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Thanks for the game, its a solid tower defense game. Would have liked a bit more layers in gameplay or decision making

Very good tutorial.  I think my space button was not sensitive enough, but I had a hard time getting short presses, more often I get long pushes.

Great game, i enjoyed the implementation of classic logic tools.

Thanks for the feed back. Balance is super tough in game jams, because you know the inner workings and are practicing through development, and with little to no input from others to evaluate difficulty. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yup, scoring was a challenge. Words are pretty subjective.  I think we initially had some animals associated with interests based on a discovered form, that was had pets associated with certain personalities. And then when the scoring needed to be adjusted to be easier, some animals were missed.

Thanks, it was a fun concept to explore.

Thanks, it was a challenge to figure out the core gameplay loop we were going after.  Definitely had ideas for adding layers.

What a fun creative game.  I really enjoyed the art and story.  Was there more uses of 7 then just the name of the snail that maybe I just missed?

The game is great except for the player actions.  Maybe instead of spending power on dice to generate minions, spending it on upgrades for the lanes that roll dice would be more interesting.  As it is I enjoyed watching the minions fight each other.

Interesting game, I liked it. The concept worked for me.

I think if the bullets had been larger or slightly slower it would have been easier to track.  I re read the tutorial and I got how I was infecting others (first couple of attempts I did not get how), a visual reminder would be a nice touch.  I'm curious why you chose to not refresh the life of the enemy you infected, so you would start each enemy with full health.  I get why the health decreased because I shot it, but personally I was confused when I respawned into an enemy with 1 or 2 health, one time dying right away to a bullet.

What a great game. I didn't catch how gravity effected your movement right away, but once I did it was great.  The levels were a nice amount of difficulty, with some good minimal movement levels there at the end.

Art and story were great.  I had a tough time with the jump dash timing. I kept dying on the 1st level (I almost got to the end after my 7th attempt). I missed out on the full music score because of said deaths. 

I really enjoyed the first 2 waves.  Like other comments, volume was tough on the ears. It sounds like there was some cool music/beats there but saturation was too much. 

I don't understand asteroid wave they just were not that interesting to be a whole wave, especially since then my bullets were not doing anything to them (that I noticed).

Thanks for the fun game.  I liked the various level up mechanics you implemented.  Some sort of visual indicator of enemy health or attack values would have been nice.

Fun game, I liked the audio and concept.  After several attempts the best I got was 1 key.  Kinda wished the enemy movement was not as jarring, they sort of feel like they teleport into you just either because they are waiting around the corner or their deceleration is high. 

Thanks for the game.  It was clear what I had to do.  Everything worked together and the fun twist at the end was great for the wild card. 

Reading other comments I must have missed something, because I couldn't figure out how to solve the missing number.  So I always got stuck on level 7 with the first missing number (except the one time i got lucky).  Based on what I could play i was hoping for something more challenging then filling in the numbers.

Well I was not a fan of getting crushed by blocks.  But I did enjoy the progressive cycle of levels.  I appreciated the starting tutorial.  And then the ease of getting into things.  The end credits with the stringing the boots together to gain height could have been incorporated into one to the cycles.

I watched the video. It looks like there was some cool puzzle platform elements to it.  Where you changed from your platform 7 to  zipping around the map in the hexagon. 

In my play through, I didn't understand how I progressed beyond the first area.  And then I didn't get what the objective was in the 2nd level.  

Fun game, I appreciated the dialogue. 

A fun tower defense game.  I liked the art a lot it was a fun take on goblins. What inspired the player character to be an axe man? 

A very fun game.  I really liked the art, music and sound. Loved the twist at the end. 

I would have liked to have had a bit more decision making as a player.

Those are some cool mechanics. I like how visually you implemented the degrees of temperature and the different ranges of ability based on range.  Did the mass of the player relate to temperature gain/lose?
I think if instead of time driving your -7 to 7 range but something else (movement or shooting or something else) it wouldn't feel so punishing.  Instead of paying attention to what i'm doing or what i can do, i'm just watching the timer.  Thanks for the game, there's some great stuff going on.

I finished the first couple of levels of the game. Green and Red beans were great. I don't understand how to use blue beans effectively.  I really liked the concept.

I found a way to break things, when I shoved a bean off by standing on it and then jumping off myself.  Either because I didn't have the next bean in line or two deaths at once.

A fun little game, music and sound are great.  Some sort of visual indicator to see the mood of customers would have been appreciated.

The art and music were great.  I would love to see the art assets be used in a game that had more decision making.

Art and music top notch! I also enjoyed the maze bit where camera zoomed out, probably didn't need to zoom out so far.  Also getting to the first door was surprisingly tough, maybe just some visual indicator that showed the invisible walls.

Thanks for the game. When I didn't figure out how to reload I tried to group all the enemies up to try to ricochet the bullets to kill 18 of the enemies. Then I saw on the submission page how to reload, fun reload animation. I eliminated 20 bugs, did i miss one? I didn't get an ending.  I like the music, just needed to have it loop.

It took me a bit to figure out controls, but once I did I liked the animated fish leg character.  Falling felt like it could have accelerated a bit quicker.

Its interesting. I tried it a couple of times and didn't get what I was supposed to do.  The how to explained I shouldn't get 7 but other then not choosing 7 in the bottom choices I didn't get how the 7 ended up in the middle.

I really had fun, the art, dialogue were all great. I'm guessing I needed to drop my stats to chase some of the suitors away?

I'm not sure what happened but I couldn't end the game.

Thanks for the game.  I liked how you made puzzles solved by dying.

We're glad you enjoyed it!  You're right some sort of visual indicator on the pixie could have reinforced the pixie's behavior (besides the movement).  

The game is difficult.  If we didn't have that wild card of failure is another way of proceeding we'd have had to adjust it down some more.  As it is it is really rewarding when you do catch them all.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the game! I enjoyed how with the dialogue you captured the social angst that can happen with family dinners.

I think the game would have been stronger without the waiting wild card, but i get why it was there (i'd assume the timer was the implementation of that).  I would have liked to have had more tension in my decisions, maybe having the decisions show more clearly what the pros/cons were so that balancing those 4 resources would have been more stressed.

I'm not sure I caught any fish.  I lost a few and then brought some in.  One ended up behind me and another i think went on me.  

I enjoyed the music.  Nice use of physics.  Quite a different take on a space simulator adventure game. A fun entry for sure.

I found some other gnomes, but what was I supposed to do after?  I'm guessing there are 7 gnomes to find?

I enjoyed making a giant chicken.  Is there any limit on chicken size?

I appreciated the audio, getting those corrects was great even the wrongs weren't bad.  This would be a great test to find out who is human vs robot.

I enjoyed the music it kept me going! I got to level 6 a couple times.  I didn't mind having the restart happen automatically so i could make another go at it.