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Pipsqueak the Labybug must escape the cave!
Submitted by KPD (@_KPDwyer), LRD — 2 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Roll a D20

Game Description
Pipsqueak has fallen into a cave and must escape through 10 rooms of dice-rolling combat! roll seven to take another turn, doubles to double your dice rolls, and clear rooms to find loot.


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Hey sorry I missed your game during the rating period but I tried it after a recommendation from a friend. Really liked the concept!

I got way too OP with taking mostly arrow upgrades though, I think they should not stack and be unique.

Graphics are pretty nice, especially the UI.

Reminds me a bit of this game and this one


Interesting concept, but it was a bit unclear the aim of the game at first. The levels are too repetitive as the music. But the idea is really neat.


A very charming, enjoyable game! The use of the dice, and how a roll combination of 7 was utilized in the game, to me, really fit the theme, and the execution of the mechanics were just right!

The level-up options between levels were quite nice, and they choices were unique enough where I really did get a sense that my choices made a difference.

Over all, the game was fun and definitely worth the time to play! For a developer not even in their teens yet, even with the help of a parent, this is a great game to be proud of!! Excellent work!


Thanks for the fun game.  I liked the various level up mechanics you implemented.  Some sort of visual indicator of enemy health or attack values would have been nice.


good game , i like tactics games  and i liked adding  abilities , really polished game good job 


Pretty nice! 

I was a bit sad to get killed by arrows that went through walls ^^ 


yea, the original intent was to give the arrows an arc, but towards the end of the jam we just needed to get everything functional!  Thanks for plhaying!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Lots of fun! Really the only thing this was missing was slightly clearer information (e.g. the enemy info screen that you said you weren't able to implement in time). I loved the variety of enemies and loot.


Great graphics, smooth gameplay feels very polished and plays very well :)
Make more levels!


Thank you very much!  We were thinking of adding more types of obstacles in the levels, but time wasn't on our side this time.


I got confused at the beginning but once I realized what I should do it became a very fun experience, congratulations!


yeah, I wish I had more time to give it some UX love, just a basic tutorial would have worked wonders I feel.  Thanks for playing!


One of my favourites of the jam, a very simple concept that could easily be built upon to create something great.


Thank you very much for playing!  not sure if we'll keep working on it yet.


Fun to play! It took me a while to figure out I could actually select the same die twice, I guess I should have tried earlier! 


Thanks for the kind words!  Yeah, I had all these plans to teach the mecahnics better, but... jams.  Thanks for playing.


Really nice job, the game is interesting and fun to play! Love the art style and the turn based puzzle / battle combination, good one!


Thanks a ton for dropping by and playing  😊


Nice game, fun to play.

Good job.


thanks for playing!


Had a fun time with this one. Arrows on attack rolls were definitely the way to go. I enjoyed the art style and concept!


hahaha yup!  for a while arrows on attack roll was the only item we had working, so late-game builds had tens of arrows flying around the screen every roll.  Thanks for swinging by!


Really enjoyed your game! Each battle was a mixture of action and puzzle. I enjoyed the various end of level rewards.

I also appreciated the there were both mouse and keyboard controls. Once I got the idea of the game down and could figure out what I wanted to do with my turn, the controls made it easy to play quickly.


Thanks for playing!  I realized towards the end that the only part of our game that didn't use the mouse was moving around the grid, so I added the context buttons pretty late in dev (and shortcuts to the dice rolls, so someone could potentially play exclusively keyboard or exclusively mouse).  the game works great on phones now, which is a huge plus.