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Seven Years AgoView game page

A 1Bit short story.
Submitted by Prospero (@PlayfulProspero) — 15 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version
Godot 3.2-stable-2

Wildcards Used
N/A (Maybe RPG-Mechanics?)

Game Description
My first game. An interactive story about friendship.


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I've noticed some weird invisible walls. Also, I got stuck at the beginning of the game because I couldn't find Eric. Eric isn't in the starting house, nor the house on the right (maybe they are but I can't get anywhere past the first room in that house.)


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Eric is indeed in the house on the right. If you flip the lightswitch by interacting with "E" he will probably wake up ;)

Oh, that's the button for interaction? I'm not good at controls


Loved this!

The characters are very likable and left me really wanting to know more of the story. Art and music are top notch!

If you’re looking for some constructive criticism, I have 2 points;

  • The white screen at the beginning takes a little long, some kind of loading indicator would have been nice here
  • A bit of transition between the changes in background music? I can understand the abrupt change when going into Amara’s house, because she’s blasting it, but maybe a fade out/fade in for everything else?

Otherwise, fantastic submission!


I don't usually see people try narrative games for this jam, so it's really fun when someone does come up with something lovely to go through and digest the story. The art is really cute, and despite the short playtime, the characters already feel close and loveable. The story ramps up a little too quick though and made me quite confused.  


Good observation on the pacing of the story. I noticed it too when I was finished, but I didn't really got to that vantage point in time to overwork larger parts of the story, maybe I could plan that ahead next time.

Now that I finished my first game, I am getting really excited to take all that knowledge/wisdom into account on my next project.

Thank you very much for the feedback.


Amazing job on this game! Short little story with great art style, really like it.


Really amazing art-style, loved it!


Lots of fun! I enjoyed playing it on my stream.


Tip-top monochrome art and ambience especially the indoor experience! I would definitely follow this game in case you plan to expand this game in the future.


There are two things that stood out to me:
1. The use the "shadow-sprite" attached to the player at the beginning, to give a quick, fake shadow, it's a nice way to quickly add a bit of atmosphere.

2. The zoom out during the maze section was a good way to build tension and intrigue, along with it being a play on the mechanics of solving a maze.

I'd say focus on these two types of ideas going further with any projects.
One being quick, cheap ways to get interesting, atmospheric visuals (the shadow).
The other being simple, mechanical things you can do to get a changing reaction from the player (the zoom out maze).

Good work, keep at it


Hey, thank you for this very constructive feedback, I'll keep that in mind for the next jam !


i really liked the visuals and music and the game atmosphere  


Art and music top notch! I also enjoyed the maze bit where camera zoomed out, probably didn't need to zoom out so far.  Also getting to the first door was surprisingly tough, maybe just some visual indicator that showed the invisible walls.


I loved the art style, nice narrative game!!


One of the cutest games I ever played, I love everything about it, great submission, congrats!!


That was a great little game. I loved the art and the music, it all worked well together.


The only flaw of this game is that it has an end. Well executed.


Very nice vibe has this game. Some sort of in game screen about controls would be helpful, Also font is quite hard to read because of lack of space between letters. I really liked the art.


cool to see a narrative project like this in the jam, really enjoyed it! the final set piece in the maze was really nice