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2D Space shooter
Submitted by Destus Gamez (@nobledestus0) — 10 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
Defeat seven waves of enemies and you can die no problem but don't exceed seven


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Destus Gamez

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Over all, nice game. To be honest, bullet hell games are not MY cup of tea, but I thought the enemys were well made and offered a decent challenge. There were two issues for me, however. One was technical and the other design…

  1. The mouse controls felt slightly delayed. Now, for reference, I played on Linux using the Firefox browser. Still, though, when I moved my mouse, there felt like there was a half a second delay between my mouse moving and the player ship moving with my mouse. For me, this felt even worse when I was trying to stay in a small area (slipping between bullets). The ship felt jittery.

  2. The asteroid wave kinda did me in. Not that it was hard at all, but it was exceedingly long. Is these asteroids were more like five or ten seconds of time between waves, that’d be cool, but after a minute, I had no idea if I was close to the end at all or if I had encountered a bug in the game’s progression. Ultimately, I ended my game play before the asteroids did.

In my humble opinion, with a little refinement in the controls and adjustment to the content of the waves (reducing the length of those asteroids), this looks to be a very nice Shmup game!


thanks for the feedback.


I really enjoyed the first 2 waves.  Like other comments, volume was tough on the ears. It sounds like there was some cool music/beats there but saturation was too much. 

I don't understand asteroid wave they just were not that interesting to be a whole wave, especially since then my bullets were not doing anything to them (that I noticed).


I didn't play test the game before submission cause I was almost out of time but after the jam I'll fix  everything especially does meteorites. Thanks for playing. I'm glad you had fun


It's fun. The asteroids level was fun at first. the controls are good so it was ok to dodge but it lasted too long, until a lot of asteroids spawned and then I don't know if it's possible to survive.

Sound effects were too loud and saturated unfortunately so I had to mute the game.

Good job,  I had a good time !


The game wasn't finished and I didn't test out the meteorites level I'll fix it after the jam and sorry for the loud audio I messed up there.

Well thanks for playing


I love the controls, dragging to control the ship feels really good!
I got to the asteroids, but the game never seemed to progress past them. I think I was flying around dodging asteroids for like a full 2 or 3 minutes before I gave up, assuming there wasn't anything else.
Adding some parallaxing stars to the background could really help sell the feeling of flying through space in this game, that'd be the only major graphical upgrade I could think of adding here!

Overall, great work! I had a lot of fun!


Thanks for playing. The game isn't finished yet I submitted it by the last minute I didn't test the game so I'm very sorry. I'm working on the parallax background after the jam and I'm fixing everything. Thanks for playing again. I'm glad you had fun 


Nice shooter! Wasn't the greatest fan of the background noise and the controls, but the graphics are really nice and it's a fun shooter, good job


I'm working on the audio before full release


Cool game, it's a solid submission, congrats!!




I specially liked to original mouse control (you can probably make a port to android)  and the variaty of enemies. As a suggestion, i would add a volume control for sound.


I always port to android I didn't port it in time. I'm fixing some bugs in the game after the voting ends android version will be available and thanks for the feedback I'll work on the volume control


I just saw your post on Twitter! I wouldn't have guessed this was you :D

Fantastic use of the mechanic staying still! So intuitive and yet so fitting to just drop your spaceship and have it laser through everything!

Those powerups, so sweet!

(The levels dragged a bit too much, at the asteroid level, I just let it play by its self hehe)

Well done!


thanks a lot for the feedback


A very decent space shooter.  

The controls however feels a bit funny (the way dragging the space ship around with mouse)

Do you plan to add Joystick support since I think the way the space ship handle would be perfect for that?

Developer (1 edit)

thanks I'll work on the joystick support