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Great. Loved the graphics and the interactions. I never figure out if there is really an strategy to win, but that short of random behavior makes it perfect for a Jam. I found myself trying again and again because i don't want to loose.

I was so use to the 80's game and its crazy difficulty that maybe i wasn't the best one to test this game :)

About C#, the most tricky part is to set up an external editor (i use Visual Studio Code ) for auto-complete and debug. I can't tell if GDscript o C# has better performance (i'm sure there is a lot of articles about it), but i don't have much free time, and i have been working with C# for a decade, so i feel more confortable and fast working with it.

As i love rage-'try again quick' games i really had fun playing it. Visuals are great, 'music' on the background doesn't get annoying at the mechanics adds an interesting puzzle side to the whole thing.

I couldn't finish it, i found a bit unfair to repeat the 'key' area if you die after that (maybe next one was the last area, so it is like a 'final boss').

PD: Found a small bug on the second area: if you move left back to the entrance, you fall down to the bottom of the scenary, and can still walk from there

Loved it! SCIFI theme, perfect length for a Jam and a very well picked up music. You really inspired me. I was afraid of trying a to develop a small point & click adventure because i was afraid of so many animations you have to make, but you can really make good results with more static images.

If there is something you can improve, maybe is the right click/cancel and inventory interaction, which i'm not sure it always worked as expected. And probably add a 'it doesn't work' dialog instead of full description when using an item (i found my self reading again and again the full sea description while doing the classic 'using everything with everything')

Best game i have played on this jam so far. Love the graphics, the narrator and the quadropus sound. And i specially like how did you handle anti-frustration, with good checkpoints , quick recovery from death and easy way to reset puzzles.

Although i love the jump mechanic, i had some problems while moving right and left, that was a bit hard fo 'finetune' for a hard platformer.

And now, regarding to @Bread comment about not able to finish the 3 elevators puzzle because of quadropus glitching, i had the same problem playing on linux+firefox and i had EXACTLY the same problem on my platform game (i think you played it). My player was going trought platforms that move upwards and dying. Playing on win+chrome run your game and my game perfect with no issues.

So i will investigate more about it and ask on discord if this is known issue of the engine.

Lovely game. I always try to make some constructive  critic while commenting on a jam game but, seriously, there is nothing i can add. I literally liked everything, and i didn't run into any bug.

Ok, maybe the second puzzle (the one before the treasure chest) is a bit too much 'sound' dependent. If i had sound turned off, i don't think i will have understand what to do.

I like how do you introduce the game and history (although, for a longer game, we should be able to skip introduction). Game was fast and short, but enjoyable, maybe a bit too easy(or maybe i was lucky with enemy behavior). On the downside, i would have love more feedback when hitting enemies, specially with the sword.

Sorry, i think i can't upload a video here.

Anyway, it's easy to reproduce. When you get the jump skill try to jump the pit, far enough to fall close to the right border, and keep pressing 'right' direction while falling. Everytime i try, i move to the next room (i guess i keep moving right while falling).

Love the graphics and specially the transition effects, like zooming.

Perhaps i'm missing an 'autorestart' when you die (although you already warned about it on the game description). There was an small bug regarding this: I was able to move from first screen to second one even falling on the pit. Then i only had to reset and my player was on second screen.

I played on PC.

I loved it, specially the graphics and controls. Transition between normal/slow time is smooth and feels great.

Game can be hard, specially if you can't find the lost tech quickly, but i think this kind of difficult is perfect for a jam, where we don't have much time to try all the games.


Very original idea, and i loved the smooth transiction between 'planes'. Too bad it is short because i was really having fun playing :)

Player movement can get a bit of more work on my opinion, as it slips a lot and jump doesn't always react (unless you planned it that way, of course).

Thanks a lot for the detailed comment.

Yeah, the difficulty level selector was a huge mistake, but also an important lesson about how doing something anti-intuitive can ruin the player experience. I agree on everything you said about Pacman: I just run out of time and had to spend the whole last day fixing the AI for html export.

Fun thing about the tetris game is that you can actually help any of both 'teams', in case you decide to don't force your brain and play tetris as you are supposed to.

Idea behind the game is original, fun and cool and, although i didn't had time to finish the game, i loved what is next according to what can you buy on the shop.

There is not much i can add that other comments didn't say before. First steps on the game are maybe too slow, but as you stated, you didn't had time to test the game, so sure you will improve easily.

Just a couple of things that i think are important: A volume/mute sound control (i couldn't find any) and don't let the player to place the exit inside the walls: Hero gets stuck, he never can reach the exit, and there is no restart button, so i had to quit and start again the game.

Excelent. Graphics, animation, sound and intro are amazing, very profesional look.

Other comments have already talk about difficulty, so there is not much i can add. Anyway, i can understand this difficulty level on a short game for a jam, as there is no more content waiting ahead. Perhaps you can give a few seconds of breath after you restart, as sometimes you almost pop up in front of a box.

Extra points for letting people restart in any moment, not forcing the player to wait till the score shows up. I think this is important for this kind of games.

Cool concept, very confortable to play and the quest thing has a lot of potential. I'm sure you already have a lot of improvements in mind.

Just a question: At some point i had the goblin issue absolutely under control, and i only had to deliver quest and earn money. It doesn't look that was getting harder or something. But i read in the comments that there is an end game. Did i miss something?

Thanks for your comments! The funnier part of the project/experiment was thinking how to 'reverse' some classic games.

Thanks a lot for your comments.

As i read from other comments, everyone is choosing the hardest difficulty level, as my way to introduce dificulty levels was confusing. On pacman is ok, but tetris is unplayable on that level. 

Thanks again for playing!

Yeah, as i'm reading from other comments, i made a huge mistake on my way to introduce the difficulty levels, and you are choosing the most left one, that is the harder and faster. That is one of the problems to don't have anyone test your game before submiting :)

I like the graphics and specially the smooth movement. Controls are original but not hard to learn and tutorial is very well done.

The only 'problem' i can see (not really a problem) is that you are forced to use the mouse on the level selection screens, which feels strange as you are playing the whole game with keyboard. 

I liked it, and has a lot of potential. I'm sure you are already thinking on new types of room and events.

Maybe the way the hero finds the right path needs a bit of tunning. It is fun to see him get lost and come back to the first rooms, as he looks stupid, but at some point you want to kill him.

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Excelent. I love metroidvanias and this one is really well made. Small messages on some screens made the feeling of progress more enjoyable

Loved the way you collect the money, i couldn't stop doing it, aswell as wondering what the hell i am (a person, a fly?)

Personally i would have liked a bit more of information on the screen. Besides the boots, i don't know what i was buying or if i can die.

Fun game, easy and intuitive controls and very good choice of music to don't make it anoying. I encourage you to make more levels.

The only suggestion i can think of is add a 'fast foward' button, so the hero doesn't take that long to try to reach the exit on every attempt.

Graphics remain me my childhood :)

Although because of the art style it's not easy to find where are the platforms were you can jump on, it was fun for me to try to find my way.

Suggestions for improvement: faster movement or a run key and some tricks to make platform easier (i was falling from borders the whole time)

Excelent! Gameplay feels very polished, it's original and very fun. I encourage you to make more levels and keep working on the game (for example, adding more visual feedback when the hero gets damaged)

Fullfills the jam theme and has beautiful graphics. The light effects with that big sun raising were specially good :)

As a suggestion, include a description of the controls in-game would have been perfect.

Beautiful story and stunning art style. Game is fun and short enough to keep you playing till the end, so perfect for a jam.

All things said, i always thought the kodamas were cute and peaceful :(

Graphics, music, intro and concept are awesome, aswell as controls in general, so congratulations!

Main issue i had is that everything comes too fast and chaotic since the beginning. I had to make a few tries just to understand what i was doing wrong, and i still need two more eyes to keep track of everything on the screen. Perhaps a 'tutorial' level with less enemies could help.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Game was working fine on desktop, but when, the last day, i tried it on html export, i realized pacman's AI was too time consuming and game was unplayable. So i had to quickly reduce it's process, which made the most easier game levels (like good old joe) plain stupid.

Let's face it. It was fun to make the game, and nice experiment with side effects (i realized later that you can play for both 'teams', helping Puvmam to don't meet the ghosts or survive in Tetris). But game needs at least one more week of playing, testing and tunning to make it enjoyable. Specially the pacman is too fast, chaotic and has too many arrows around.

The several 'Pavmams' are the difficulty levels (the most right, the easier one). As i can read for other comments, i was unclear on this

Awesome graphics and music, and really fun to play, specially the bosses.

As a suggestion, i would try to make not so 'pixel perfect' jumps. Falling constantly from borders was a bit annoying (but also made more rewarding to reach the end of the level)

Quick to play and cute characters.

As an improvement, i would suggest to add some feed hit/effect feedback. For example, i couldn't understand at the beginning why my towers stopped shooting, as nothing apparently happens when they get disabled by the rogue.

And i thought my reversed pacman was an original and bright idea! :P

Game is fast and fun, and graphics and sound are exactly what they are supposed to be. Also i liked the AI a lot (I'll ask you about it later). I cheked it and, if you don't do anything, manages to finish the game by its own.

As creator of another reversed pacman, i must say that i face the same problem: AI is too fast and chaotic that i find it hard to come with a real strategy, and at the end is more about luck to get a better score.

Great work!

Really interesting art, you inspired me on this. As the game is so simple and fun, you really surprised me with the next boss phases. I bit more of feedback on dodging and getting hit would be a nice improvement.

Ok, i feel like an idiot because everyone seems to know what to do with the missing number and i wont. On the other hand, i can imagine what's next due to the comments and i can say this is the best polished entry i have played so far. Congratulations.

Excelent. Just the kind of game i like: fast and fun. Maybe the pixel perfect jumps can be a bit frustrating, but as the game is short, it keeps you trying

Although i was just running and waiting enemies to die, it made me get to the end just to see all the different powers :) Special points for the art

I specially liked to original mouse control (you can probably make a port to android)  and the variaty of enemies. As a suggestion, i would add a volume control for sound.

Loved the main character animation and ghost design

Hi, thanks for playing!. That is interesting. I played so much 'Nuclear Throne' (which also moves crosshair with the player) that i though it was the normal behavior. Never realized it could be confusing for other players.