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This is one of the few jam games where I made the art myself!

Cool game, I liked the concept. It was very difficult, especially since it was hard to know exactly what I was doing.

Cool game, and so many puns! I found the perspective a bit awkward, but it was still fun to play!

Great game! Love the art and audio, and the theme usage is great. Kind of weird that a significant number of enemies would just walk off of ledges to their death.

Fantastic puzzle game! The levels were all great, some took a bit of thought but not too much. The second to last felt the most difficult to me. Awesome!


Yeah, I really struggled to show how that mechanic works in a way that was clear. There could definitely be improvements to that.

Thank you!

I do regret not putting in an easy mode that gives you like one hit of the orb where it cracks, before shattering on the next hit, just to make it a bit more forgiving. Maybe I'll add something like that in the future. Plus it would fit one of the wildcards.


So it's a wall slide mechanic more than a ledge hang. The goal was to just make it easier to do wall jumps. I can see how that would be confusing though, especially since the animation looks like a ledge hang.

Great game! I loved the gameplay and the various features. The shrinking and growing snowman was a great mechanic. Also the name is great!

Cool game! It looks good and plays well. I do wish the shadow was directly underneath to make it easier to judge where you are.

Cool game, I like the concept. Seems like it requires a lot of mouse dexterity though, and I just wasn't fast enough to get very far.

Cool game, unfortunate that it doesn't work quite right in the HTML version. Still though, it was fun to play for a bit!

Pretty good game! I like the overall use of the theme. Controls felt a bit awkward, especially the jumping, but was still fun to play through. Wish it had more levels!

Great game! I love the visual style and the theme works well. I wish it was a bit easier to judge how far I was going to jump, but overall it was great!

Loved it! The window character is great and everything looks nice.

Well that's just a silly fun game. Plays really well and looks great!

Solid game, although I definitely didn't have the patience to stack them 5 high, but I got to 4 levels. The music effect was cool as well.

Love it! Such a great game. The intensifying music was great, and I greatly appreciated that the end screen let me run around breaking all the stuff.


The list of asset sources is in the game's credits menu.

Simple but great game! The later levels get pretty tricky.

Beautiful game! I love the concept and the art is fantastic. It's pretty hard, but very enjoyable.

It's on

Looks like an SSL cert has expired.

Cool little game! I enjoyed the art and the music. I kept accidentally planting trees on top of the fire, which made things a bit awkward.

Cool puzzle game! I admit I kept trying to use space to jump, so I kept using my ability by accident.

Great game! Kinda wish there was an "easy mode" with 3 lives or something.

Fun little game. I do agree that cooking marshmallows around a campfire is cozy. I do think the controls were a bit awkward with the fairly small hitboxes, but it was still fun!

Cool little game. I think the colors of the buttons are probably a bit too similar to each other, and I really wish the game scaled up, it was quite tiny.

What a great game! I love the art and the gameplay and overall theme. Sadly I didn't win, I realized a bit too late that I was running very low on time.

Great game! The art is very nice, and the mechanic of controlling two separate characters makes things interesting.

Great game! At first I wasn't sure how a city builder would fit the theme, but it was actually quite relaxing and cozy, especially with the music choice.

This is a pretty fun game! The art is nice, and I think the theme works well.

I love your art! And it feels very cozy.

It's a custom solution hosted on my website, just using PHP and MySQL. If you want a free leaderboard though, you can find a service at

This game is definitely impressive! It looks great and feels very smooth. It was definitely fun to play for a bit, though it starts to get repetitive.

Great looking character and animations! I especially love the bucket filling animation. It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize that the "Water Flower" text was actually a button. I thought it was just telling me what to do.

The game looks nice, the hiccuping is a funny touch. Don't particularly like the controls, I would prefer a WASD setup.

Pretty cool game! I think it looks great. As others said, the infinite wall jumping makes it pretty easy, though the difficult ramps up fast so it becomes basically necessary.

I was basically counting the stealth mechanic as the camouflage. It's a bit of a stretch. There's also a secret slightly-hidden game mode.

That's a super silly and fun game! It's a simple concept, but the overall feel and style is great.