'm curious - do you make your own synth sounds or use pre-existing patches? (wondering because I use surge as well :) )

Very nice composition :) And I think you made the default musescore soundfont sound pretty nice too. 

If this were to be in a game I think the ending track probably shouldn't be the longest track, because it wouldn't play for that much of the game (unless it's an ending level). The lengths of the songs are fine for a game jam though, and I think it sounds good (the end theme is my favourite!)

It's so happy! I love it. Some parts veer a little close to sounding like some Mario tracks, but I think you got enough original for that to be fine (to me at least). 

Also I appreciate the tempo changes (I noticed at least one), they sound nice and make the music more interesting. I wanted to do that in one of my tracks but then I got lazy trying to work out how to do that lol

Thank you! I'm hoping it was hectic in a fun, chaotic way, and not in a rage inducing way (which I was worried about while designing).

Thanks! And oh yeah I forgot about controllers. Will add!

Unfortunately not. I will look forward for a post jam update

The intro and ending cutscenes are great. I love how 2/3 of the bull themed games use creative solutions to avoid having to animate the bull running xD

The atmosphere is so good! I wish the precise sections were a little nicer, it was very stressful trying not to fall off :P

Nice entry! It got tough quick, which made it important to aim for the weak spots. A couple small things:

- It'd be nice to have the crosshair on a canvas layer so you can always see it.

- For some reason shooting an inconspicuous red egg shaped object in the hub stopped the music from playing??

It is tricky! Here's some stuff that I forgot to add: my only criticism is that the physics of the bouncy things is kind of wonky sometimes (I was having trouble with the level where you climb up a tower with horizontal bouncy things). Also I experienced a glitch where if you die right as you enter the next level you stay invisible.

This is a really good game! The art is amazing and the gameplay is surprisingly complex and fun. I feel like a speedrun of this would look really cool.

The music, sound, and controls are really polished. I would've liked a little more invincibility after getting hit, for me it got frustrating getting close to beating the first boss and then just dying from getting hit three times in one attack. Still, this is a really good game!

Thanks for playing! And yes, I agree that it's too short.

Thanks! I was planning on having a level select thing to the left of the menu, but I didn't really have time and it wouldn't have made much sense either since there didn't end up being very many levels.

I was slightly concerned by launching fireworks back up at my partner, but it seems everything went okay! I like the obstacles in the sky that make the gameplay a little more complex.

Glad you liked it!

Thank you!!

Love the art, and the way you respawn is very creative!

I love the animation for completing a level. I think the moving platforms could've given you a little more time to jump on them. Is it a coincidence that Windowman walks at the same tempo as the music (at least on level 2)? 

I played this for a very long time (my high score is 190). 

When I made a vehicle consisting of three wheels and nothing else, it didn't let me retry upon self destruction (this also happened another time that I don't remember). I'm glad that it saves your progress! 

The music is also nice, in the editor it reminds me of Baba is You

Great game!

Amazing! I liked how in part of the fourth level it used carpets to guide the player. I think the more open space of the last level could benefit from having that as well (but it wasn't so bad without!). 

Also, in the last level I notice some passageways filled with pottery, but you can't pass through without breaking too many. Maybe it'd be cool if there were some shortcuts that made you break through a passageway for a risk-reward thing. 

Thanks for playing! I think the bird could be considered "fragile" for being nervous and panicking around the (exaggerated) soundwaves.

Thank you! I'm especially glad that you like the sounds, because I spent a lot of time on them (which is probably why there aren't very many levels :P)

Thanks for playing! There is music, although it is mostly ambient.

Creative, cozy game! I wish I was able to see all the poems I made, it'd be cool to have a screen for showing that (also the time when they were made could be fun).

Interesting! Thanks for sharing, and for blanketing my dog :)

Thank you for playing, and that does seem like a good idea. Currently there's only a timer in the background that reduces points the longer it runs, but would probably be good to have something actively telling the player to go as fast as possible!

The gravity switching is quite an interesting effect, but it is very hard to track the ball. I think just giving the ball a shadow could help? Also maybe the player moves a little fast, they could have more control if it was a bit slower and perhaps had a bit of acceleration time. 

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You might have trouble piercing it with the spoon :p

(But if what you're saying is that this game mechanic is flawed, I agree because it is punishing you for relatively subjective things sometimes.)

Oh also thanks for playing!

Love how the music gets super intense in hell XD (not sure if that is the correct reaction). I also noticed that the win sound effect is also different depending on where you are, nice attention to detail! It is possible that switching dimensions puts you right into spikes which seemed kind of unfair (I think that is especially possible at the end of level 2 if I remember correctly).