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Really wonderful visual aesthetic.  Congrats on the game!

Thanks for playing!

....once you know a thing, it's too easy to forget what it was like to not know that thing...

All strong suggestions, thank you.

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I only meant it as a very small aside.  The game was outstanding!  More than anything else it made me curious why the inconsistency.  Was it originally an octopus, but a quadropus was easier to draw?  Quadropus is such a great name, the sprite animations wonderful, and the minor fantasy of a quadropus helped sell the rest of the game.

super meat boy meets ninja meets stanley parable.  Well done.

This is not my type of game and there were many times I felt like quitting.  The voice acting kept me engaged enough to care to see it through to the end. I'm stuck with wanting to see a better ending...

...I was disappointed the narrator called me an Octopus.  I thought I was a Quadropus.  

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Great music, VO work, interesting aesthetic.  I'm disappointed I never got to use my new cheese facts.

Thanks for coming back!

That was the inspiration!  I could type 90wpm in qwerty, having been in typing classes since age 8.  There were two months where I couldn't type over 40wpm in either qwerty or dvorak while I was relearning....

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I love your analogy.  I learned the Dvorak keyboard in my 20s and it broke my brain.  I'm really happy I can share that feeling with you.

The VHS shader is amazing.  Credit is in the description-  not mine.

They randomize once at the beginning of the game, but it should keep the same keyboard the entire playthrough.  It should allow you to learn an entirely new layout.

....if that's not the case, it's a bug I'd like to know about.

...regardless, the whole game is really a music experiment.

That is just about the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.  Thanks for playing.

Really solid, polished entry.

This was adorable.  I loved training my duck.

I second mtkimmins.

Beautiful artwork and unobtrusive audio.  I've rated a lot of games this month, and this might be the first in which I made it to a successful conclusion.

I love everything about this.    Thank you so much for going into more detail.  ...First game?  serious congratulations.  Even though I found it somewhat unintelligible, it was more compelling and more satisfying than many.  I still have so many questions, but I'm excited to play it again with the information you shared. 

Well done anyway!  Congrats on getting this far!

Very neat.  Just about the first game I cared enough to play several times and try to better figure out.  Failed in that, though, I still don't really understand what choices I'm making.  

I'd love to better understand the mechanic, if you feel like sharing it.

I also loved being able to hang on the wall by my 7 part.

Looks really interesting, but I'm afraid I couldn't figure out what to do.  Arrow keys moved me around, but I got stuck in a corner.  Mouse swings an aiming thing, but couldn't interact with anything but the two buttons in the top.  One showed pictures, the other a help terminal that did not offer any help.

I love your correlation with theme!  I enjoyed the cognitive dissonance and repressed anger meters too.

Very clean, simple, and functional.  Well done!

Lovely voice acting!

Lovely art style, but couldn't figure out the controls.  I got that arrow keys moved around, but couldn't jump or attack.

Tried to play, couldn't.  Said it required a password.

This was really satisfying and fun.  I loved all the creative weapons and level elements.  I died at the first boss, I wonder how much more there was.

Thanks for playing!  I 100% agree with you.  There's another game on here that did a similar thing with a lot more feedback, way more successful.  Mine is somewhat unfinished, but still functional.

both WASD and the Arrow keys should do the same thing.  The space bar jumps, but there's never any need to jump.

yours is the rare game I had to finish.  It was really satisfying.  I didn't read the hint to time heartbeats against obstacles until too late, it made everything make a lot more sense.

That voice is like butter.

I was expecting there to be many more audio-only games with this wildcard.  Yours is really well implemented and exciting to play.

Seconded on the really nice puzzle game.  It was a lot of fun to play

Wow.  Stunning audio/graphics, and really engaged by the game play.

I made it to a target.  I pressed r to signal I was ready.  I shot what looked a pig (after reading the description I'm guessing it was a heart?) out of my chest and then died.  Repeat 5 times.  Never could figure out what I'm supposed to do in that room.

Thank you so much for playing it!  The jump was for a feature that never made it in.  I was going to have a little platformer come up after you collected each set of heartbeats for that third wild card, but I ran out of time.  You should be able to get every heartbeart with just the wasd keys, and moving the mouse around helps you locate them.

For some reason the spatial sound is slightly more intelligible with the windows version over the html5, but it's very hard to tell.  

I hope you'll try it again.  The heartbeats randomly populate, so it may be easier to get a heart next time.

Super hard, but a very neat idea.  I thought it was broken at first, before realizing you were going for the see no evil wildcard.

I wasn't able to get very far, but the aesthetic was lovely.

I enjoyed having to keep the heart alive, as far as I got it did not seem to relate to the platforming action.