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Whoops, fixed now!

Whoops, fixed now!

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Thank you! My wife and I made the sound effects ourselves. Most of them are pitched down.

I agree that it is sometimes too difficult. The randomness made it hard to balance, sometimes it felt like it was way too hard, and then other times it felt like it was way too easy. The luck on whether you get the right powerups at the right time plays into it a lot.

An interesting start to something, but is there anything to do after the first couple seconds?

Fun puzzle game with some cool mechanics and good art. The ghosts definitely made it challenging, especially the spiky ones.

Pretty fun, running around searching for ghosts. I wish there were sound effects though, especially for the dog.

Fantastic art work in this game, and the music is excellent also. Wish there was more content!

Fun game, loved the art. The limited sight range felt a bit tight though. Also it was sometimes hard to enter hallways because the controls were so sensitive. Procedural generation is always cool.

I love the dinosaurs! The eating animation is a bit... terrifying, but also kind of awesome. The bell didn't always work, and the console was spamming errors whenever I rang it.

Yeah, you just have to be close enough. It's pretty lenient, but there should probably be some kind of indicator. It doesn't change with the triple toaster either, which could be confusing.

Once I figured it out, it was pretty fun. I was confused by the fact that I couldn't click on the icons, but had to use the hot keys. Also the tooltips are sometimes obscured by the units.

Okay, that was lots of fun, and the graphics are great too. It did take me a while to realize that the reason I had no crosshair was because I had maximized the game.

I was unable to run the windows build. It says the pck is missing, did you embed it in the exe?

Great game, quite addictive! Easy to figure out, but still difficult, and very polished.

Fun game! Bonus points for a pun in the title.

Fun little game! The graphics are fun. The controls were a bit awkward, I always have trouble with this kind of control scheme, unless I'm only ever going up.

Fun little rhythm game! I was.... not very good at it though.

Excellent arcade game, very polished. The graphics are great, and there's lots of bread!

Wow, the opening of this game was amazing, and overall it was very polished. Short, but fun and interesting.

Yeah, it feels bad to miss one. I actually made it much easier than it was originally, but it still is difficult at times.


Thank you! We had a lot of fun making them.

That was a great game, charming and fun. Loved the graphics and the general theme.

Love the concept of finding the sandwich thief. I definitely ended up just guessing multiple times though, the hints didn't really help me figure it out.

Interesting game with some cool graphics. I had a hard time figuring out what I was supposed to be doing half the time though.

Loved your artwork in this, it's so silly and fun.

Loved it, fun concept, especially the burger combo system. Although once I discovered I could just spam burgers at the door it became quite easy. I'd love to see maybe a bit bigger of a room, with more entrances that open as you get further.

That's a pretty cool game. It was fun to play, and felt polished. Graphics and sound are both great.

The overall look of the game is great, I love the concept. I sometimes felt like jumps didn't work quite as well as I wanted, and the fact that you couldn't jump around corners threw me off a few times. Still though, great game.

Cool game, was fun to play. Had some nice graphics and the sounds worked well. Add some kind of progression and I think it would keep me entertained for a while.

Fun concept, though I felt like I had very little control over the outcome sometimes.

Lovely graphics, and a cool concept. Unfortunately, I just couldn't quite get it down.

Fun game, loved the overall theme and appearance. I do wish there was some animation, and sometimes the units would stack up and make it hard to select and target.

Not a bad game. I felt like I was lost a lot though.

Interesting idea. I won my very first attempt completely by accident. After that I really struggled.

Cool idea, I love games where you walk around on tiny planets like this. However, I kept running into issues where I couldn't move anymore after interacting. The game would spam errors about a broken signal.

Loved the theme and the graphics. Controls felt solid as well.

Fantastic game! Felt really polished and was fun to play. There were a lot of mechanics all at once though, keeping track of everything was difficult!

Clever idea, I think it could have some potential.

Loved it! Simple and funny.

Nice game. Felt a bit too easy though. I'm also not sure where the theme works into it.